Deathwatch: Another 164 Blockbuster stores to shut their doors

On the day when clobber retailer Republic goes into administration, the news has emerged that another 164 Blockbuster stores will be closed, in addition to the 160 that have already been announced.

The video/DVD/games rental chain used to have 528 stores and with 324 of those earmarked for closure, it doesn’t look good for the remaining shops.

Closing stores will remain open for business as usual and customers will be notified in advance of closure so they can return rental items. There will also be a number of promotions across the stores.

The remaining stores will stay open for now, but it’s anyone’s guess what will become of them.


  • Phil
    I'm not surprised they are going bust. They are selling pre-owned games in store at a huge mark up compared to online. Xbox360 Call of Duty - Black Ops 2. Online eveywhere new at £42.99. Blockbuster online pre-owned £29.99. <-- Good price IN-STORE PRE-OWNED £41.99!!!!!!!! <--- Plus you would have to buy a new online license!
  • Dick
    What will they do if you fail to return items once they have gone? Probably fuck all.
  • Sicknote
    Who saw that one coming
  • Darren
    Posted by Darren • February 13, 2013 at 12:54 pm 12:54 13/02/13: Deathwatch.. next story will be: DVD rental firm #Blockbuster to close 164 more UK stores
  • Kevin
    Blockbuster is going to close everything down, we know that already. It's not going to be a surprise for the staff it's just the specific end for each shop that is unknown.

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