Deathwatch: Is this the end for Wham bars?

deathwatch Noooooooo!!!! Highland Toffee bars, Wham bars, Pan Drops – huge confectionary names that could ne in jeopardy after their maker, New McCowans Ltd, went into administration, putting 103 jobs at risk.

They sweet maker sells over 140 million bars a year, but have been losing money and administrators Grant Thornton have taken over the running of things. They say that there has been some expression of interest in the company, so all may not be lost.

The company was founded in Stenhousemuir in the early 1920s and has had various owners since the 1960s. We’re trying to imagine a world without Wham bars. We can’t. Don’t let this happen.


  • keveh
    Out of all the Death Watch articles there have been, this is the only one I have been bothered about. I'm going to the supermarket not to stock up on them!
  • keveh
    supermarket *now to stock up on them
  • keveh
    I’m going to the supermarket now* to stock up on them!
  • The B.
    Damn right, I haven't had a Wham bar in ages, I now need one. I blame kids nowadays, they've got no taste.
  • StuPid
    I was always more of a Highland Toffee bar fan. I loved the original version but also had a soft spot for the chocolate covered version too
  • Phil76
    Bet they've got smaller too
  • Dick
    When I was a kid, I remember finding an empty Wham bars box and all the wrappers dumped behind the toilet block in our local park. At the time I thought it was because someone must have nicked them from the local shop and eaten them while hiding behind the toilets. It has only just dawned on me that George Michael must have been swapping bars for sex.
  • zeddy
    @Dick: no, George was just careless with Wispas.
  • Dick
    I see, I don't think drinking all the Tropicana OJ helped much.

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