Deathwatch: Comet stop accepting gift vouchers

retail deathwatch Holders of Comet gift vouchers have been warned to get them spent over the past couple of days and here’s why – the administrators have now suspended their use.

On the newly-restored Comet website, it says that ‘the administrators are currently considering the position in relation to gift cards and gift vouchers and at this stage they cannot be used to pay for items. The administrators are reviewing this position urgently.’

Comet stores opened again on Friday, although the mooted ‘fire sale’ hasn’t begun as yet, although the site says that a sale will be beginning soon.

As far as customer orders are concerned, if your order isn’t currently in stock at a Comet delivery centre, then you won’t be getting it. There has been no word on any potential buyers for the chain, leaving 6,000 workers unsure about their futures.


  • Gabriella C.
    I don't understand why people keep gift vouchers and forget about them. Most, though not all have a time expiry on them now e.g. valid for only one year from purchase and you also need to keep the receipt to stop it being invalidated. The retailer makes money if you forget about it. With retail administration's almost every month now, treat gift vouchers like cash don't give it. Either give Love to Shop vouchers which can be used at different stores or The Hut website to buy vouchers. The only stores safe (touch wood) in my opinion is John Lewis, the Supermarkets and M and S and Boots. As for the rest - treat a voucher like you would cash spend it asap. I feel sorry for people who have lost money, but it was always on the cards that private equity outfit would buy a retailer for £2 get a 60m dowry and then pull the plug when they had to cough up for goods upfront to liquidate the store. Opcapita did this to MFI which they purchased for a £1, got a £50m dowry and then liquidated when credit insurance was withdrawn after selling it on at a profit. Avoid Game if I was other people as Opcapita will do the same to them in the future.
  • Spencer
    thoughts to the thousands of employees and their families... especially at this time of year.
  • Sicknote
    Another casualty of daft management; outdated stores and tired high street business models. It's a shame that the staff will ultimately pay the highest costs overall.
  • guv
    No surprise but I don't think Comet vouchers are that popular. Hopefully not many will be burnt by this.
  • Alexis
    Just walk in, select your item, leave your gift card on the desk and walk out. People are being too nice - as a gift card creditor you're bottom of the pile and people seem happy to accept it and get shafted.
  • Chewbacca
    fucking underhanded scum. As the first poster said, make SURE you get rid of GAME vouchers ASAP. And any reward points too. If they have a bad Christmas, they're fucked...
  • Chewbacca
    Oh, and Alexis is right. If you're able to. Proble is, that most of their stock is display with the new stuff in the back. Still, something is better than nothing.
  • tin
    Then walk in, select your item, get the person to get it from the back like you're going to buy it, get hold of it, give them the gift card, THEN walk out.

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