Deathwatch - Findus and Land of Leather go into administration

The flags have been lowered to half-mast at Bitterwallet, as we contemplate saying goodbye to our fourth favourite childhood foodstuff. Newcastle Productions, who produce products under the Findus brand - they of the now legendary crispy pancake - have called in the administrators. According to union chiefs, the company had money wrapped up in Icelandic banks, who are forcing the administration. The firm employs 420 staff in Newcastle.

Meanwhile news agency Reuters is reporting that suite manufacturer Land of Leather has called in Deloitte (who are getting an incredible amount of work out of this financial crisis, don't you think?) to sell the business as a going concern; shares in the company were suspended this morning. 106 stores and 800 staff are at risk as this new front opens up in the continued demise of UK businesses; there are several similarly sized sofa retailers that have struggled to continue trading in recent years.

A further 875 jobs are at risk at distribution company Wincanton which is threatening to close two depots is Gloucester and Salford, but it's not all doom and gloom: Morrisons is pledging to create 5,000 jobs across its UK supermarkets in the next 12 months, after predicting a 12 per cent rise in sales over the Christmas period.


  • bowdeni
    Goodbye pancakes. Hello healthier UK.
  • Mike H.
    Oh man, I love eating my 1% chicken FINDUS crispy pancakes on my Leather sofa, what other combo can I utilise now? And yes bowdeni, we will all be much healthier, mentally that is, as we shouldn't have to endure, breakdown enducing, sofa ads over Christmas, good riddence!
  • Joff
    Mike, rest assured you can still nip down to your financially secure Tesco's and pick up a tray of sushi before rushing home to scoff it on your DFS chaise longue. Make sure you don't get wasabi on the cushions, unless you've got the stain protection in which case go crazy.
  • Mary H.
    Sorry to hear of your loss Mike,:( maybe a new menu could be Mc caine Happy Faces (aka:unhappy faeces) with a side order of turkey twizzlers (pressure washed meat freshly prepared straight from the carcase) by good old bernie bird flu matthews. Argos do nice cheap leather settees...........go on live a little ;)
  • Mike H.
    Fuck............ I loved findus crispy pancakes, LARDY BUT GOOD. A sad loss :(
  • Ducky
    Incidentally, Iceland are now selling Findus Crispy Pancakes at 6 for £1!!
  • ODB
    Wincanton is due to a merger not the recession
  • Bob
    Ah, crispy pancakes, the height of 70's sophistication, not only did they taste like shit, they also burnt the roof off your mouth, goodbye you vile hellspawn.
  • BD
    "Newcastle Productions, owners of Findus", no they don't own Findus, they just produce and distribute all theFindus products in Britain, The real owners of the Findus brand are Lion Capital.
  • Paul S.
    Cheers BD, I've amended the story.
  • ODB
    JCB just axed 1000 in Rocester
  • Amanda H.
    Ebay have just made 1500 monkeys redundant, they have been told they can keep their typewriter.
  • Rubisco
    Crispy Pancakes have been dead to me for years, ever since they stopped doing the chicken curry ones.
  • SpamJavelin
    Rubisco is totally right, WTF did they get rid of those? They disappeared from most shops back in the late 80's but my local Somerfield used to sell them thru till about '95. I am now forced to eat real curry made with proper chicken and stuff....
  • Mike H.
    Thanks ODB, I was thinking of getting the new JCB Road Raper 3000 , but now I know they are axing peeps, I might consider the CAT version, twat.

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