Deathwatch: Comet edging closer to the brink?

retail deathwatch It’s not looking good for Comet – the beleaguered electrical chain has just announced another 450 job cuts just a few days after it was bought for a nominal TWO POUNDS by private equity firm OpCapita.

It looks as though the new owners are going to cut away as much fat as possible in an attempt to keep Comet going, and they job losses show that they’re cutting back their in-house repairs operation for starters, focusing “single-mindedly” on the stores themselves.

But things could get worse before they get better. It’s being reported that Samsung are yet to agree a new supply deal with Comet, which won’t reflect well on the chain if negotiations break down. Similarly, it could be another month before Comet secures credit insurance, which will make suppliers twitchy when it comes to dealing with them.

Perhaps the £2.00 spent by OpCapita was a last-ditch punt and we could shortly see another major name disappear from the UK retail landscape…


  • marco
    They should keep going for another 12 months as kesa paid £50million to keep it a float as a going concern. But it remains to be seen if it sees another 2 years. Not good if you have to pay someone to take something off your hands.
  • maddy
    My husband is one of the in house engineers, They were all told yesterday that they are getting rid of the whole repair side and giving it back to the manufacturers and basically anyone else that wants it... The job losses are also alot more than 450 there are 600 engineers alone, let alone 400 odd that work in the repair call centres so the job losses are probably nearer 1000 than 450. There is a 3 month consultation period and then engineers have to work out their notice and then thats it.
  • Nostradamus
    I told you that a comet would crash to Earth in 2012. Nobody fucking believes in me anymore since the millennium debacle.
  • YeahRight
    As an employee of Comet, the 450 jobs quoted is certainly on the low side from the whispers we hear inside. It is a minimum of 700, and Maddy is right in that it could be higher by the end. Stores closing as leases come up. New owners, who actually put this on their own website on 3rd February (the day they bloody took over Comet) and actually used the sentence "He (John Clare, Chairman) intends to outsource Comet's in-house repair and home delivery operations to cut costs, stating: “These services can be performed more competently by others, whose core competency it is.”" Wow, thanks Mr Clare. Your first day on the job and you announce that the whole Comet service structure is incompetent! Also, our previous MD Bob Darke, on the day of the actual take over suddenly became Bob Darke CEO. So, no responsibility for Comet in the event of the inevitable bankruptcy.
  • Rob
    People who work at comet fixing tv's are NOT Engineers. Engineers have degrees and do thing like design power stations etc.
  • Tnuc
    Sack the lot of them. If you wanted to keep your jobs you should have done them better and with more conviction. Awful, clueless instore counter gimps and the most unprofessional repair centre staff (encouraged to break a repair yo get the customer yo pay for an upgrade) in the business.
  • Notgintnuc
  • Hmmm...
    I wonder who could perform the services more of John Clares old companies??? *COUGH*knowhow*COUGH*
  • Service E.
    Not all Service Engineers need degrees. Would like to see you repair Plasma/Lcd Tv to component level. John Clare, Chairman (Currys) sacked all there Mastercare service Engineers 3 years ago and now returned to service repairs! Watch this space...
  • commy
    KNOW HOW? hahahahah these are procedurse for fixing broken PCs at Currys courier pickup PC and newark attempt repair repair carried out incorrectly but paperwork completed as it everything is now fine delivered back, customer finds same or more problems, goes to store, kicks off, store rings knowhow, they pickup PC...REPEAT endlessly until customer threatens to go to Watchdog. PC replaced and store charged for it on P&L or fob customer off with letter saying that the repair is not covered by their warranty (even if it is) if its standard warranty, say its damaged or software related if its got cover, say it was done maliciously or looks suspicious and refuse to fix. customer complains to store...see above.
  • Service E.
    Customer care sucks in every way in this country! but do not blame the service engineer for the way the company treats there customer. Service engineer are overloaded with work on a daily bases, we have to visit up to 14 customers a day and cover between 100-300 miles a day. You can only spend 10 to 20 min at a call and each part is allocated a time to fit, all because a computer said you can. I also work 1 to 2 hours a day unpaid because a computer said I can do this days work in 8 hours. If I would hand calls back I would be out off a job. Its the the men at the top who blame there workers but its there crapy policies that stick the engineer in confrontation with customer. Blame the over paid fat cats at the top and not the very low paid service engineer.... And YES Iam one of the 600 engineers...
