Deathwatch: Choices UK goes into administration

retail deathwatch We've just heard via avid HotUKDeals member Szyable that entertainment retailer Choices UK has gone belly-up.

Their website is out of action but we've been given a link to the site of their parent company The Webb Group, which explains what is going on. The other companies that are part of the group are...

- Goodwill
- Love Lavender
- 18 Plus
- Choices UK
- Razamataz Entertainment
- Razamataz Books
- Simply Entertainment
- Simply Sound
- Book Club Associates (BCA)


  • Cuntability B.
    Never heard of em. Must be shitter than Liverpool FC !
  • haggis
    Choice are known on HUKD for selling used DVDs and game as new.
  • Kevin
    Name sounds familiar but not sure why
  • Joshie
    Kevin they used to be on the high street that's probably why, they were once a genuine competitor to Blockbuster!
  • Kevin
    Yeah, while ago now though. Ah I know not in my city but where a friend lived.
  • Chewbacca
    Seen it coming, they had mega problems it seemed Christmas 2011 but then appeared to get back on track. 'tis a shame but hey ho....
  • Sicknote
    Ordered from them once and got an offer email only yesterday; thought they were shit for taking an age to deliver so never used them again. Good riddance I say.
  • paul
    Sounds like not just choices, don't they own webb ivory and more companies that aren't listed
  • Ken L.
    Shame they're finished, I was in the market for a new job.
  • Boris
    Ha ha ha ha ha Livingston. You are such a looser! Now you can sit at home and watch Downton Fucking Abbey and Loose Women on the Trotski BBC all day while I live in Downton Abbey and Fuck loose women all day. I am the king of London and not at all drunk.
  • Jah
    Moderator (and business killer) Syzable you mean....
  • craig
    im sure they sold me a xbox game once,claimed it was new and it came with scratches on disc
  • zeddy
  • Jeebus
    Poor website, terrible prices, bollocks service and selling used as new. Good fucking riddance I say.
  • The z.
  • Future Z.
  • bob f.
    I cannot understand some of the hostile comments made here. Over many years I made over 60 orders from them. I got some excellent bargains, all new stuff and in pristine condition. When I once contacted them after just missing a sale deadline they replied courteously and they let me purchase the item at the (missed) sale price. Many people at Choices will be losing their livelihoods over this - maybe a bit of common courtesy, good manners and understanding would be appropriate.
  • Incapability B.
    @ bob falange fuck you loser.
  • Incapability B.
    Choices = much shitness.
  • Blob f.
    Yais and i have ordered very many deeveedees from them, never failing to unrape the pristine plastic coverings and then urinate in my trousers
  • Anal R.
    Bob Flange you cunt you should have bought more than sixty things, youve basically screwed the business over and got them all sacked with your 'can I buy it cheaper, I dont want to pay full price, I dont care if it comes out of your wages' attitude. And 60? Use the word for the number when writing a sentence, you odious prole.
  • Bazinga
    That website says "good morning", I'm excited to find whether it changes this afternoon.
  • Dick
    I saw "18 Plus" and for a minute I thought, oh no, there are going to be loads of obese women squeezing themselves into tiny size 16 clothes. Fortunately it is just an entertainment company. With a name like that, no doubt a quite "jazzy" site.
  • William's s.
    I wish ITV would go bust, it's shit.

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