DEATHWATCH: French Connection to fcuk off and die?

fcukFrench Connection were once the market leader in annoying, puntacular clothing. However, it appears that this winter, the public opinion on the fashion outlet has cooled as the company announced that their UK stores have suffered an £8.2million loss.

Shares in the company were down 2.2 per cent following the news, leaving founder and chief executive Stephen Marks wringing his hands and describing conditions as the worst he has known.

He's noted that it has been increasingly difficult for FCUK (hovering around the British high street of 40-odd years, which is surprising) to maintain its full-price stance as it has done previously.

Higher cotton prices have also squeezed the margins, not helped by the fact that no-one wants to buy their clothes. The economic situation has hit all traders, but Marks admitted that the company's UK retail performance was 'very disappointing' in comparison with other businesses.

He added: 'We are very aware that there will be no quick solutions and that changes we make will take time to have an impact. We are working very hard on improving the performance of the retail stores, although clearly the state of the UK economy is not helping the position.'

Fcuking, sihtting hell, eh? Could this be the end for French Connection?


  • Marky M.
    Not really surprising. They were a fashion brand whose target market either matured and moved on, or didn't want to be associated with French Connection's move downmarket. New buyers were aspiring to Superdry et al, leaving Next mop up the cheap market and Primark to attract teenaged shoplifters, so FCUK is left without a market.
  • Bryan (.
    Fcuk used to have good clothes, well designed that didn't have the usual bland boring big letters everywhere that said I WEAR FCUK like they kind of do now.The shirts were excellent and the jeans but sadly the designers try to follow rather than create a look that was unique. Now it's hipster central with some of the designs which would be ok if you were afer that sort of thing and if the prices weren't so sky high...and they always have been so lets not blame the rising cotton prices.
  • Paddy
    FCUK haven't changed their designs in over 11 years and the quality is shocking-no great loss if they go under (obviously, I wouldn't wish that on their staff but their management have only themselves to blame for not changing their 'edgy swearing' approach to fashion.)
  • Dick
    Tai-Wan Apparel Traders will be able to take their place.
  • fcukedup
    Thats fcuked up...FCUK used to make some well designed nice glasses frames. I didnt like their clothing range too much. Goodbye fcuk
  • Michael J.
    Agreed with Paddy on this one. Even the likes of M&S, Next, and John Lewis have managed to modernise their selection to a degree, whilst so much of FCUK's stuff looks like it's from their 1999 heyday.
  • Sicknote
    I only ever see this shitty brand when chavs wear the knocked off version
  • josie
    Well their is a BIG PROBLEM which is causing the loss and I know it but I can't expose this things FCUK should contact me themselves and I will tell them the problem because to me the dresses are awesome just 1 problem and its glearing at me I feel so bad if its not tackled soon it will get worse maybe goin to liquidation.

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