  • laughable
    i completely agree with service engineer i too am a white goods engineer, fat cats spend way too much on rubbish software, overload us with jobs, give us unrealistic times on jobs and rarely supply us with parts to get a first time fix, the computer systems they have in place are rubbish, colleauge concerns are not listened to and we are far more frustrated than customers when we have to order parts. The way we look at it is its out job to FIX the appliances NOT to have to order parts. This coming about when they took pre diagnosis away from engineers thinking a computer could do it better!!
  • Trevor
    People seem to be missing the point here, it isn't anything to do with the quality of service and it's no criticism against the engineers not doing their jobs very well, it's clearly just a massively loss-making part of your business (as in most businesses that keep servicing in-house - almost everyone outsources these days).
  • Gabriella
    With the coalition in power there soon won't be a high street left to visit as the recession bites even deeper again But then again we are all in this together and it's not the government's fault but Labour's 2 years on More stores are closing the only people opening are Tesco, Sainsbury's supermarkets, Poundland, betting shops and British Heart Foundation and charity shops whoopee do
  • delberto
    "More stores are closing the only people opening are Tesco, Sainsbury’s supermarkets, Poundland, betting shops and British Heart Foundation and charity shops" Capitalist bastards!
  • Tof
    Rob, To correct you; To be called an Engineer in the UK, one needs a minimum of a HNC or equivalent. There are lots of TV repairman qualified to this level and lots that are very close to it, as well as some who have served apprenticeships and gained the relevant experience. I know plenty of 'Degree' educated Engineers who struggle to wire a mains plug! I don't see the relevance of your statement; these are people right now who are worried about their futures, not what their job title is. BTW- I have a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, but respect all members of the Engineering fraternity. Best wishes to all of the guys at risk.
  • Tof
    Just a message to all the guys who have been put on consultation, try to find out who will be taking over the work from Comet, these companies should see an increase in the volumes of work as they transfer it over. They may have a recruitment drive. Good luck to all.
  • Ringting
    Good luck to all those losing your jobs in gaining future employment. I have had great service when it's been needed and yes things don't always go right on a first visit but hey Ho that can happen in any job .
  • Hokey C.
    Having been left without a working washing machine for over two weeks now by the incompetent Comet I for one am rather pleased at this news, albeit from under my houseful of washing generated by 2 young boys! I hope the whole lot of them at the repair call centre lose their jobs as they have been worse than useless! In particular I hope the Supervisor named H***n is the first to go. She tried to pull the sad story of potential redundancy out of the bag the other day in a bid to get out of processing our complaint at their rubbish service. By the way she's very helpfully on leave this week, no doubt looking after her children on half term whilst doing her washing! So today when the engineer turned up WITH THE WRONG PART AFTER 2 WEEKS, she's not there to deal with it! If they were all better at their jobs they wouldn't be in this position. Get rid of the lot of them! By the way, those that do the repairs have been top notch!
  • Cris B.
    FYI, John Clare left 4 years earlier than the new Knowhow concept form Dixons/Currys.
  • Ringting
    What a tosser you are hokey cokey these guys are going to be out of a job and may end up losing there homes and all your bothered about is a basket of washing. Let me know when your job is under threat and I will throw a tea party for you. If only the world was perfect we would all be like you.
  • sharon
    After only having my washing machine for a matter of weeks,It died on me.Comet left me with no washer and when the repair man did turn up he told us that there is a fault with the model and lots have had to be returned.I was told I could have a replacement but after hearing about the faults, decided to go for another model.The price for the new washer is £40 cheaper and was told the difference would be paid back into my account-- apparently not so they are refusing to give me my money back -so now the battle begins
  • DODO
    It is a troubling time for all engineers within Comet as all are now being sacrificed due to lack of profit within Kesa. I believe that the current dissatisfaction with Comet service is not current but has been deteriorating over the years with the customer being viewed as existing for the benefit of profit and nothing else. If this is coupled with very poor management and working practices within the organisation, this outcome was inevitable.Please do not blame the engineers as they,for a long time have been stuck between a rock and a hard place by trying to please both customers and boss. It has already been highlighted about impossible workloads etc. and believe me engineers understand the knock on effect with waiting times and no first call repair but trying to drive the problem from the front line and have management listen to the problems created has proven to be impossible.Many good caring engineers are now being thrown on to the dung pile which asset strippers see as appropriate in order to screw the last penny out of a poorly managed organisation.I hope that Comet customers may benefit from this but it is a sad situation when everyone is seen as providing an opportunity for making cash for the shareholder. I doubt if things will improve but will watch and see.
