Currys dragged over coals by disgruntled staff on Twitter

Bitterwallet - Currys logo A Twitter account has cropped up which is attacking Currys for the way staff are being treated. Anonymously run, the account sees current members of staff offering their opinions and, pleasingly, a huge amount of scurrilous allegations have been made against the retailer.

The account yells about everything from sexism, to illegally low pay, to overcharging consumers for jobs, poor working conditions, managers creaming sales bonuses away from staff, dodgy warranties and so much more. Again, for the sake of legal action, we can only underline that these are allegations made by the account and that we're only pointing at the people behind it and shrugging.

As ever with these types of account, it veers into hysterical shrieking (this accounts manages to liken Currys staff to 'slaves'). With that though, are claims such as: "Staff forced to work for free, promised paid job, then after Xmas was told to leave!" and employees being told they weren't allowed their breaks and managers allowing customers to bully staff.

If you want to have a look at the account, see The account is protected, but once the admins accept your friend request, you can keep tabs on the small soap opera unfolding with current and ex-members of staff going mental against Currys. The company, meanwhile, are maintaining a dignified silence.

Have you worked for Currys? Was it awful and unfair? Was it just a typical retail job with the usual pitfalls and annoyances? Let us know.

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  • shiftynifty
    Good on the staff to get it out in the open, it just confirms what we knew all along...
  • thecresta
    I was employed by Dixons, back in my college years. If you like being paid for the hours you work, and have a reasonable set of morals, I'd recommend you avoid working there.
  • former e.
    I served 8 years accross 2 dioxins retail brands, I have seen some serious shit. My favourite thing was when management in my branch declared that people with dissenting opinions about what the company was doing were "terrorists" and the act of voicing dissent was "throwing grenades"
  • Steve O.
    I was contacted and retweeted by that account because I've been moaning on Twitter that doesn't abide by the Distance Selling Regulations. I've had to do a chargeback on my credit card and may have to take legal action because Currys refuses to accept something I'm trying to legitimately return. Citizens Advice confirms Currys own printed terms aren't compatible with the DSRs and has sicked Trading Standards on Currys evil arses. My one and only Dixons purchase.
  • Anon
    I currently work for Currys and the amount of crap I see everyday pisses me off, first of all let me just say don't blame the sales staff, we are constantly being raked over coals for not selling enough ad dons for that magical SQ number which they hold over our heads like the sword of fucking Damocles, most of us hate the place as much as you do and job choice currently are still not widely available as they were in the past. Staff turnover is high because of upper management bullshit, I don't mean store managers, I mean regional manager level and above, old saying shit rolls down hill and those instore are right at the bottom, so next time you want to comment on stores, remember we are right at the bottom, address your comments accordingly.
  • dee
    I work at west Drayton branch and we recently have a new manager who is bullying everyone apart from me. By the way he is as thick as shite
  • Currys w.
    The absolute worst sales job in the uk. All sales staff have an incentive to sell but nooooo, not us. We have to take all the shit from the managers while they cream off all the bonuses while we get paid peanuts for our efforts. I know people who have been working on an 8 hour contract but has been working 40 hours a week begging for a better better contract. This person cannot take any time off as he/she would only get 8 hours of pay per week holiday pay. They are the scurge of coorperations.
  • abu m.
    customers come to the store look for something you tell them the price its expensive then dont ask the price you fucking retard.then asking price for something else ipad 400. Then the sad cunt complains to other colleauges in store about bad attitude of staff and going i will tell everyone about this email ppl etc do what the fuck you like i do not care..
  • abu i.
    Currys do not give a fuck about what happens in store or at customer house.they charge you for installating a electircal item but do not know how do it or do not have a tools needed to do the job.then problem starts and they do not help out at all.JUST refund your money easy way out not good. GO JOHN LEWIS instead they seem to provide better service or try internet companies
  • Mark P.
    I have just had a terrible customer service experience........will NEVER use Currys again.......(Carphone Warehouse says it all)..........spread the word.
  • Elaine
    I work for currys and I do my very best to do right by customers but I have to work within the companies guidelines. NEWSFLASH I DONT MAKE THE FUCKING RULES ! If I tell a customer something they don't want to hear I get screamed at insulted and generally blamed for something that isn't my fault. Everyone is always banging on about how rubbish we are but no one cares about the amount of shit we poor staff members get on a daily basis. Sometimes I want to go home and cry because customers have been so downright rude to me even though I was doing my best. People think just because you work in retail and they are not happy it gives them the right to treat you as sub human and speak to you like you are a piece of shit I would NEVER treat another human being the way some people think they can treat me. Yesterday I was trying my best to sort out a problem for a 90 year old lady who had been delivered a washing machine that started leaking. I was discussng with my manager on the shop floor whether we can could quickly send someone round from our store so she wouldn't have to wait for an appointment. THEN I got shouted at and called rude because their was a queue and I was 'CHATTING ' I tried to explain I wasnt being ignorant I was trying to sort out a customer issue and two people told me they would never come to currys again and wouldn't even listen to me. This is the sort of stuff I deal with on a daily basis. SO next time you talk to a retaill worker have a little think about the fact they are a human being just trying to do their job.
  • john m.
    currys are just agents now they are not a serious retail operation with warehouses full of stock.Their customer care policy is just hot air and nothing else.Go to John Lewis instead and get value for your moneyu do not shop with currys because they are just a con job
  • Alison M.
    NEVER by from curries I have waited 5 weeks for a delivery which after much chasing up arrived today . The ; instal team; were rude aggressive and from the west coast .People round here do not like them . They had 1 screwdriver and I had to provide a crosshead screwdriver AND remove a small door handle . When they went into the utility room to uplift and replace the washing machine I was then asked to remove a cupboard which was affixed to a wall and stretches from floor to ceiling . At this point I had had enough and told them to leave .They left the house but threatened to call the police as I wouldn,t give them their tools back . Eventually I capitulated and gave them back their flathead screwdriver . PROFESSIONAL OR WHAT ? One screwdriver ! to install a dishwasher and a washing machine and forced to ask the householder for tools .Never ever be tempted by any offer they have on it is just not worth it Buy from reputable retailers not cowboys .

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