Harriet Green ditches Thomas Cook

26 November 2014

thomas-cook shop Harriet Green has, out of the blue, quit as chief executive of Thomas Cook after only two years in charge of holiday botherers.

As you may recall, Thomas Cook were a fixture in our Deathwatches, but Green managed to turn things around when she took the wheel two years ago. Back then, it was worth less than £150m and now, it is worth around £2bn.

However, her sudden exit has made everyone jumpy and shares in the company have fallen by 20%.

In a statement announcing her leaving Thomas Cook, Green said: "I always said that I would move on to another company with fresh challenges once my work was complete. That time is now."


Now, compare that to last week, when at a conference, when she implied that she'd be there for a while yet: "You can't do a transformation on this sort of scale in a year or two years. I usually say it's about six years. We go to the City next week with our second year of results and to show if and how the company has become fitter and better and we're absolutely not done."

So what's going on? Does Green know something about the company and we'll have to stick Thomas Cook back in Deathwatch? Or was she pushed? Most importantly, can we have a load of cheap holidays out of this while Thomas Cook tries to woo us back into their arms in a bid to impress the stock markets?

We don't care if Green left because they were doing ritual slaughter in the boardroom if it means we can get a holiday in a sunny coastal region on the cheap.

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