  • Service E.
    Well said . Could not have said it better. DODO.
  • ex e.
    we were made redundant in latter part of 2011 and fortunately i have found employment in a different area, but totally satisfying. I wanted this opportunity to whole heartly agree with what dodo has written, the conditions to which comet engineers were expected to work and benefit its customers were laughable. The management structure are from pre-historic times and should have gone with the dinosaurs, we never had the chance to help customers as we could have. After a quarter of a century working with that organization and them ridding themselves of the heart of the service ( workshop engineers ) i feel very sorry for those who are left, but wish them all the very best in the future.
  • stevo
    Comet are taking on shop floor staff then the amount of B.S the staff are told by managers/ Head Office to hard sell the products called 'essentials' they basically are told to lie to customers that are gullible enough to buy the unecessary items that comet call 'essentials.' eEssentials are things like £70-£80 'monster' crap HDMI cables & extension leads & other crap like the 3 or 5 year Comet extra cover (who is going to honour the 5 year cover when they stop trading??) And because of the commission staff get on selling the 'crap' theres constant arguments & even physical fights amongst staff. (FU that was my sale, no FU it was mine etc) thats why Comet take on shop floor staff on a regular basis because anyone with any conscience leaves.
  • Comethroughandthrough
    The colleagues I have worked alongside bear no resemblence to any bad practice's described from a selling point of view - or an after sales service - All I see is dedicated hard workers of course you offer customers products that make it work better or in some cases work at all ( battery's ,memory cards , discs ) how would you, as a customer feel, after you get home and find your new product don't work ? And the staff failed to tell you . As for extra care ( extended warranty ) comet have trained all sales staff on the correct way to offer this to customers - and you will find just as many customers in favour of them as against - I see customers every week having new products replaced for brand new - in most cases better spec - and would not have been able to afford to re buy these items You only need look at every high street up and down the country to see the empty units that used to be full of customers to see people can't afford to buy products then throw them away when they fail We offer the service - its up to customers to decide whether to buy or not - it's that simple. Talking of service - stores or service or even them call centres ( uk based ) I don't know anybody who goes out to do a bad job - our customers are our life - sometimes it goes wrong and when it does we need to put it right and sort our customers out - so they come back . I know a lot of real hard working salt of the earth people who are going through a real tough time right now - and we all need to be there for them .
  • Meh
    Curry's are going to learn the hard way what Comet and every other company (including the manufacturers already know). In house after sales is a massive loss maker. Customers don't care who fixes their broken washer just so long as they don't have wait or take extra days off work and the idea that they will build up brand loyalty be having their name written on the vans is a non-starter. Most engineers do a bloody hard job to the best of their ability and delays are more to do with lead times on parts (months in some cases) than any kind of laziness on their behalf. Still there's nothing new under the sun and no doubt that in a few years they'll just pull the same stunt. Best of luck to all the lads losing their livelihood.
  • Concerned p.
    Especially for Mr Hockey Cokey Perhaps if you focused on the reality of the news instead of throwing your dummy out because you didn't get your own way you may have got further with your repair. That Supervisor that you talk of 'H***n that you hope is first to go is just as much a victim of the way Comet has failed as you are and she can only do and help as much as the company will allow her. How would you feel if this person was your wife. You have every rights to complain about the Comet service but to dig the knife into an individual shows what a vile person you are. I hope with all my heart that you and your family never have to be in the situation these men and women are in and trying to deal with the 90 days of torture with customers, such as yourself, with so little resourses, and still keep going knowing they are going to be jobless soon. Moral must be rock bottom. But in the case you and yours do ever be in the same position of been made redundant I prey that someone will bless you with the same nasty vile comments that you've made and make you feel like crap. It really couldn't happen to a nicer person. You ought to be ashamed of yourself you are disgusting to rub salt in the wounds of people losing their jobs. Shame on YOU!!!!!!
  • Disgusted
    Hockey Cokey, and the rest of the simple minded people like yourself. I cross my fingers that you too soon will be facing redundancies, lose your home,reduce your lifestyle, And prey no one will sympathise with you. The people who you are slating are going through a very difficult time, and still having to deal with you. IF I WERE ONE OF THEM I WOULD HUNT YOU DOWN.consequence
  • sad e.
