Deathwatch - Intel profits slip, Dell job losses, PCWB ok for now

While it's hardly the end of the user-friendly porn delivery system known as the internet, a second profit warning from Intel can hardly be considered good news. In total, the microchip manufacturer are warning that profits from the final quarter of 2008 will be down by 20 per cent, described by the Financial Times as a "rapid and unexpected" decline.

Intel are blaming the losses on “further weakness in end demand and inventory reductions by its customers in the global PC supply chain.” In other words, while businesses are struggling with rising costs and a decrease in sales, they're making do with older IT infrastructures instead of upgrading.

Meanwhile Dell is cutting 1,900 of the 3,000 jobs at its manufacturing site in Limerick, as part of a $3billion global cost-cutting effort. Again, the company seen global profits slip because consumers are buying fewer computers in the downturn.

Finally, Bitterwallet received an anonymous comment concerning PC World Business:


PC World Store Managers have been briefed about further redundancies. These include closure of the PC World Business units within stores - even when many of them have just been refurbished in a UK wide multi million pound store transition package.

We called the PR agency for PC World Business, who denied that any such closures were occurring, or that any store managers had been briefed of any such action.

[PC Retail] [BBC] via Mikedell and Daniel Austin


  • Wayne K.
    You can add 1200 to be told to 'fuck off' from Nissan
  • Alex
    Just spotted a Typo - on the title you have written 'PCBW' - but isnt it supposed to be 'PCWB'? not being picky or anything, just letting you guys know :)
  • Paul S.
    Thanks Alex! [mutters a bad word under his breath]
  • Mike H.
    Let me guess Andy, tw*t? C^nt? You lot at BW are just a bunch of illiterate numpty buckets what cant use Inglish wot lyke I can! And you get paid to write this chod? Fuckin'ell, I write my blithering boll*cks for free!
  • Anon
    @Mike Hock are ypu retarded?
  • teknafonic
    at least you got the last bit right...
  • andy y.
    When does deathwatch become necrophliya? I don't how to spell shagging the dead,but i'll give it a try...the spelling that is.
  • Daniel
    Play nice...
  • zpte
    "Again, THE has company seen global profits..." Doesn't make sense, should be this instead of the but I guess that's not important... Worrying times. :(
  • RyeBread
    Anon the term beginning with R you used is VERY offensive to people as to use it is stupid, now Mike sounds like a troll but theres no need for words like you used.
  • well w.
    I dont get the credit crunch. apparently we are £15000,000,00,000,0000,0,0 in debt. so where did this money go. There must be 1000000000000 bankers with £10000000000000 in the bank. or did some one just put in a bin bag by accident and the world is just poorer now. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO.
  • Honky S.
    well well - the money was never there - it was all an invention
  • ODB
    Wedgewood will have 1200 job loses unless they get taken over by an American private Equity firm today appparently as they are now in administration
  • Mike H.
    ODB - That's all we need one of the few remaining 'Made in Britain' companies to be taken over by the yanks.
  • Bob
    My train was retarded this morning due to a power failure in the Ashtead area.
  • well w.
    Thanks honky tonk. So we're in something like The Matrix, we think we have money but it's an illusion set up by the government/banks. Hope this doesn't end like matrix 3 where we all end up with a headache.
  • Deathwatch B.
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