Dead bird found in Tesco salad (no, it wasn't a chicken salad)

A couple bought a Tesco salad of babyleaf rocket and to their surprise, found a rather large portion of meat in it. By 'large portion', we actually mean 'a whole dead bird', which is nice.

James and Jasmine Watson bought their salad online for £1.50 and found a five-inch corpse amongst the leaves. Bird enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that the dead body belonged to a Blackcap warbler and they look like this.

"We couldn't believe it," James said. "We stood there, completely amazed, for at least two minutes."


He added: "I opened the bag, tipped it into a salad bowl and cut up some other salad bits and put them on top. Then I served the salad on some plates. We sat down at the breakfast bar and only had a few low lights on, so we were effectively eating by candlelight."

How romantic.

"I took three mouthfuls and then saw it. My first reaction was, 'Why have I got a soggy fishcake on my plate?' But this was a full-size dead bird."

Tesco promptly offered the couple a £200 gift card as compensation, with a spokesperson saying: "We were concerned to learn of this issue and have investigated thoroughly with our supplier. Both we and our suppliers have robust measures in place to prevent incidents such as this, and our salad leaves go through complex filtering and washing systems."

But greedy ol' James wasn't happy, spitting back: "If it was a maggot or something I could almost understand it, but how a whole bird was not picked up - I have just been gobsmacked by the whole thing. The magnitude of this was disgraceful, and I find the offer of compensation a bit of an insult."

This comes on the back of a human tooth being found in some Tesco sausages. It is almost a treasure hunt at the minute with Tesco!


  • Captain C.
    I bought a Beef Lasagne at Tesco last week, and it actually had BEEF in it, DISGRACEFUL!!!
  • chewbacca
    Tesco are cunts. /article
  • jokester
    I just bought some of the new Tesco meatballs - they really are the dog's bollocks!
  • Joey J.
    Cats Fingers
  • Ill B.
    A blackcap? Most odd, I would have expected a willow warbler or chiff-chaff as they are leaf warblers.
  • Han S.
    Surely Tesco are breaking the law by not listing dead bird in the ingredients? Although if they sell salad by weight they'll be making a fortune by chucking a dead bird in.
  • Sicknote
    Sad to say this happens and I don't really blame Tesco here; in fact the salad baggers have many procedures in place to prevent this but no-one is perfect. I do share Chewbacca's prognosis in that Tesco are in general terms, cunts.
  • Jeeves
    Well said Sicknote my dear old chum. And big up to that fine fellow chewbacca while I'm at it. What a couple of top drawer gentlemen you are.
  • Darren
    I believe it fell off the "birds eye" production line, cross contamination an' all
  • Dr Z.
    Enough with the bird jokes already! You are making me hungry.
  • Lemax
    To paraphrase the article; I want more cash.

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