    I just heard from one of their managers that they have put all of their back of house and admin staff on redundancy consultation. I also heard that they have now changed there redundancy policy to the statutory minimum i.e. One weeks salary per year worked and making these staff work through their notice period. Sad times.
  • muckypup20
    I happen to be a support member within one of the stores and literally got told I am at risk and have at the moment unti 14 april and i will get severance pay of only two weeks which is just enough for rent for the month but not food or bills. I am one of those people who have to face verbal abuse and occasional acts of physical aggresion and have never got paid enough to deal with that crap, so for those of you who are on here slating people trying to earn there bread and possibly losing that income are insensitive incompassionate selfish people and are properly one of the people abusing those members of staff....have a little compassion the people in the stores and the service centres, and call centres are just lackeys it is the parent company whether it is kesa or opcapita who put policies in place and if u think we agree with all of them then u are mistaken believe me there are some that we don't agree with and get just as frustrated as the customers
  • Ex G.
    Over the years i worked for 3 Major operators in the service industry. Radio Rentals, Mastercare(TechGuys), Comet. Radio Rentals 22 yrs of mostly high sevice standards and happy customers generally. Then the money men took over, Service Centres closed, Engineers cut back. OOOO standards dropped customers left in droves. I tokk redundancy and Ran, Mastercare 10yrs. Instore Engineer repairs on site, happy customers 2 day turn around of 90% repairs. Money men took over. Instore shops closed .Repairs now sent to workshop. I moved on to Field work installing Flat panel TVs and computer systems, Home Cinemas. Money me took over. 90 days consultation reapply for job. New terms and conditions were presented to us. Involving working 5 days out of 7 from a service hub not from home. travel to hub in own time at own expense, then the clincher take a 3-4K pay cut. Like 75% of the Engineers I said no thanks took the money and ran. New revolutionary system failed within 6 months as we told them. Comet 4weeks. Installing White goods delivering TV and Computers. start at 6:00am 15-20 jobs work till all finished. Managers hovering over you waiting for you to make a mistake. After 4 weeks of 14-15 hr days including Sundays. I found my present job and ran like hell. Now Comet Service is going the way of the others, some bright uni educated manager knows what is best. Customer Service costs and all these firms think doing on the cheap doesn't work, outsourcing the work also is a disaster as the firm employed does not really have loyalty to the Employing company Result Unhappy customers. Still the way it looks Currys PC World are going to be the only place you can go soon
  • Indi
    It's a sad fact but if Comet are to survive then they have to do this. There simply aren't the margins there to keep engineers running. In effect the retail arm subsidises a loss making operation. We all know Currys are onto a loser by taking their own work in-house. Anyone who's done the job long enough knows what the end result will be because we've seen it all before. Everytime a new face takes over a major retailer they try to "shake things up" and make a name for themselves by thinking they can change the one variable available to them namely service. What they don't understand is that they could get the results they want by simply outsourcing and paying for the independents to hold van stock on their behalf. That way the hard working independents would have some of the weight taken off them and may be in a position to hire some of those losing their jobs today.
  • loverboy
    I heard that Comet are having more emergency meetings with staff & more redundancies on the way :( now shopfloor staff have to do the duties of those who have been made redundant e.g sales assistants now have to do admin & warehouse duties too.. for the same pay. Do you reckon Comet will survive much longer?
  • richard
    Even the manufacturers have stopped supplying products to Comet. To Comet, please just do us all a favour & close down for good, instead of prolonging this.
  • cooking b.
    I was shown a video in a Comet store off of their in store system from the CEO basically saying sorry about the redundancies and some tough decisions yet to come but on a more positive note we have had a good first month as an independent business and are making money for our there to make a fast buck and screw over everybody else who works for them.
  • Gary
    Any update on how long the engineers have left?
  • Ex G.
    It's comforting to know the investors are doing OK. Must make those made redundant happy yo know their sacrifice was not in vain.
  • Service E.
    The last day for us service engineers is 31 July 2012. Then one long summer
  • Service E.
