Deathwatch: Hazelnuts

250px-Nutella In today's No. Not this. Not now news, there's a Nutella shortage a-coming. Widespread riots are predicted among the painfully twee.

Around 70% of the year's hazelnut crop has been wiped out due to a March frost in Turkey.

The price of hazelnuts has gone right up, too, to a 10 year high, with worries that the prices will only increase as the shortage bites further.

Nutella fans should be very concerned, as it has 50 hazelnuts per jar.

Ferrero, who make Nutella, are the largest consumers of hazelnuts, having bought the Turkish supplier Oltan Group in July.

There's no clear news at the moment of impending price rises on hazelnut-based treats, but we'll keep you in the loop about exactly when and where to turn up with pitchforks and the like.

You can also contact the samaritans if you're having any troubling thoughts regarding this news.


  • May
    Thanks for the warning!!! This is serious and I will start my stockpile as soon as possible.
  • Pie M.
    Is this like when Heinz announced that they were discontinuing salad cream to boost the sales? Y'see, I'm just windering if thie 'news' item came from a a Ferrero press release?

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