DEATHWATCH: Dov Charney fired by American Apparel

19 June 2014

LA Fashion Awards - Arrivals If you’ve ever seen an American Apparel ad - featuring sad, depressed-looking pre-pubescent girls in various states of hairy armpitted, nipple-exposing undress - they’re undoubtedly a visual representation of what goes on in its CEO’s addled mind.

After decades of rumours about the creepy Dov Charney, who founded American Apparel in 1989, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he's currently being investigated for alleged misconduct.

Nobody is saying exactly what he’s being accused of, but add up all the sexual harassment lawsuits, then multiply them by all those see-through mesh school knickers and revealing tighty whities in the ads, and you can probably figure it out yourself.

Anyway, it appears the board of American Apparel have finally had enough of his antics, and they’ve fired him. From the company he set up in the first place.

As well as the accusations about Charney’s conduct, his company has got another problem. AA’s sales suck. They’re doing pretty badly, failing to keep up with a constantly changing market, and looking a little bit 2004 with their lame leggings and singlets. And in February the company sought advice to restructure after revealing that it was $240m in debt.


BYE DOV. Don't get your thong caught in the door on the way out.

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