Deathwatch: Has Microsoft killed Allied Carpets?

FACT ONE: Allied Carpets have gone into administration today, with 1,100 jobs in jeopardy.

FACT TWO: Bill Gates recently acquired a three per cent stake in Carpetright.

Are these facts connected in any way? You tell us...


  • Junkyard
  • Tom P.
    Hmmm, wonder if i can pick-up a cheap shag-rug from the stores closing down.
  • Mike B.
    makes you think why Carpetright why Bill gates strange!
  • Inactive
    You may get a cheap shag on a rug.
  • The B.
    If you could get a cheap shag on Brucie's rug I'd be impressed.
  • Harry b.
    Yes they are definitely connected in a sexual manner
  • pete d.
    He's after the rights to The Doors' records as well I've heard. Can you see what I've done there?
  • Rubisco
    My Rose has left me, I'm in a mood...
  • Geeko
    So if I buy some carpet from Carpetright, will I have to replace all my furniture because it's not compatible?
  • jin
    Shes gone to Kenya with a bloke from allied carpets........
  • Rubisco
    She wasn't immunised, AND THAT'S A LEGAL REQUIREMENT...
  • Bullet
    Why 3%, is he bored since he retired. What else has he bought 3% off. Gala Bingo, RS McColl, Argos....
  • Tom P.
    @Andy Dawson, you need to get your facts right.... Bills investment fund (Cascade) bought a 3% stake in CARPETRIGHT NOT ALLIED CARPETS
  • RSG
    thicko tom pickering it again..its carpetright..who said he bought a stake in allied carpets?? also bill gates has bought a stake in jjb - fact!
  • Peter N.
    I love carpet, the smell, the taste. Mmmm, it Bill likes Carpet but only 3% he needs to 100% for the carpet to feel wanted....
  • Brian
    The headline says "Deathwatch: Has Microsoft killed Allied Carpets?", so Bill has killed off Allied Carpets by buying a stake in Carpetright, is that correct. Is Peter North still alive, or dead from Aids?
  • Brian
    I like North Pole films.
  • Brian
    "Deep Throat This" DVD's look pretty good.

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