Deathwatch - Adams goes bust, bright 2009 for administrators

As dull as it invariably is, it seems the only secure job in the next 12 months will be that of an administrator. Unfortunately, once every business in Britain has gone bust, they'll go into administration themselves. We're not sure what happens after that.

Still, hypothetical hyperbole aside, the list of high street chains going to the dogs is growing longer than Ron Jeremy's trouser elastic, as the BBC reports that kiddie's clothing retailer and manufacturers Adams has applied to go into administration. 2,000 jobs are on the line, as well as 260 stores across the UK and another 166 abroad.



  • jason
    I know this too well, I used to work for them two years ago, when they went bust at the start of 2007, lost my job. yes i was only 17 but still. I had no money. Adams kids is a pile of crap anyways, they just sell junk. I wasnt even told i was going to lose my job, just went past the shop one night, and there was a sign saying they are bankrupt. This will happen to many other retailers.
  • Sue
    I'm not at all surprised Adams is struggling - just seemed obvious they can't carry on forever with constant sales yet no customers (which seems to have been the case now for the last 4-5 years). Even their branding seems old-fashioned. It's not somewhere I would ever really consider buying clothes for my kids anymore. As Jason says, the clothes always seem to be cheap looking and for the same price you might as well go to Next. Sorry for anyone losing their jobs though.
  • andy y.
    The good news so far is that only retailers taht had a weak selling proposition in the first place are going under. The red flag goes up if someone like DSGI(Dixons) ,Boots,debenhams or the like hits the buffers. Maybe just maybe this is a sign that we need more than shops and banks to support a balanced economy. Sadly the time to put this right was years ago.
  • scouse
    Feel sympathy for the people loosing their jobs , but as seems to be the "trend" highstreet stores that dont keep upto date with their business model are going under .The majority of shops that are now competitively pricing their goods will stay the ones that dont keep up will shut , its not a sign of a failing economy but a sign that the customer is now more aware than ever of their buying power , shopping around and the internet is making sure that we get value for money rather than greedy retailers lining their pockets.
  • Liam
    WH Smith is next up - a jack of all trades, master of none. We'll see some tour operators going under soon too...Kuomi, Thomas Cook. Roll on anarchy!
  • Warren
    "WH Smith is next up - a jack of all trades, master of none". Utter nonsense - it dominates newspaper and magazine distributon in the UK.
  • skdotcom
    "“WH Smith is next up - a jack of all trades, master of none”. Utter nonsense - it dominates newspaper and magazine distributon in the UK." Yes that may be true but compare them to Woolies for example; their distribution arm was fairly solid, it was the retail side that brought the whole thing down.
  • Bex
    WHSmith wont be the next. Travel side are keeping things good - yeah the high street might not be as good.
  • Liam
    Oh come on. Newspaper and magazine sales decline month after month after month as more people go online for their news. WH Smiths sells so much, at too high prices - books - go to Amazon, have you seen the price of games, CDs and DVDs? Sweets and drinks - every cashier is told to upsell them. Watch Smith shares slide in 09 Travel agents - they are feeling it too, shit exchange rate doesn't help matters
  • Kevin
    WH Smith has been crap for years, in the same way Woolworths did they try to cover too many bases. They should have dropped cd's and dvd's and games years ago as they've always been mental prices. And if you're not going in there for one thing you're not going to impulse buy other things.
  • Daniel
    I work for Whsmith and I think you are all right about Whsmith being next, there prices are just to high and I been saying it for the last 5 years to my area manager and to head office, we also have bin to much stock, should as books, stationery and cards every month and . We also have a stock room full of dvd's, video game's & cd's, what we are unable to return to EUK due to them going under. Are sales have also been going down due to having a post office installed are store last summer. Oh and if have ever wanted to know what we do with all the items we have return what people say are faulty, we have to write them off and bin them, went 95% of time they are fine and there nothing wrong with them
  • B
    Daniel - I work for them too. Guess it depends on wether its the high street or travel sector really cos far as I'm aware travel are still doing pretty well. High street is of course, a totally different matter. I do agree though - the prices are too high.
  • Darren
