Deathwatch: Auto Windscreens in administration

deathwatchAs we predicted last week, Auto Windscreens have sadly gone into administration, with 1,100 jobs at risk.

The company, who are based in Chesterfield have suspended all operations for now and have advised customers to make alternative arrangements with another supplier.

Administrators Deloitte have also asked for anyone who might be interested in buying Auto Windscreens to drop them a line, presumably leading to a chat about windscreens and numbers.


  • sumo s.
    as an employee i don't know wether to hang on so i can maybe claim redundancy off government, jump ship to a job i don't want to do or wait and sign on the rock and roll to get rent paid giving me time to find a decent job, my head is spinning....bills to pay!! Such a shame but its been coming for a while
  • Harlzter
    These are based less than 2 miles from us so going to affect a lot of locals too, feel sorry for anyone affected by this.
  • Paul C.
    They should have mended that chip in the first instance.
  • Distribution
    I was one of the many at the distribution centre told to stop work and go home on Monday. We were then told that no wage for this month is going to be paid (due next Friday) although we have already worked half the month. All this is not just due to a new IT system as reports say, bad management all the way down is also to blame. People in the distribution centre being given jobs and promotions because they know management well and are in the "click" even if they weren't the best candidate. Administration did not come as a shock, papers reported only last week that the company was struggling financially only for us to be told by the MD work as usual. I hope someone takes the company out of administration as this company can make lots of money as it was only 2/3 years ago if run properly by good management.
  • Fred j.
    They may well blame IT on the failure but this in my opinion is far from the truth as the so called "turnaround specialists" (you know who you are!) showed they had no experiance whatsoever in the basic needs of a windscreen company, Were not prepared to listen to its staff with a wealth of years and knowledge behind them and the requirements of there customer base which has been loyal for so long , It really is as simple as this , customer calls , We obtain there requirements first time , give them an appointment date , Order the glass for the date , give the tech the job to do as arranged , and collect the money ....Simples...... I do hope that if there has been any underhandedness going off they are named and shamed and taken legal as it was plain as the day they were always talking about the saw dust in the eye of the operations but unaware of the plank in there own ............ Put in a nutshell Bad decisions and bad management from the top and now 1,100 jobs at risk Lets hope the next news is good news......

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