    Fury as Comet workers to miss £1m redundancy DEPOT workers fear they will lose out on redundancy payments from cash-strapped electrical chain Comet. The firm is refusing to pay up to £1million in extra payments to dozens of drivers and engineers who are about to be sacked. More than 50 service workers at a depot in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, claim they will lose thousands of pounds when made redundant in three months time. They serve the whole of Scotland but their work is to be farmed out to “third parties” as part of cost cuts by private equity group OpCapita, which is axing another 400 engineers at bases across the UK. New bosses say they need every penny to help save the business which employs 10,000 staff at more than 240 UK stores. OpCapita bought the Comet chain last year from Kesa Electricals for just £2 but only when Keso executives agreed to pay £50m into the stricken business after running up multi-million pound losses. But the switch in ownership could cost workers dearly. Previous redundancy terms offered by Kesa chiefs included ex-gratia payments at the discretion of management. Kesa also routinely paid more than the minimum redundancy required by law. However, the new owners won’t stump up any extra money and have also decided not to enhance redundancy terms. Furious union official Billy Parker of Unite said: “Workers will lose thousands of pounds at a time when they will have little or no chance of finding another job. “One worker is looking at a redundancy package of just £10,500 but under the old terms could have walked away with £26,500. “That’s scandalous and is out-and-out asset stripping at its worse. “In Scotland, where 54 workers have been issued with 90-day redundancy notices the savings could be up to £1million.” Mr Parker warned: “If legal action can be taken to try to get a better financial deal for our members then rest assured we will do just that. “In the meantime we would urge the new owners to reconsider and do the decent thing.” A spokeswoman for Comet said: “We will meet all our statutory obligations but we are not in a position to offer terms in excess of this. “Reducing our staff numbers has been a tough decision to make but significant savings are required to secure the long-term viability of our business. “This decision in no way reflects the commitment and efforts of our employees and we will make every effort to help them find alternative employment.
  • Ed R.
    Every engineer should go to their doctors and tell them they are unable to sleep at night due to the worry of being made unemployed, their fears of losing their homes ect. every one of then would get a sick line for x amount of time because of stress. Lets see comet spin that one. no engineers. no repairs even more unhappy customers. All engineers in the uk should go on strike at the same time. No engineers again no repairs. IT systems would fail. Cash machines would fail, banking systems would fail. No one remembers how to do it by hand with paper and pencil. How long would it take before the goverment would step in and force companies to treat their employees with respect.
  • DODO
    So Opcapita have no money to enhance the miserly statutory redundancy pay being given to employees losing their jobs ? Some of these employees have worked more hours in unpaid overtime than the sums being offered over the years. I find it laughable if it were not so sick that this poor cash strapped outfit called Opcapita ..... "OOPs crap it to ya " have just successfully taken over "GAME". Where did this cash come from so suddenly ? Just another display of blatant hypocritical claptrap. It is my view that the intentions of Opcapita does not include turning Comet`s situation round at all. This is clearly demonstrated by the treatment now being shown to the customer with an even worse service being provided as the weeks go by. In a years time I doubt if Comet will even exist.............or GAME for that matter.
  • Cooking B.
    Opcapita did receive £50M from Kesa to take Comet off their hands and a Manager in my local store also said that they had to stump up another £20M before the takeover as Comet did not perform to expectations over Christmas and New year sales. Not bad cash to them investors for not bringing anything into the company except a lot of misery to the existing staff there. Costs have basically been cut down to the bone and will get worse in the coming months. They also have no stock to sell coz they are having trouble drumming up the cash to pay the bills. They are also closing down their administration offices and call centres in Hull...More job loses to come I fear.
  • Service E.
    One of the two comet service centres (Harlow) have been given 90 day notice. More engineer and admin staff to go on the scrap heap. Have a NICE day OPCAPITA.
  • Mass M.
    I've just heard that they will no longer be selling LG products.
  • Sour C.
    I work for the company and I purchased my last product (Tumble Dryer) from John Lewis. Comet give you the total runaround if something goes wrong with your purchase and have also just changed their refund and exchange policy to give the customers to what they are entitled to legally (barely) but certainly not ethically...If something goes wrong you are in for a long wait....I'm gonna be made redundant soon anyway so I don't want to give them back any more of my hard earned cash.
  • Another C.
