DEAL ATTACK! Comet fire sale starts at 9am today

8 November 2012

A fire sale has been on the cards ever since Comet went into administration last week, and now this has appeared on its website.

Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 08.02.03

So there you go – bargains to be had from 9am. But for goodness sake, show some decorum and be nice to the staff – they’re the ones that are probably going to be jobless when all this is over.

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  • Martin
    'Bargains' mmmmmm really? It's coming up to Christmas and bargains are already around most of the time. Will this be another case where the decent stuff has already been sold in advance? And bargains are 85% off popcorn makers in damaged boxes?
  • The K.
    Don't get your hopes up. I was in store yesterday and it is not a fire sale. They are going to 10% of most TV's and other big electricals. Other small things may have 30% off such as TV stands and cables. I don't really class this as a fire sale. It is just a preliminary reduction to get people through the door.
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    Been through this myself... really feel for the staff who have to go through this. The vultures start circling the minute this sign goes up. Be sensible and respect the guys in uniform who will still wrok their nuts off selling you stuff and putting up with people moaning about guarantees etc. Guess it just leaves us with good old Curys / PC World.. British public hope you are happy..
  • klingelton
    I feel like I'm picking over a corpse.
  • Thomas
    No real bargains yet - mainly 10% off in Kingston Park store in Newcastle.
  • Mark H.
    'Guess it just leaves us with good old Curys / PC World.. British public hope you are happy..' and Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, John Lewis, Richer Sounds, Argos, Amazon,, Pixmania, Ebay,, etc.
  • Kevin
    Well said Mark. Anyway there are several reasons why Comet closed down. Should all businesses be saved for the sake of it if they are not providing what people want and they are no longer viable businesses? Massively sucks for the employees but in a way they got 8 months of work that they might not have done if the company had collapsed earlier in the year as they seemed to be going.
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    'and Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, John Lewis, Richer Sounds, Argos, Amazon,, Pixmania, Ebay,, etc.' Must say I did smile when I read this list.. Well done Mark. Enjoy getting your stuff from Pixmania. Currys will be pleased. @Kevin - no you are right mate they shouldnt be saved just for the sake of it.. mis-management and money wasting are to blame in this case..
  • Chester
    Is there only going to be 10% off for the whole period? Isn't that what it would be for Xmas anyway?
  • Mark H.
    'Must say I did smile when I read this list.. Well done Mark. Enjoy getting your stuff from Pixmania. ' I wouldn't buy anything from Pixmania personally but plenty of people do. Most of my stuff comes from a supermarket, Amazon, or occasionally Curry's or Argos. Not bought anything in Comet for years.
  • Rob G.
    Just been down to local store in Lancaster. All products are 10% off. Not worth the effort in travelling down.
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    @Mark H - understood mate - lots of people like you do but from these places - BUT there are still a LOT of people who NEED places like Comet and Currys who have no idea what they are doing, have not or cannot research and just want someone to talk to. They buy from Comet etc because they trust what they are being told. I think its a real shame that there wont be more of these large shed units on the high street/out-of-town parks... Online is killing it and service is going out of the window...
  • Russ
    @FormerDSGandBestBuyManager Perhaps - I havent been in Comet for ages because their sales people are so pushy. The last time I went in (about four months ago) the salesperson in there was trying to sell me a TV and was telling me how Plasma TVs are very power efficient compared to LCD... brilliant! When I go into PC World/Currys you never get hassled like that. This is the problem when you put salespeople on commission - it just ends up being horrible for the customer.
  • Boring B.
    "Be sensible and respect the guys in uniform who will still wrok their nuts off selling you stuff and putting up with people moaning about guarantees etc" I have never considered that anybody in Currys works hard, let alone wroks their nuts off! Bunch of fucking wasters anyway.
  • Michael
    "I think its a real shame that there wont be more of these large shed units on the high street/out-of-town parks… Online is killing it and service is going out of the window…" That's interesting, because retailers like John Lewis and Apple seem to be thriving. It's a myth that online is killing the High Street. Those who can provide an enjoyable High Street experience are thriving (when was the last time you walked past an Apple Store and thought "oh, it's quiet in there"?). Retailers that provide a truly horrendous High Street experience and offer nothing tangible for the premium that they charge will follow in Comet's footsteps.
  • Ian H.
    It's far too easy to blame online for high street retailers failing. You need to look at the reasons why though. Firstly prices are a LOT cheaper online - yes, I know because they have less overheads. So, what are those overheads - the store itself, and the staff. Don't get me wrong, I really do feel for all of the staff - I've been made redundant before, it's hard. But, the technical knowledge of them just isn't up to scratch to be paying the premium for (through lack of training, or lack of enthusiasm I'm not sure). This isn't just for Electronics suppliers either - I go into Halfords and I know more about cars than they do - had I taken their 'advice' I would have bought the wrong things, or walked away empty handed because the computer said 'no' several times; I've asked for advice in Best Buy before knowing they were better knowledged than Currys and they couldn't answer the questions, so I had to go home and look it up online (which took 2 minutes); and Maplins is going the same way aswell which really shocked me. Personally I feel high street retailers have just been taking advantage of people who don't know any better (i.e. the elderly who don't know any better than and can't use the internet to get the new TV £200 cheaper). A relative of mine in their 70's were convinced in a high street store to spend the extra £30 on a printer because it's wifi which will be "needed in the future". I could also have got the original printer they were going to buy £30 cheaper online - so they ended up spending £60 more than needed. They have one PC in the house, which is about 10 years old, which sits 30cm away from the printer and they have no wireless router. Why did they need a wifi printer??