    Its like the head of Tescos said a few weeks back, the Credit crunch is here, its not effecting all consumers, but consumers are changing there shopping habit's.... Im 28 years of age, my partner is 25 and we have a son of 2... We dont shop like our parents did, I wouldn't think to go to woolworths for my kids toys, I would go online, or look at a department store, or for simple convenience I would maybe look at what my supermarket might have in. I certainly dont buy my clothes from the Officers Club (gone under, coincidentally somewhere that my father used to shop) I dont buy my music from ZAVVI (over priced compared to the internet) I dont by old fashioned cups and saucers as well as over priced coffee and tea from WHITTARDS ( again, gone under! and somewhere my parents went for a special treat for new cups etc...) and I certainly dont buy clothes from Adams!!! If you dont believe me then this question will determine how our mindset is changing... Ask your parents where you would find a local plumber, I gaurentee you that they would say yellow pages or thompson local or the phone book... Ask your best mate and I bet they say / Google etc.... There is no Credit crunch, its just a new Era of shoppers... Every business that you see shutting down is old fashioned, out of date and over priced and its there own fault they didnt jump on the internet band wagon... maybe like 80-100 years ago when the average market stall said... NAAAHH, these shops and stores wont catch on!" Woolworths is the prime example, I seen some star wars figures at £5 each with 20% off, not exactly the saving I was after but seeming as I was in the store seeing what bargains they may have I thought I might nip back after my food shop at tesco's... Lone Behold Tesco's was selling them at £2 each with tesco clubcard points.... So even when Woolworths is shutting down, desperate for every last bit of cash, they STILL cant be competitive! the only thing going for these old fashioned retailers is simple, PRIME retail property positions... they have been there so long they have the best spots in town this is the reason why woolworths couldn't find a new buyer, ASDA, TESCO'S, SAINSBURYS are all in line to pay over the odds for the properties... that will soon cover the £300m Debt!! Im sorry to rant but it all just winds me up... Mortgages have gone up on average £100 Gas Utility bills an extra £50 per month and food maybe an extra £50 a month... Nothing major... Yet people are in mass Panic!!!, Im gobsmacked people dont earn this as extra Income to cover eventualities like this... its your own fault if you went 5 times on your mortgage with 4 credit cards and all your appliance's on credit.... As my parents once said, if you cant afford it, then save for it!!!
  • ODB
    Agreed...WH Smiths will go sooner or later but I have to agree with Darren on this...peoples habits are changing quicker than the companies can keep up..ok they are dying off, but new companies will come along to exploit this
  • Terry M.
    WH Smiths has shocking prices, after being bored in the Lake District we decieded to buy a board game thinking WH Smith would have a good variety which it did, but for £45 for scene it board game, £30 for Monopoly, £40 for Trivial Pursuits, all consumers have to do is going to amazon/play and wait a couple of days ato pay less than half that price, companies like that derserve to go down.
  • Steve
    If WH Smith does go I for one will let out an almighty cheer! Their customer service is the worst I've encountered since NTL and believe me they were really bad. My personal experience is that I have not received an item that they informed me by email as having been dispatched a month ago. I have contacted them on six separate occassions and all I have had in response is an automated email from 'support13' saying they will be in touch soon. In this on-line age of instant communication this is not acceptable and I for one won't shop there again when there are plenty of other retailers who will be happy to take my cash.
  • thebawp
    Steve - your item was probably sent out via TNT who didn't bother to leave a card through your door and sent it back to Smiths. This happened to me recently (Smiths didn't refund it and only sent the courier tracking number to me a week AFTER TNT had sent it back to them!) Try and ring customer services, I got though to someone eventually (although it took 4 attempts as the line kept cutting out) and spoke to someone who was pretty helpful, she re-ordered the items (with the original discount) for me and has e-mailed me details of the shipping progress. Typically however, one of the items I'd ordered has gone out of stock! Regarding Adams, again I feel sorry for the staff but I'm not surprised the store itself has gone bust. I didn't even know it was still around!
  • Ryan
    I do wonder. Last year we purchased a mp3 player (2007) and found the item to be second hand. After trying to send the mp3 player back the company went into administration. Dept ridden, now wonder. It was a few months later we learned the same people who ran this company had started up another. (This was no small company either) There is a trick it seems for these retailers to close their doors and go into administration and then startup again as another one.. I DO WONDER IF THE RETAILERS ARE PLAYING THIS GAME. Are they gone today, stiff the insurer (We end up paying higer rates) and back tommorow with a new store on the cheap with no dept? Sorry all spelling watchers... :p
  • Deathwatch B.
    [...] stores seem to be in vogue for winding up at the moment, with the collapse of Adams and Morgan in the past 10 days. Further clothing outlets are likely to fall; plenty rely on [...]
  • charlie f.
    As an ex-employee of WH Smith, I agree they will suffer. they are in trouble NOW. i worked at three stores and the outdated systems and proceedures are also tearing away at the company. It doesnt know what it is anymore and when the administrators are brought in (delottie probably who failed selling the proffitable parts of woolworths off as they wouldnt devide them from the stores) the name will be bought but the stores will close. left to rack and ruin this time warped company stuck in the 80s will be closing by this time next year
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