    Sad to read all these comments. At one time it was a joy to work for this company called Comet, I was proud as we put or tried to put the customer first. Now All it seems is GREED by the Top Cats, they manipulate the senior Managers who then BULLY the following Managers who then out of no choice have to pressurise Sales Colleagues into selling overpriced high margin products such as cables etc.. to customers that don't really require them or the high end ones. If the Sales Managers dont or the Sales Colleagues don't sell these High Margin products we are bullied and counselled, disciplined, and victimised. I to recently purchased a an item but not from Comet It was John Lewis, Top marks for their Service, even with my so called dicount it was cheaper to purchase this from John Lewis as their Top in everything when they were late for delivery they telephoned had a recent problem sent an Engineere at exactly the time they stated, sorted problem. I hope to move onto a company such as John Lewis asap, but as these current market conditions for employment are diabolical, "beggars can't be choosers !" as they say. Anyway these Senior Managers little realise they are next on the list soon. There is no Future, as it present all it seems its Money Grabbing for the Top people. Then gradually close all parts of the company. Shame and bigger tragedy, to all those bullying as "what goes around comes around" The top people need to ask themselves if the staff are not motivated and looked after, how can you expect the business to do well even with the new customer return policies etc.. P.s. Our commission is pennies per item and as soon as we discount any thing for the customer for whatever reason its All Clawed back and more, we end up losing even more !! I also have pity on our Sales Mnagers who have to content with Customers who want refunds and exchanges, these action have become penalised for them, as most contradict the Unspoken and Unwritten Policies that these managers Have to Follow (ETHICS). Bending the rules to be more understanding and sympathetic is No Longer allowed, hence my own purchase elsewhere. As far as I can see its simply a matter of TIME ! I ask you to bear with the people who work there out of no choice, and pray for us that we may move to greener pastures soon. Please don't get me wrong I have worked for Comet for a few years now, and it never was this bad and genuienly enjoyed it before. No Longer ITS ALL GREED, GORDON GECKO STYLE !! To their detriment....
  • Wongaporkpies
    Not going to say much but I had a lot of dealings with people buying a certain brand of Televisions from Comet which were store exclusives. The only thing I found out is staff did not even know this from sales staff to store managers and then to technical support. In this day and age is is important staff especially know about the products they sell, without this, the customer is sometimes given the run around, but this is not down to those on the shop floor, blame the managers at head office. I am sorry for all those losing their jobs, and at the moment retail is not a good place to be.
  • Concerned s.
    My daughter works for Comet, against my will after hearing terrible treatment of the way senior managers treat their staff. I'm encouraging her to leave soon, telling her most companies do treat and value their staff and Comet are in the minority. Short contracts are given although long and unsociable hours are expected to be worked regardless at all times, thus meaning Comet only pay minimum holiday pay. Time off for dental/ doctor appointments cannot be made because days off are never given till the last minuite, you can't plan ahead ever. If you want to take holiday the make it almost impossible for you to do so. Staff are expected to go on training courses in their own time and usually after a long shift or even on a Sunday, you are expected not to make a fuss when you don't get paid for it either. If your Ill they don't believe you and expect you to be totally committed and still come in, I've even had to go into the store to put the manager in his place, he doesn't need a full run down of the flu or when she last did a shit...or if the doctor had been called and could she call later to let them know if she would be back the next day. Pressure to sell and up sell are enormous, you are threatened with your job constantly should you not perform. Luckily my daughter is a top performer but they don't value her at all. I hope she knows that not all companies behave like this, if we ran our company this way I'm sure we would have no staff. it amazes me because if you look on Comets website about recruiting staff and they way they treat staff it's a very different picture.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Comet still recruiting staff, hmmm. I admit I did ask once and even the staff member I asked said they are only basic hrs available and they change like the wind. There seemed no passion in the job from her, infact she seemed like most staff in there that day a robot! As a customer when I was interested in purchasing a TV, the staff were more concerned about the extras, oh you need a mains socket with this and that, you need a HDMI cable costing £99 you need a clean cleaning kit and oh a nice £299.99 remote control WHAT ! Needless to say thank goodness I failed the credit check lol. Admittedly there are some good staff but that is very rare, and by the comments I have seen on here, I am not surprised moral is at an all time low, and it seems inevitable that one day Comet will be like a Woolworths, an online only company.
  • Bitterly E.
    I totally agree with the above comments. BULLYING staff is the order of the day for most senior managers at Comet. Certain area managers BULLY the store management teams if they are not coming in with the numbers...They in turn BULLY the colleagues, usually by threatening them with disciplinary action basically to cover their own arses. The whole set up is totally hollow. Most of the management colleagues are so TERRIFIED of their bosses they take it out on the staff that work for them. (I apologise to the good managers that actually treat their staff well but unfortunately judging by comments made by staff in other branches you are few and far between!!) Colleagues are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes before their shift is due to start and then are forced to stay on after the store closes to tidy up...All of it UNPAID I might add. There is no incentive for these guys to do a great job for the company and the ones that do perform well are put on even more! I can remember when Comet used to be a great place to work. We turned up and knew that we would do a good job and have fun doing it...Unfortunately these days are now a distant memory :(
  • Concerned s.