  • Calvin
    just been to comet. lots of people looking but no one really buying. (probably to do with the 10% off) Hardly a massive sale. Most things can be brought on the internet for less!! Here is hoping they increase the sale percentage soon otherwise i'll stick with the likes of Amazon.
  • Ruislip
    Not long back from Comet, most items with the 10% off is actually 'upto' this is Apple products, laptops, tv's. The upto 20% is headphones, cables, etc,. The 30% off is batteries. The prices are off original price, and they look inflated, take the 8GB SD card, £34.99. No thanks.
  • Chester
    So when is the "end date" everything must go by? I assume the last couple of days it be 90% off? There goes my planned 65inch tv
  • Calvin
    the end date is what i want to know too!! until the prices are knocked down to something that can be called a sale i'm not going to waste my petrol going there!
  • badger
    The end date is when the last £35 SD card and £50 HDMI cable has been sold to the local asylum.
  • Lois T.
    Oh Dear. Standard Comet/currys/pc world Sale again. It used to be that the sales were pretty decent, you could save a decent amount on last years stuff and go away thinking you had saved a bob or two (I bought a Quad Core PC 3 Years ago as well as two 22 inch TFT screens for 350 quid. Its still great and it was a real snip) however the same store no has the sale banners up all year round, offering SALE SALE SALE BARGAINS!!!! on Printer ink and Printers. Oh and binmen simulation games. Any actual bargains vanish instantly off the shelves and pop up on the corporate ebay site for the shop. So why didn't I just browse ebay in the first place. The real problem has to be firmly put at the feet of the management, who moved away from actually providing what the customers wanted/needed and started hammering high-profit products. So they just became a shed of overpriced cables and awful sales techniques. And sadly maplins is going the same way, the staff don't know anything about electronics (Allegedly when i asked for a 'Stereo Crossover Module' I actually should have said 'Poorly made mixer deck made by Xover') and the place just sells novelty items. This saddens me because I would love to see the shops return to what they were, places you could be tempted to purchase an item if you could demo it. If one of these shops allowed me to demo vacuum cleaners I would buy from them in an instant! I hate buying those things blind, they never work like they say on the box. But sadly the companys will just stock up more cables and low quality games, and market themselves to the 'Mentally barely aware' market. They won't be missed.
  • Lawrence
    It's no wonder they've gone under, really. I had a look earlier. The ink cartridges for my Kodak printer (colour + black pack) cost me about £17-£18 online (genuine cartridges, not "compatible" rubbish). The same cartridges were £32.99 (less £6.60 discount) in Comet... Similarly, Henry Hoover bags are £15 per pack. I picked up the same pack (again, genuine manufaturer ones) for £5.90 a few weeks ago.
  • Gabriella
    It's a bit dishonest really. There may indeed be a massive stock reduction although to be honest I have seen not that much stock when I went in the other day, but no one will buy whatever they are selling if there is only a 10 to 20 per cent reduction that comes with problem free guarantee especially as Comet won't be around after Christmas or before, and with prices that are higher than Curry's and even pre admin. All this is is to make money for the administrator's. I would avoid this one personally. Sorry about the staff though.
  • Gabriella
    a.) The stock seems dated that they do have, and b.) remember the guarantee you get won't be problem free. You can bet your life if you get a dodgy item Curry's will refuse to change it. It will mean a lot of hassle for 10 to 20 per cent. Is it worth the stress and hassle.
  • Steve
    From Comet's website: "8.I've had an item delivered that was "dead on arrival"? Answer: You will need to contact the manufacturer direct to arrange an inspection and/or exchange. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any refunds. " Does their current position mean that they are not obliged to adhere to the Sale of Goods Act?
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    Gabriella... Why would Currys change an item bought from Comet? AND - Why are people moaning about the 'sale'? Read the website.. it says it is a gentle sale.. Towards the end (I reckon by January) once the position is clear then I reckon it will be around 80% to clear it all out and close the stores that remain.
  • Spencer
    I remember tandy's electrical... quality shop....
  • Gabriella
    FormerDSGandBestBuyManager Exactly why would Curry's take a faulty product purchased from Comet in the guarantee back. The sale implies it's a good "too good to be missed" sale, with dated products that are more expensive than pre administration or compared with Curry's, Online and JL in some cases, why would people buy. Don't think so. This is just about making money for the greedy auditors that are Deloitte !
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    Gabriella - READ what YOU typed originally: "a.) The stock seems dated that they do have, and b.) remember the guarantee you get won’t be problem free. You can bet your life if you get a dodgy item Curry’s will refuse to change it." AND where does it say the sale is to good to be missed? I havent read that or seen it implied ANYWHERE.
  • Tim E.
