'Cry for help' found in Primark socks

21 December 2015

A letter has been found in some Primark socks, which apparently, contains a cry for help. You may remember something similar happening before, and again, it looks like this latest one is a stunt by someone.

Shahkiel Akbar found the letter, which said it was written by a Chinese torture victim. He got the letter translated, and it seemed to contain a cry for help.

primark socks help

However, a spokesperson for Primark isn't having any of it, and has dismissed the whole thing as a hoax, saying that several similar letters have shown up across the country already.

They said: "The Primark name is being used to gain publicity for the plight of this individual. We have found no link at all between this individual and any of our suppliers’ factories in China. We think it is likely that the note was added after production and it is feasible it was added in transit or at a port."

The letter is written in Korean too, which means that, if Primark are getting stuff made in China, that'll set alarm bells off as well.


  • Father J.
    Obviously a total hoax, so why report it??
  • Peter T.
    Has this story popped up AGAIN?

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