Deal Klaxon: Get a new phone line installed for free, save £112.34

11 April 2012

telephone Here’s an offer that has sent the HotUKDeals thermometer spinning right off its hinge over the past few hours. If you’re looking to get a new phone line installed and/or activated, the Post Office will help you dodge the regular charge of £112.34 for such a service. Yes, they’ll do it for free if you sign up to their landline service.

Better still, there’s no minimum term contract if you do so, so you’d be quite within your rights to diddle off to another provider after the first month if you fancied it (their monthly line rental charge is £12.25). Mind you, they might charge you the £15 cancellation fee that is mentioned in the small print, but maths fans will not that it’s significantly less than the £112.34 we mentioned earlier.

[Thanks to avid HotUKDeals member Taksim_Red]


  • Mike H.
    You do realise, the increase in stamp price is paying for this? Abuse at your peril, and don't complain about stamp prices when you fuck the post office off after a month with you nice shinny new phone line.
  • Liam
    What's a stamp?
  • Homer S.
    Bzzzt... Post Office != Royal Mail. Stamp prices have naff all to do with this.
  • Fantastic F.
    What's a Post Office?
  • whatsit t.
    English speakers noticed your grammar mistake... 'but maths fans will not that..'
  • samuri
    What's a home phone?
  • ET
    I want a home phone.

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