    Further to my previous post of May 13th I am pleased to report my daughter has finally resigned and left Comet. The response from her manager when she handed her the letter confirmed that the right decision was made. How this manager has managed to stay in this job is beyond me, un-professional on all levels. Unfortunately Comet have lost one of their top performers because of this management style. This manager who obviously is in need of further training told my daughter that she hoped she would be very happy in her new job in a angry tone and stomped off when the letter was handed over, at no point was she asked WHY she was leaving and even went onto making her last few days there un-bearable. On her last day her manager left for the day by not even thanking her for her hard work or even a goodbye. Absolutely no appreciation given for time served there. We are considering naming and shaming this person/store but my daughter worries about future references etc. I'm appalled by this treatment of staff.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Ah there is nothing wrong with naming and shaming the managers name of the Comet or slagging them off in general. They don't deserve to exist !
  • Ex e.
    Well what can I say apart from emphasis on the previous comments which are ALL TRUE and more, just that it is sad to what this company has come to from where it was. The Big Fat Cats are raking it in with GREED little do the pawns meaning ROMs Regional Operations Managers there next no matter what happens. This is CLEAR Strategic Operational Management, Top line then Middle Line to go, no matter how hard they try, this how Business Streamlining works or thats how it was taught at Uni when I graduated some years ago. Anyway the Bullying is there without any doubt, from these ROM's who have been deliberatley been picked to do the dirty work to bully the Store Managers and their Sales Managers who in turn have to bully the sales people. From Doing extra hours of unpaid work, if they want to keep their jobs, and getting verbal abuse if the staff don't deliver the figures/targets etc.. This should be put on WATCHDOG ? Anyway we are at the brunt of it all from Managemnet to customers stuck between them both, difficult to please both when their requirements are not in sync. Customers want the Deals and Service, Comet wants MONEY, MONEY,MONEY,MONEY,MONEY and MONEY. oh yes again MONEY, and MONEY. Morality is a rare breed with loyalty, customer service is required and is only valued when you have nailed the customer again and again by selling over priced cables and add ons not really required !! Going back to the Management, don't these F.A.T. A.R.S R.O.M's realise that there is only so much that can be squeezed out of limited staff and stock within the stores. The ROM'S Should try and work as a salesperson for one week to realise what its realy like with all this unnecessary pressure instaed of throwing verbal abuse, p.s. these ORMS have been picked as they have a very LIMITED VOCABULARY so they substitute words such as F***. pi**. wan*Er* etc.. thats how they actually talk. Ihave no idea why they are in these positions of responsibility and authority. The classic Regional Operations Manager has been brainwashed and indulged in financial gain to sell his sole, Not looking at the whole picture that he is on the HIT LIST ASWELL. HA ha. Head Office employ these people to squeeze the final drops of left.. Time is Limited as why this company has become Limited you fools. Thank God I no longer work there anymore !! The company was trying to rob me when I was there by not paying me my hours due even when I clearly had Holiday left and time owed, a hassle but I finaly got some of it back with a struggle, and when I was working for them they would swindle the few pennies of commision I would have by clawing it back on another sale for no reason, the payment is a shamble. Ther Whole Company is a Shamble...!!! SHAME ON YOU COMET FROM WHERE YOU WHERE TO WHERE YOU ARE, FROM THE QUALITY STAFF YOU USED TO HAVE TO THE BUFFOONS YOU NOW EMPLOY !! RIP SOON.
  • The O.
    Try and go back to Comet with a faulty product... You will basically be given a leaflet with the telephone numbers of the manufacturers on it and be told to go away...I thought that it was the retailers responsibility to sort out any issues as your contract is with them??? It seems that they are quick enough to rob you of your cash by fleecing you with overpriced cables and surge protectors that you do not need but when it comes to helping you out with any issues they do not want to know. Sounds similar to another electrical retailer in it's death throws...anybody remember Powerhouse???
  • Cooking B.
    Just been into my nearest store and the staff there are kicking up. Sounds as though Comet are not renewing their cleaning contacts and are asking existing staff to carry out all cleaning duties including doing the loos.
  • Wongaporkpies
    I hate the new advert. Comet customer you only have 10 seconds? What 10 seconds to realise fuck if I buy something from here today, will I get support tomorrow if anything goes wrong?
