Deathwatch: healthy punters not digging Julian Graves

retail deathwatch It could be the end of the line for poor old Julian Graves and his 189 stores across the UK. Julian who? JULIAN GRAVES.

You know – the health food specialist, the sister company of the more widely-known Holland & Barrett. Come on, keep up!

We’ve never been in one of their stores, but then again, we’re not exactly health food fanatics. But there’s 363 members of staff* sweating on their futures tonight after the company went into administration.

Deloitte are the administrators faced with the unenviable task of making a silk purse out of the sow’s ear that Julian Graves has evidently become, with a spokesbod for Deloitte sayin that the company has been: “adversely affected by the tough economic climate, in particular, the ongoing pressure on consumer spending, a competitive high street trading environment, and rising commodity prices”.

How has this new affected YOUR day? Be as honest as you possibly can. Thank you.

(*or at least there are 363 full-time equivalent jobs at stake)


  • Kevin
    Some nice staff in some places but it just has/had a feeling of it's not for you.
  • Wongaporkpies
    So a potential of 363 on benefits not being able to afford healthy food, hmmmm
  • Mr P.
    I've wondered for years how this place ever kept going.
  • Angry S.
    God-forsaken dreary dingy drab shops. uninspiring products badly displayed. What could possibly have gone wrong?
  • your f.
    Wow some people are harsh! Really don't see the funny side of people losing their jobs! Such a shame that it had to come to this. Definitely shows times are tough!!
  • roxy
    It has affected my day, I work there :(
  • nicster08
    That would be because no one is ever in their stores and probably why they are always have 25% or 50% off.
  • nicster08
    Shame more people may loose jobs though :(
  • happydays100
    I think its a shame! If NBTY had spent more money HELPING them instead of spending it all on tv commercials on Holland and Barrett maybe they wouldn't be in this mess? For the people complaining about service and the shops, trust me iv been in worse places. Least they greet you on a personal basis. Tesco, and sainsburys staff are useless and never seem to now their products.
  • Richard M.
    I have to admit I have only ever bought chocolate covered Brazil nuts from JG. I can polish off a whole bag in about 10 minutes. Where will I be able to buy my chocolate covered nuts from now? It's very sad.
  • samuri
    hope these snake oil bastards rot in hell, take this root.
  • W0NkEy H.
    I have a sixteen year old niece who loves Kim Wilde
  • press o.
    Due to people figuring out our tat is a con we regret the closure of H&B
  • Jen
    "Posted by Wongaporkpies • July 2, 2012 at 7:32 pm So a potential of 363 on benefits not being able to afford healthy food, hmmmm" Are you being serious? Do you think anyone who works at Julian Graves spends all their money on "healthy food". I have no idea where this misconception has come from that people who work there are health addicts. For one thing, the people who work there probably just work there as they needed a job. Secondly, half the stuff in there isn't healthy! I feel for those who's jobs are in jeopardy.
  • Shaniaa
    aha! ma job centre just got me ah intrvue for one of they shops!
  • Maureen R.
    It affects my day because I am coeliac and make my own gluten-free, sugar-free muesli - I get most of the ingredients at Julian Graves and it is the only place that sells some of the ingredients. It's a shame to see another shop in my town potentially closing down. I just went in there today to buy more ingredients, not realising they'd gone into administration, and the shelves were half empty. Presumably they are not restocking until it's known whether someone will buy them or not.
  • suzie q.
    j g had some good stores until some one decided to close half of them and turn them into [email protected] stores ,if we were not making profit in 2008 we definatly were"nt going to with only half the stores and [email protected] selling top lines for a cheaper price than J G was ,in 2010 a lot of long term staff left the company due to major changes in work practise , impossible targets ,to much paper work and low staffing levels , halving the paper work surely would have saved £thousands not to mention trees and the enviroment who needs 20 sheets of paper a day to tell them what they already knew ,do i sound bitter ? yes i am as it used to be a job i loved , I do hope someone buys the stores and makes it work but i dont think major competition will work , so R I P julian graves.
  • Elaine
    To susie, I left in 2010 due to change in hours etc, I'm sorry to see my old shop go down , but H & B did us no favours
  • JAY
    I worked for JG for over ten years it was a great place to work befour H&B bought them they cherry picked the stores they wanted left the ones they didnt made all the staffs life hell for over three years. Not very nice people to work for glad its all over but sad to see the shops close and the staff who where loyal out of a job.
  • Caroline
    I'm not a health food freak but I used to go into JG quite frequently, even though my nearest branch was a 25 minute bus ride away. I could get things in there for a really good price that I couldn't get in supermarkets - like 2kg bags of dried apricots or mixed currants, sultanas and raisins - and what the supermarkets DID sell that was the same was a lot more expensive. My town has a H&B but I don't go in it because it IS "health" products - most of which I don't want or need and H&B don't sell the sort of foodstuffs that JG sold. Like Maureen Robson I make my own muesli and I also add dried fruit to store brand bran flakes to make it more interesting. It's an awful lot cheaper and I don't put sugar in it! I shall miss JG badly.

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