Deathwatch: Barbie

20071016-barbie-princess-rosella Barbie is rubbish. Everyone knows that. While other toys enable children to make things fly and explode, or go on wild adventures in their minds, Barbie has a glamorous, yet somehow humdrum life. What does she do? She has a house. She has a horse. She drives around a bit.

No high-speed chases. No saving the world from baddies. She just exists and does menial tasks with expensive stuff.

So with that, it is little wonder that Barbie is on the ropes, with Mattel reporting big losses with its core brand. What isn't helping is that Frozen is handing Barbie her arse. Children, it seems, are playing with Lego and video games, rather than something designed solely to occupy some pink stuff.

In the first quarter, to March 31st, the toy vendors said that Barbie sales dropped by 14%. Mattel's loss before tax grewing to £49.1m.

The Frozen franchise saw a 22% jump in consumer product sales for Disney's first quarter to $1.4bn and with a sequel on the horizon, the fanaticism isn't going to go away any time soon.

Mattel's shares have lost over a third of their value over the past 12 months. Maybe it is time for Barbie to retire and finally get some well earned rest in the Betty Ford Clinic.

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  • Cliff L.
    Put a minge on her, that will up sales!

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