Coverplan or Whateverhappens: are service plans still worth the money?

Since our post yesterday on problems consumers have faced with Dixons 'Mastercare Coverplan', now renamed as Currys/Dixons 'Whateverhappens', we decided to check to see if, as some commenters pointed out, that the problems with such extended service plans were now a thing of the past. Here is what we found out.

With 'Whateverhappens', an engineer will indeed come to your home and either repair the item there or collect it for repair at the repair centre. While some customers have had problems setting up the collection time, the collection or in-home repair is part of the 'Whateverhappens' plan. Also, rather than granting replacement after 6 weeks have elapsed with no repair, the policy is now 21 days, or 3 weeks.

That said, there have still been numerous reported problems with such extended service plans. Since late 2008, there have been complaints (see reader SystemDemon, also on MSE here and here) about elapsed times of well beyond 21 days with 'Whateverhappens'. But perhaps this is more of an administration problem than a mis-sale issue. After all, as consumers, we have to decide whether taking out such extended policies are really worth our money. Most policies are in fact similar to 'Whateverhappens'/'Coverplan', and when you sign the dotted line on your Service Agreement contract, you agree to paying monthly by direct debit or credit card mandate, giving you product support for however long you need it. This agreement is usually automatically renewed each month, and unless you cancel, the £7.99 monthly price adds up over 5 years to around a further £480.

Note that some things are not covered by the 'whateverhappens' policy:

  • Regularly replaced items/consumable items
  • Built-in batteries
  • Bulbs (Except bulbs used in rear projection TVs)
  • Damage or breakdown due to flood, wind or other severe weather conditions
  • The cost of repairing or replacing a product which fails because anyone neglects, abuses or misuses the product
  • Any service or benefit where the Service Agreement has been suspended
  • Inoperability of a product caused by withdrawal of services by a third party
  • Protection for plasma, LCD or rear projection TVs, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, cooking and laundry products if used for business
  • Image retention on a plasma, LCD or rear projection TV.
  • Theft, loss or consequential loss

Of course, this is pretty standard across other similar extended warranty schemes, and at the end of the day, the responsibility of course lies with consumers to read the fine print instead of assuming 'Whateverhappens' simply means 'whatever happens'.

We should also point out that this isn't a rant about the Dixons/Currys 'coverplan' policy, but to simply ask consumers to think twice before being upsold to any such service plans in general.

Three final points on service plans in general if you want to take out such a policy:

1. The term of coverage from any additional policies you plan to purchase may overlap with the manufacturer's warranty. If you buy a two-year extended warranty and the first year runs concurrently with the manufacturer's warranty, you're essentially throwing away half the cost of the extended warranty, because in that first year you'll use the manufacturer's warranty for repair or replacement. So it's worth double checking what your current policy covers.

2. Extended warranties are not insurance, and are not really even warranties. Extended warranties are "service plans." A service plan is a promise to perform or pay for certain repairs or services. If you bought it with your credit card, the card may tack on an extra year to the manufacturer's warranty, so check with your card issuer.

3. MoneySupermarket reader apples33 wrote a template which we have modified slightly that you can consider using on any similar policies. It was designed specifically for a case where he was refused repair on an LCD with the 'Whateverhappens' policy, but of course, you can modify it to suit your needs:

Date .......

Dear Curry's,                                                                      Your name & address.........

Policy reference number ...........

When the <item> was taken into your custody under the, "whatever happens coverplan," I would like to remind you that I have numerous copies of photographic evidence, (one of which is enclosed for your inspection for comparison), as to the damage that was obvious at the time your couriers working with your permission collected the television. I would also remind you that under the "sale of goods act" that you have a legal responsibility for the "duty of care" and safe handling, whilst it is in your custody.

If further damage has occurred by your neglect to carry out your legal obligations has been caused, this is irrelevant anyway in this case, as the original accidental damage caused by <reason>, no matter how small or large, has detracted from any possible viewing pleasure and reasonable enjoyment from the future use of the <item>.

This is the sole reason for the existence of the insurance in the first place to cover this very event, and I hold you responsible as the retailer that the contract is with to fully replace the screen as part of that cover entitlement, otherwise the matter will have to be taken to a higher authority with the possibility of you facing legal action.

