Deathwatch: Half of Clinton Cards shops to close

16 May 2012

retail deathwatch On a day when namesakes Bill Clinton and George Clinton did nothing of note, all of the Clinton limelight is being hogged instead by Clinton Cards, following the sad news that 350 (almost half) of its stores are to be closed by administrators, with the loss of 2,800 jobs.

The entire Birthdays chain, which is owned by Clinton, is to be scrapped as part of the closure programme with administrators Zolfo Cooper saying that “ the business is burdened with an untenable retail estate”.

It remains to be seen whether a buyer can be found for the remainder of the chain, which was thrown into administration after it defaulted on loans to supplier American Greetings earlier in the month.

Clintons Bill and George were unavailable for comment.


  • Idi A.
    "Sorry you are leaving". (not really)
  • L
    Dear people using the sorry your leaving card pun, I work in a Birthdays store and as i am losing my job i fail to find it amusing in the slightest. I highly doubt the rest of of the over 2000 people faced with losing their livelihood will either.
  • Bernie B.
    I also work in a birthdays store and I find it disgusting that nobody has had the decency to call us a bunch of twats, because we are. That is all.
  • Dick
    I couldn't give a shit really. We are in a recession and staff that work there expect people to pay £2.50 or so for a piece of card and an envelope. People have printers you know. You can get personalised ones on the internet for the same price, or often cheaper. Staff must know that they are working in a shop that will die, since people can get better elsewhere for less money. It was always going to happen. Same as any dead technology. People that try to flog it will eventually lose their jobs.
  • Dai
    What do you mean "on a day when George Clinton didn't do anything" - just like every other day George Clinton was in personal contact with the StarChild, negotiating the delivery of deep intergalactic funk coming to you directly from the mothership. I can't speak for the rest of the avid bitterwallet readers, but I - for one - like my funk uncut.
  • Idi A.
    @ L You're right. It was a cheap shot and you don't deserve to be out of work because of mismanagement by your "superiors". I'm sorry, and I hope you find something better soon.

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