Deathwatch: HMV still looking doomed

retail deathwatch HMV has been on Deathwatch for a while now, unable to make a decent mark on people who would rather get their music via filesharing. And again, they're announcing that things aren't going well and admitted that sales have continued to sink like stones, dropping shares by 8%.

In an unscheduled statement, the ailing retailer said like-for-like sales dropped 11.6% in the 20 weeks to 15 September. Chief exec, Trevor Moore, said: "These numbers reflect the challenging markets in which we operate."

HMV are also blaming their woes on the fact that there's been nothing in the way of big new music or video games releases over the summer. Total sales fell 14.8%.


Moore continued: "The like-for-like decline was less marked towards the end of the period and we should be helped in the remainder of the year by a strong pipeline of new releases in the music, DVD and games markets ahead of Christmas."

So basically, HMV need to have a good Christmas or they could be looking at even more store closures and job-losses. HMV, it seems, may be disappearing from our high-street for good if it isn't careful.

Should we even vaguely care?


  • Dick
    I think their woes are down to: Shit management Shit store layout Shit stock Shit prices Shit staff
  • Craig
    You forgot the really shit website
  • JC
    Why would you shop at a store whose 'sale' prices are often more expensive than more popular website's pre order prices?
  • The i.
    Post number one...lets face it...they`ve gone
  • Obvious
    I love it when these companies try to blame the market etc, face the facts, HMV is a VERY poorly run company with shocking prices more than often above the RRP. Who wants to pay £15+ for a CD? Crazy. ..Also as stated above, alot of it is down to crap management and less than interested staff with no passion, my local shop won't let you buy more than two of the same item as they consider it 'bulk buying' - so your turning a sale down over the fact that the customer wants to buy 3 of the same thing, mad. If you ring up their customer services they just make it up as they go. Bye bye HMV - you were bailed out last time, but i'm 99% sure you have no chance this time round.
  • badger
    BW have been predicting this for almost two years now. How long before they admit they were wrong?
  • Ljc
    I thought it was just me they gave that excuse too. I tried to buy two games from Exeter store and they said that they could only sell me one. I had two kids with me and tried to explain that they needed one each to play together. The guy on the till called the security guard over, who then called the manager down. What a way to run a company.
  • boing
    They don't even stock cassette tapes for me to kill music by recording off the radio.
  • The M.
    The biggest issue with HMV is that when you go in their stores it's clear that no-one up top really has a clue of what they're supposed to be any more. CDs? DVDs? Hardware? Games? TShirts? A bit of everything and ran, it appears by kids who probably can't even work a turntable. Near me they had two stores and closed the smaller, only to not be able to really fill the remaining one. They seemingly refuse to see that these days they have to find a niche market if they're to survive on the highstreet. I'm not quite sure why they haven't experimented with ideas like selling comics (sorry, what's the proper term... picture books for adults? idk...). They're too busy trying to appeal to everyone that they're pretty much being ignored by everyone. They could have smaller units, sell specialist stock, such as vinyl and have the units primarily as collection points for people who order online. Really tho, it's a sinking ship, they feel like the last remaining blacksmith when everyone's driving cars.
  • Sicknote
    No, there's still a chance that they'll get hold of a shovel with a longer handle to keep digging the hole that will one day swallow them. Personally I'm waiting for the winding up sale and hope it comes before Xmas
  • Shifty n.
    Let's be honest ...their shit...also being shifty in M&S today I spy another retailer on it's arse...over-priced shit made in china , if your gonna buy shit made in china your gonna do it at a bargain price(besides the apple fanboys etc) retail high street ....your fucked, it's all about niche...
  • dazza1011
    Fuck em it's serves them right for sacking me CUNTS
  • Dick
    > You forgot the really shit website Isn't the website a separate business with a different (but still shit) pricing model? So you cannot use online vouchers instore, or instore vouchers online, etc.

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