Deathwatch: BlackBerry going under?

20 December 2011

deathwatch Things are looking pretty grim at RIM - those that make BlackBerry things - as shares continue to fall drastically. It has been reported that things have got so despairingly awful that shares are now below the value of its cash, receivables and other assets.

RIM has a market capitalisation of less than $7 billion and the combined assets are $7.2 billion.

Much of the trouble stems from the top, with those leading the company making a series of terrible errors. While other mobile makers do a roaring trade, RIM are stumbling around saying, last week, that they'd be delaying the release of its make-or-break new smartphones which will now appear late next year.


In addition to this, the appetite for RIM's PlayBook tablet isn't great. Also, the huge network outage hasn't instilled confidence in people on the look-out for new gadgets to buy.

While RIM are making solid-earnings, Wall Street seems jumpy. Could RIM be sliding into a hole from which it won't recover?

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  • The B.
    It's a shame Vodafone didn't buy them just before that week long outage then.
  • Terry H.
    A few years ago I got a tour of their shiny UK HQ and uber top secret NOC (Network Operations Center) - (it's on the Bath Road on the other side of the road from their shiny HQ.) They seemed pretty smug with their whole proprietary world. No more.
  • Sicknote
    Like Rover & like Saab - why buy a going concern when you pay peanuts after the crash? I wouldn't be surprised if a Chinese led VC group are waiting in the wings right now.
  • bob
    They are dead. Windows Phones will take over third place them slowly creep into 2nd. I remember when everyone said Xbox was doomed and would never make a dent in the market and look at it now.
  • Pizza A.
    Ha ha, I was almost believing you there bob until you mentioned that Windows Phones were going to become the second biggest mobile OS.... Pray tell who are they going to take over from, Android or Apple?
  • Mike H.
    RIM? RIM? Seriously? RIM?
  • Chewbacca
    Whilst bob is being slightly optimistic in his assetion that WP7 will take second spot, there's certainly scope for it being a staunch candididate for third. WP7 has the backing of m$, is pretty-tightly locked down security-wise, and is already cross-compatible with the m$ suite of productivity software. Businesses will start to question their support of RIM/BB when they have a simple mobile windows platform on their doorstep. With Nokia now on board, the rise and rise of WP7 is coming. You heard it here first.
  • Raggedy
    Is this all doom and gloom for the sake of it? I work at a college and the most popular phone bar none amongst the students is the Blackberry. "It's a whole lot cheaper than an iPhone", "easier to use than Android" and "it's got a proper keyboard!" are some of the comments I've heard. Perhaps it's easier to organise riots using a Blackberry? Whatever, I think most students are pleased with their RIMing.
  • Lemax
    Raggedy: I bet most of those studnets are using a bargain basement 8250. The problem for RIM is that the margins at that end of the market are tiny. Coporate brings in the cash. When these doom and gloom stories about RIM first started appearing, I also thought that they were being pessimistic for no good reason, but if you look at the slide in profits over the last three years, combind with their dwindling share of the OS pie in terms of users and the year-on-year decrease in shipped handsets, it really doesn't look good.
  • Light S.
    Don't count RIM out yet! Those phones that everyone puts down are about to bounce back. I have had many blackberries in the past just got the tourch and although it was pulled by Sprint early this year I got lucky and bought the last one the dealer had. It's much better than the past models and what I would call a peek at what's to come. I was told they were pulled to make room for RIM's top secret weapon due out in a few months. I will buy it as soon as the doors open too and I like many other blackberry users we will get the last laugh!
  • Light S.
    Like I said BlackBerry users will get the last laugh. I just bought a Z 10 and compared to Android its like night and day. The battery life is much better thank Android and the UI is very easy to use too. I can operate my phone one handed in many situations too. In some ways it feels basic in other areas such as speed it runs all over android like a train! I may unlock my Android only because I'm buying time till more Android apps are ported over to BlackBerry. I can get between 2-3 days of standby time with my berry, android maybe 1-1.5. And as far as a virus, What's that? I could hack thousands of androids for $300.00 bucks that was eported at CNET a short time ago. BlackBerry The Fort Knox of cell phones don't play that game. They are secure enough for the government then they are secure enough for me! BlackBerry screens their apps Google does not. Androids are wide open BlackBerry is very secure and if a Dev wants to access restricted areas of the phone je better have a damn good reason. Keep your wide open phones I will keep my battleship!

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