  • H
    This one is for the righteous one! I would like to correct you in your statements regarding a repair. As described all the way through this forum you will see that it is continually discussing the redundancies made throughout Comet. Service is one of the main areas effected by this hence why Comet are now using the manufacturer as the repair agents. This is not Comet relinquishing any responsibility at all. Comet accept all responsibility for their appliances but instead of having their own engineers they use a third party agents to do the repairs. This is not illegal it is very legal in compliance with the Sales of Goods Act 1979. All reports from a third party agent will still be the responsibility of Comet! As for the cables, it is not mandentry that you purchase them and if you find that you do not require them providing they have not been opened you can return for a refund within the first 7 days of purchase. I hope this information clarifies to you your legal rights as a customer.
  • The O.
    To H Thank you for your post "correcting" me regarding Comet's repair policies. I am not saying that Comet is engaging in illegal practises when it comes to dealing faulty products. The point is that previously Comet would have taken ownership of customer issues rather than fobbing them off back to the manufacturers. I was specifically told in a store that they were unable to deal with my issue and that I would have to speak to the manufacturer directly. I am well aware that this is probably due to continued job losses at Comet. It appears that there are fewer and fewer staff in the stores these days most notably on the customer service desk. In order to regain customers Comet should be seen to be doing a better job of dealing with customers that are unsatisfied with their purchases for whatever reason. After all Comet used to pride itself on it's after care. It was one of the main things that kept me going back there to buy my electrical products. Also it appears that browsing through the posts that there are actually members of staff that are reluctant to buy from their own company due to the shoddy way that they are dealt with if something goes wrong. As for the practise of selling overpriced cables I am not in any way saying that this practise is illegal either....Just not totally ethical. Is it fair practise for a salesperson of Comet insisting that a customer need's an £80 HDMI cable for an £80 Bluray player to a customer who does not know any better? Then refusing to take it back when the customer has wised up to the fact that the advise that they were given in store was incorrect and a £10 would do the same job just fine, using the fact that it has been opened? This to me feels like they are trying to grab the fast cash rather than looking at the long term picture and retaining their customers through good levels of customer service. I am guessing that you are employed by the company that you are defending. If that is the case I hope that your future job prospects there are secure because I would hate to see another big name dissapear from the retail landscape, however I do fear for the future of Comet if it continues to treat customers the way it does....Legally (barely), but certainly not ethically.
  • Wongaporkpies
    H You are correct in saying that you can return cables as long as the packaging has not been opened. However Conmet do state on the sales receipt, that there will be a charge for handling /restocking or words to that effect. Customers will only be refunded if the item is faulty, not cause they simply do not require it or have changed their minds. However if items are purchased online or over the phone then distance selling regulations apply.
  • The O.
    To Wongaporkpies They won't return them even if their staff have misled their customers by telling them that they "need" them even if they don't. This happened to my parents who purchased a bluray player and were told that they would need an £80 Monster cable to go with it. They are getting on a bit and did not know any better so took the advise of the salesperson. When I went over there to set it up I was horrified when I saw how much they had been charged for this cable (bearing in mind that the bluray was sub £100). I went back to the store and was basically told tough luck as it had been opened. The salesperson that sold it to them was conveniently on a day off but was told that that member of staff was one of their most experienced so was very unlikely that he would have said that to my parents...Basically calling them liars...The whole thing is scandalous. I wasn't even offered a handling charge to give them back they just blatantly refused. They must have been having a bad day figures wise or something. But anyway they are within their legal rights not to refund unless faulty...Rip off merchants!
  • Wongaporkpies
    To The Righteous One I think the handling fee/refund will only apply to unopened items, but I could be wrong. It seems your parents had a very bad experience, seems (certain) Comet staff do not have any moral values, nor does it as a company as a whole. It seems poor sales practices will carry on, but one day Comet maybe no more at high street level (Hopefully)
  • Concerned s.
    unfortunately all staff are constantly pressured to sell extras/ add on's regardless if the customer needs it or wants it, they are given daily targets for these extras then hauled into the office by the manager to explain why they didn't convince the customer to buy it, some staff were given warnings and even threatened with their jobs if their figures were not up to scratch. they don't value their customers or treat their staff ethically, what a great company Comet are!
  • Wongaporkpies
    Seems most companies forget customer service and focus on targets. They don't care if they lose a customer cause they believe another unsuspecting mug will come through the door.

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