Dear Madam, your naughty man-child is no longer welcome here...

14 March 2012

This one has gone 'viral' over the last semi-day - a letter purportedly sent from a 'British hypermarket' to a customer regarding the instore behaviour of their errant partner. Are they talking about YOU? If so, well done.


TOPICS:   High Street News


  • waveydavey
    Sorry to rain on your parade...
  • P C.
    Have I travelled back in time?
  • Harold B.
    Cutting edge and up to date I see
  • Ivor B.
    This is so old it pre-dates the internet.
  • Andy D.
    Go back to your crack and your daytime TV, assholes.
  • nicster08
  • Bazinga
    They're not even believable.
  • Andy D.
  • Bored s.
    This site is getting worse and worse and worse.
  • Head
    Where's the foxes?
  • Clunge
    The sort of antics described are clearly the work of someone who has had their brain soiled by modern day TV shows. I think the BBC and their 'Downturn fucking Abbey' are particularly responsible.

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