Please give me your written response to this reasonable request within the next few days and let me know what you are going to do to rectify the accidental damage under this cover, or I shall reluctantly be forced to take further action to resolve this matter.

There are of course limitations as to what the letter can probably achieve, but if you've taken all reasonable measures to have the damage repaired and still face refusal, it may be worth sending something similar in the mail. Remember to send the letter via recorded delivery to give you proof.

Finally, I personally apologise regarding the previous confusion over the 'Whateverhappens' home collection and repair time guarantee, and did not in any way mean for the article to be a rant on this policy nor DSGi but on service plans in general.  In conclusion, I still believe that extended service plans are a bad bet for most consumers who don't read the fine print, and will remain a real rainmaker for electronics retailers in years to come.


  • Steve
    I agree that sometimes extended warranties aren't all they are hyped up to be, but it is down to the customer to decide what is good for them and what isn't, I still get the feeling this is a slight rant at DSGi once again. Why don't we mention the amount of people that have suffered short-comings at the hands of the John Lewis 5-year guarantee or other companies' policies? Sometimes you pay simply for extended support, but with PC Performance from PC World you also get an annual Healthcheck normally worth £49.99 plus any upgrades you want fitted for free. Plus you are covered for data recovery in the event that your hard disc becomes corrupt or unreadable. Perhaps you should try painting a wider picture, as the witch hunt for DSGi companies is getting a little old.
  • pete
    you really fucking hate us dont you?
  • chrisg.
    The till monkey once offered me mastercare on a pack of batteries. I said yes.
  • Macbod
    I quite like the instant replacement warranties on things like my ipod, digital camera etc. It even covers accidental damage, so when I drop my camera into the washing up bowl again, I'll get a new one. Yay.
  • cool
    i like coverplans have them on all my phones. i think you would be a fool to dismiss them before listening to the benefits of such a scheme. guess it depends, what is more important to you ? lol did u like that guys ;)
  • Steve
    Just one last thing.....the instant replacement warranties we offer. Basically for a set amount (upto £25.00 but depending on product) you can take out a policy where if you item becomes defective or broken, we simply screen it and it is replaced with either the same product or if you choose to upgrade you can pay the extra. Obviously this isn't available on all products but alot of handheld items such as cameras, MP3 players and household items like printers. So you just bought yourself an iPod and sat on it, cracked screen. Oops, Bring it in and its sorted. BUT WAIT, yes there is some clauses, just like any other company would put on an extended warranty! And also, if it isn't a direct attack on DSGi, how come the tags for the story ONLY relate to DSGi? You'd think that in today's financial situation you would be doing your best to support UK companies to try to save jobs and the UK economy, but instead you simply try to fill your pages with crap just to get the usual sheep to agree with you. Tell me, what ACTUAL bad experiences have you suffered at the hands of a DSGi company yourself Vince?
  • doerrik
    Any service or benefit where the Service Agreement has been suspended - "You cant get what you havent got." Inoperability of a product caused by withdrawal of services by a third party "Dont ask us to fix your internet under coverplan if your ISP goes down." One of the complaints i have had to deal with about TTG not fixing an issue was this very problem. Protection for plasma, LCD or rear projection TVs, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, cooking and laundry products if used for business. - Pc World does offer separate business support packages that include faster turn around times and loan machines if needed. Not sure if Currys offer the same. Similar to car insurance not covering you for work use if you have not declared/paid for it. (Can anyone who works for Currys clarify this for me?) All in all seems pretty standard terms.. you could have picked any retailer/insurer.. so why DSGi again?
  • Burn-Cycle
