Deathwatch: Comet gift cards to be accepted again

new comet logo There’s been another twist in the tale of woe that is Comet’s slide into the abyss, with administrators Deloitte performing a U-turn over gift vouchers and allowing them to be used in Comet stores again.

Voucher use was suspended at the weekend as part of the administration process but there was controversy when a Plymouth store allegedly rejected a £500 gift card given by a charity to a four–year–old boy with cerebral palsy.

That card will now be accepted and Deloitte said it was ‘necessary to temporarily suspend the acceptance of gift cards as a means for payment in order to allow the joint administrators time to assess the financial position of the company and collate information about the quantity, value and nature of gift cards in circulation.’

‘Having now had the opportunity to do so, we are very pleased to inform Comet customers that the company will be able to accept gift cards which have been purchased and paid for in full by members of the public.’ How nice of them.

Also being nice is posho Dixons Retail boss Lord Sebastian James, who has said that he’ll be happy to employ ex-Comet staff as he looks to recruit 2,000 Christmas staff. If it is indeed the end for Comet, that could prove to be a lifeline, albeit a temporary one for some of the 6,000-plus workers that could lose their livelihoods. Thanks Lord Sebastian!


  • Rohit M.
    I lost money in gift card when Borders went under. So while you can, please use your gift cards. You or someone else has already paid for it.
  • Idi A.
    @ Rohit Why would you buy yourself (a) gift card?
  • Dick
    @ Idi Amin To save money. It is often possible to get 5 or 10% off by buying gift cards for places like comet and B&Q, plus extra cashback too. Ideal for a large purchase, but I wouldn't do it too far in advance in the current climate.
  • Idi A.
    @ Dick Oh right - nice one!
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    Easy PR for Dixons, they would always be taking on temps for Christmas.

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