Deathwatch: Focus DIY in administration

5 May 2011

retail deathwatch The DIY retail landscape could be about to have a big smashing hammer applied to it as Focus DIY is on the brink of going has gone into administration, with 4,000 jobs now at risk.

C_67_article_2056278_body_articleblock_0_bodyimageFocus has muddled its way through the recession and was bought out for £1 by US firm Cerberus in 2007 and, despite spending a reported £200 million in an attempt to salvage the company, they have thrown in the fiscal towel and appointed administrators Ernst & Young. They have said that the stores will stay open for at least another five days, after which a decision will be made on the next move.

The Focus website stopped taking orders yesterday and a message was posted on the home page, announcing the arrival of the administrators. The company has 178 stores throughout the country, with 3,919 employees.

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  • HUKD's V.
    Oi, I mentioned this over on HUKD I need credited so that my internet ego can grow further.
  • Avon B.
    @VB1 Forget it. I told this bunch about that Taiwanese CGI Osama bin Laden hit and I didn't get credited either.
  • Andy D.
    As writer of this and the OBL CGI stories, I'm sorry to tell you that I didn't see either of your tip-offs. But thanks for playing.
  • KSA G.
    Why didn't the retailer act sooner. The writing was on the wall along time ago. The company had a mountain of debt on falling turnover.
  • charlie
    I bet the B&Q bunch are throwing a party
  • Claire
    Really, what did they expect? They were selling a pile of outdated shite at ridiculously inflated prices. Good riddance to a crap brand. Shame for the staff though.
  • Thomas
    Charlie, B&Q are probly having a BBQ. had a look on there careers site and they have got one job vacancy for a commercial analyst in crewe. the person who gave this job up probly saw it coming.
  • VB1
    Inb4 some tw4t impersonates me because I'm so popular.
  • HUKD's V.
    VB1 you are a blatant imposter, the real VB1 (me) would sat twat. If I got banned from here I would just go ass kissing admin and have my ban lifted.
  • someone e.
    I cant say im surprised, ive used my most local one (paisley) quite a few times in the past 8 years and they rarely even had prices on the products/shelf edges, lost a lot of sales for that reason alone no doubt.
  • toto
  • Me
    Ive been in many B&Q stores and Focus stores, you can have your opinions but at least Focus stores are a safe shopping environment not like B&Q where you have to step over empty boxes and the Focus staff are friendly and helpfull. I went to buy something from B&Q and it was so obvious that the member of staff I asked for help was clueless and couldnt be bothered, didn't have a clue what I was asking for so he just shrugged his shoulders and said no we don't sell it. Surprisingly enough they did actually sell it so that was a lost sale.
  • about h.
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