Deathwatch: are Carpetright deep shagged?

25 June 2012

retail deathwatch It's looking gloomy for Carpetright (but excellent for pun-makers) as they've announced that they're really up against it.

Their full-year profits are reported to be as low as £3 million, which is startling when you consider that they made £17m a year ago and £62m in 2008.


Carpetright issued a number of profit warnings over the past year and it looks like there's another one due.

Could this be the end for cheapo carpets for us all? Does it even matter considering the small matter of no-one being able to afford a mortgage these days, preferring to rent in furnished digs?

Has the rug been pulled from under the British housing boom, etc...



  • Spencer
    I know the guy that used to design and print all their posters and 80% off sale boards. He now runs a sweet shop in hornchurch. True story. As ever b&m stores can't compete with online retailers... and so another bastion of lie high street withers and dies... like a daffodil in late spring.
  • Spandex B.
    Furnished digs may require carpets. Plus they are still making a profit, even if crap by previous year standards. A long way from dead yet though.
  • Mark H.
    @ Spencer So you'd buy a floor covering online? I think most people would like to see (and feel) their floor covering before purchase. The decline in the housing market and the lack of funds in general will be the culprit here.
  • Inspector G.
    It looks like its curtains for them...wait that's not right.
  • Sicknote
    Been circling the drain for bloody years now; nothing new here.
  • Her L.
    Who are the real rivals to Carpet Right? Here all we have are smaller independent flooring companies who can't compete with Carpet Right on price or range, hence why Carpet Right keeps getting our business. I could understand if Carpet Right were cunts like DSG but really, they're quite nice.
  • Lee
    Competitors near me are Allied Carpets and SCS, also, there is a large independent warehouse literally next door to carpetright that sells exactly the same carpets for the same price, but they offer free fitting and 1 years interest free credit... I know where I would (and probably will) go...
  • ronnie r.
    Carpetshiite. No instore wifi so bugger them.

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