    @FormerDSGandBestBuyManager I think you'll find that the sale at Comet stores has been widely touted as a 'fire sale', which it clearly is not as 10% off isn't exactly an 'extreme' discount. See definition below. Only a cunt would disagree. That is all. Fire sale definition: A fire sale is the sale of goods at extremely discounted prices, typically when the seller faces bankruptcy or other impending distress. ... Source:
  • comet s.
    I work for Comet. I am one of the poor bastards that could quite easily knock out you out for talking utter bullshit. You make me sick to the bottom of my stomach. Everyone moaning saying it is not a sale, but you sad bastards have been for a look. I have worked for comet for 20 years and am devastated to by losing my job . I hope you are all happy that 6600 are losing your jobs. I just hope that every single item i have sold since the sale started goes faulty, because manufactuers are not going to want to know. Thank you FormerDSGand Best Buy Manager for your comments. Pleased to know that all people are as thick as pig shit.
  • daisy
    @comet staff totally agree with you i worked for comet for over 7 years and we were pissing all over the competition including best buy and currys... currys maagers used to be in our stores offering us pay rises to work for them instead. we were loyal to a company that unfortunatley is another victim f the recession so have respect for the people working there fighting for their jobs
  • Tim E.
    @comet staff I'd be devastated too. 20 years working at Comet ought to do that ya. Maybe you should have tried harder when you were at school? Did you really just type that you were glad to know all people are thick as poop?! I think you missed a 'not' in there somewhere, no? @daisy You do know how ludicrous it sounds that retail stores try to poach staff, right? Bottom line is that Comet is going out of business as it's not competative and has not been for years.
  • Gabriella
    @Comet Staff I am genuinely sorry you are losing your job. I did like Comet and shopped there even after the recession and think it is morally wrong the way you have been treated. I would not buy anyway, not just because of problems with guarantees but because the whole thing is just tasteless and if I was a member of staff having to put up with vulture public I would not want to be in that situation. Former Electrical xnker not sure what you are on about but my posts made perfect sense but no worries I really don't care what you think. If you are such a know all and expert on electrical retailing where are you now, at the heady heights of fashion with Curry's or Post JL. I prefer shops, but OpCapita destroyed Comet along with the economic DEPRESSION which is what it is despite what the government says. Extortionate leases and commercial rates don't help retailers either when trying to commit with the internet. Wonder what happens when Curry's go and JL cease to sell electricals do we all have to guess online or do electrical retailing make a comeback?
  • Gabriella
    OH and Ex DSG and Best Buy Manager, re-read my post I said IMPLY I never said it said that. Learn to read a dictionary. Don't have ago at me for having an opinion. Unlike you, I am not one of the vultures that will be visiting a Comet store any time soon, or again. As I have said before and I will say it again, retailing is structurally changing. Sadly, until there are major changes in landlord's reducing lease costs, and in commercial rates reflecting the turnover of business and issues like parking are sorted out and the high street is given a role to compete with the internet this is the future that people want and got. If you want a high street, don't shop online, if you don't, don't moan when people lose their jobs. As for ex Comet staff blame OpCapita. I have no doubt they will do the same to Game next year.
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    @Tim 'The Enchanter' - Widely touted by Bitterwallet and the media does not actually mean it is a firesale. Cant understand why you are struggling to grasp that? @Gabriella - Same thing - Comet are NOT implying it - other people are.. however I do respect your oppinion and have to say I will NOT be one of the vultures going to the store to get the so called bargains.. where did I imply that I would do that? The 'sale' said everything reduced... and it is.
  • Tim E.
    @FormerDSGandBestBuyManager If you understand that Comet is in administration and it's goods are on sale, you can surely see why the media are touting it as a fire sale. See definition. I can see that you are clearly a cunt and cannot help yourself but as it stands; the public believe it's a fire sale according to what they have been told by the media. [sarcasm]Hmm... maybe they can get some gimps with signs outside the stores stating that its not a fire sale but a normal sale and that the shop will still be in operation at christmas and the years to come. Honestly I don't know where the media get these silly ideas![/sarcasm] Some people are so daft. I think as a species; we desperately need natural selection again.
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    @Tim 'The Enchanter' So.. like I said COMET HAVE NOT SAID ITS A FIRE SALE!!!!! I read your amusing paragraph with interest and tittered to myself that you can use obscene words.. WOW! Anyway.. the whole point of this was that the organisation have said its a massive liquidation sale (as all in the stock - NOT necessarily the level of discount given at the moment) and that clearly there is not long left for Comet.. and for the 6000 plus colleagues of which the vast majority are simply doing their jobs I am sorry for them..
  • reg
    People losing their jobs - that's a shame particularly this time of year. As for vultures stopping by to purchase goods in store, its hardly vulture like to visit a shop and purchase goods when they are advertised slightly cheaper - that is the point of the sale after all! Comet priced their goods poorly in the first instance Its not a fire sale - its just a shit sale
  • Bobhoskinsnuts
    Opcapita are the real vultures here, we should be worried about the, doing the same thing at Game once the Xmas period is out of the way.

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