Deathwatch: Aquascutum in administration. That's Aquascutum.

retail deathwatch It’s a grievous day for fans of luxury clothing, as Aquascutum, the manufacturer and retailer of such things, has plunged into administration. No, us neither.

The company has been going for 161 years (it says here) but it doesn’t look like it will for all that much longer, thanks to horrendous losses all over the place. It also says here that Aquascutum (not sure how it’s pronounced) has three high street stores, 16 concessions, seven outlet stores and 11 international concessions. It’s also a big name at clothes-gatherings like London Fashion Week.

Joint administrator Geoff Rowley said: "We are conscious of the value of the Aquascutum brand and its long-standing heritage and because of this are keen to enter in to early discussions with interested parties open to purchasing the business as soon as possible.” It’ll probably be over in a week.


  • Mike H.
    Geoff Rowley is a skateboarder.
  • Sicknote
    Honestly, I only ever saw complete wankers in the city wearing this garb and with us all having our bonuses squeezed I'm not surprised they went bust.
  • Mike H.
    Obviously we allllllll get a bonus don't we, sicknote?
  • Shooter M.
    Mmmmm hopefully some bargains to be had for those of you who don't go bespoke.
  • Stradders
    Oh no what will all the football hooligans wear now?????
  • spyro
    Horrifically overpriced. Not really a surprise.
  • Commander S.
    It does seem rather quiet in here of late after the last couple of days of strangeness.
  • Boris
    I'm back on my meds Sela.
  • Hahn-Block
    I put my 6-4 oz ramekins in a baking dish and filled the dish with water. I took the ramekins out and put the dish with the water in it in the oven while the oven pre-heated and while I worked on the mixing and caramel...worked like a charm! My flan came out beautifully! My evaporated milk was an ounce short so I just put in an ounce of 2% we had on hand, I couldn't tell the difference.
  • Lieutenant S.
    Come on B-Man. Let's leave off the medication, just for one day. Running a city, can't be that time consuming. These pages have seemingly lost touch over the past couple of days. We've had no foxes, WTF's or even Badgers. And I haven't seen anyone mention a Cornetto for weeks.
  • Mike H.
    WTF, is dis badger bumming a fox eating a cornetto real?
  • Mary H.
  • Aquascrotum
    Aquascutum wasnt made easily available to the chavs. So we see Aquascutum going under. It just take a few chavs to wear the brand & thus the recipe for success lol :))))

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