Deathwatch: Confetti gets cold feet, administrators called in

It's always a rum do when businesses go bust and people lose money, but some of you will no doubt have had the biggest day of your life screwed over by this news. Wedding company Confetti has gone into administration, leading to the closure of six stores in Glasgow, Leeds, Chester, Birmingham, Reading and London and the loss of nearly 100 jobs.

Bitterwallet - Confetti administration

The administrators are said to be concentrating on the business's online operations for the time being, and are looking to secure a new owner before Monday. The company has been in operation since 1999, and was a portal for wedding dresses, gifts and related trips and services.

A note on the Confetti website state that customers will be contacted individually regarding any outstanding orders; if you don't take much comfort from that reassurance, numbers are also provided for the administrators and Confetti customer services.


  • Basil B.
    how about all 10 bw readers put in a pound & save it?
  • Brian's U.
    we used them for our wedding in june! blimey.
  • joggle
    ^ did not know they specialise in gay marriage.
  • Nobby
    I remember going in there before my wedding a few years ago, dragged by the now wife. Terrible feeling. Lots of shiny things costing ten times what they would cost if they were sold in a normal shop. I can see womankind might give a fuck about them going into administration, but for mankind, I can only see this as a positive. If it means men no longer have to go into a shop like this and to be asked whether he prefers this one or this one (when we all know the answer is I Couldn't Give A Fuck), then it is a good thing.
  • Steff
    we bought stuff from them for my marriage.... :(
  • MayContainNuts
    Very weird, especially as the Hut apparently bought them 3 days ago??
  • Wedded B.
    They have some info on this on their blog page which still works.
  • Wedded B.
    And the bit that was missing from that last post of mine was: It confirms that the Hut brought them out then it went in to receivership. What muppet buys a company in so much debt and is likely to go bust? perhaps they needed so weding items and it was cheaper to buy the company than place an order. Anyway I'm off to get myself a holiday company that's going cheap, and we all know nothing can bring down a holiday company.
  • dan
    the hut wanted 'i want one of those .com' which was being sold with confetti as it was a sister company running under the company 'umbrella'(CWIO Ltd)
  • The B.
    As Nobby's already pointed out overpriced tat that can bought pretty everywhere else for much less, frankly I'm amazed that it hasn't happened well before now. Personally, I used confetti to get ideas and then sourced the stuff for cheaper elsewhere.
  • qwertyuiop
    "And the loss of nearly 100 jobs" ZOMFG! Sorry, no sympathy for such a pathetically small figure when countless people are having their weddings completely ruined.
  • Nicky
    qwertyuiop - what a disgusting, horrible comment. People's lives can be runied by redundancy whereas a few items missing from a wedding are hardly going to 'ruin' the day. Get a grip.

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