    I have no problems in explaining some of these issues as I work for PC World and have for many many years. I too sometimes dont always take service products although admittadly I have seen the outcomes of all things mentioned above and more. True, in some cases customers haven't used the service and in some cases unaware of all the options they have although I have seen many more customers who have either taken the warrantee and are relieved that the machine will not only get fixed and in PC Worlds case have a data recovery for free before it goes away. I've also seen the flip side of this with customers who dont believe in taking out service plans that have had to pay £220 for a one off laptop repair, thats excluding the data recovery, loan machine, helplines, online training, free installations etc... I'd just like to clear up some things that have been said that I dont agree or can advise otherwise: Instant replacement doesn't cover for accident damage, only faults from use although to be fair it's unlikely unless very obvious that this is ever debated in the real world. Busines service plans give you til 4PM to book a call/repair for a next day onsite repair (even for laptops) and even a loan if it isn't fixed on that visit. Also, the customer gets a slightly different number to call that goes straight through to a UK call centre (Mon-Fri 9-5), this service is maybe a £1-2 more expensive than the standard home service. 99.9% (ish) of service plans are now on PAYG, which also to be fair is sometimes given as a free month for the customer to try, thus meaning the customer can cancel at ANY time in the month or not get charged - so if the customer doesn't want to pay for service they dont have too although as I say I have seen a lot of sob stories in my time from customer who have no protection. The customer will have to sign a direct debit or credit mandate to agree to the monthly charge, its very unlikely the customer isn't aware of what they're signing with a big Direct Debit logo on it, which the customer gets a copy of. Yes, I understand the point about the manufacturers warrantee although I believe you're mistaken about it over laping, again to be fair the service plans offer so much over the manafacturers warrantee... software support - £1.50/Minute (thats just over 5 minutes to get your £7.99 back a month compared to the lo-call number), data recovery - up to £100 (IBAS Service), accidental damage, next day call out, healthcheck (£49.99), loan (on business service), online training, online data backup... AND all cancellable at ANY time! £480... not strickly true.... there is normally on most products an unwritten rule about term warrantee/service (3Yr / 5Yr paid upfront) and not only can these be a lot cheaper for buying it in bulk so to speak but also can be spread over 10 months on direct debit (with no interest for splitting it). Thus meaning you can get it cheaper if you ourchase it all upfront and you can still spread it over 10 months. Currys do not offer a loan machine, this is a business service only and is arranged with The Tech Guys and not the store directly. ...and last of all, I'm used to the rants... at the end of the day I'm proud to work there as I enjoy what I do, I'm always honest and offer everything thats available. I must say the nasty dodgy salesman that people used believe worked within Dixons left the PC WORLD chain many years ago when commision went, I cant think of a single person who I wouldn't trust to sell me something. Burn:Cycle
  • Steve
    Burn Cycle, just a quick one, instant replacement policies have now changed, they are a little more expensive but cover accidental damage.
  • Steve
    Oh, and the fixed price laptop repair is £229.99
  • pete
  • Paul N.
    @pete - send us your experience with any retailer and we'll take a look at it for a story.
  • pete
    why do YOU go look them out like you did with this. its a blatant attack on DSGi and you know it.
  • jim b.
    christ i dont work for dsgi or have any dealings with them however this article is very very close to the line of fairness. why have you focused on just dsgi? john lewis have let me down before
  • Dan
    DSGi are crap
  • Vince W.
    Hey guys thanks for the comments, if you have a story with inside info / personal experience with the other companies providing similar plans we would love to know. Please mail them to us - [email protected], and we'll check them out!
  • ?????
    Firstly thanks for re writing this post as im sure many people are greatful. I will agree some people dont get it right 100% of the time when it comes to repaires time lines etc but i would like to say that in every case the customer has a choice when they purchase additional services, at the time of purchase and it is done monthly as you quite rightly said! This was down to millions of pounds of research which said customers freferred to be in control of their finances and most people dont keep the products for 5 years anyway even so you can still opt for it if you wish! They have a choice to cancel whenever they like with direct debit and there's no fees either. And also burn cycle i know you may have worked for the company for years but you may not know that currys weh for £11.99, £16.99, £21.99, £26.99, £31.99 do cover accidental damage and breakdown for three years. Everything else i agree with and it is good to see you are passionate about your job! Just thought i'd clear that up!
  • Eric
    Extended warranties are a rip. These are INSURANCE companies that have actuarial pros on staff...they do math on the % of break/repair and then mark it up. This is HUGE margin business. In the US, MOST of Best Buy's profit is on the extended warranty sale---not the merchandise as an example. That is the norm, not the exception. Buy quality products and avoid the extended warranty. I mean read all this bs you have to go through to get something 'fixed'----stars align, 7th moon in hades and then maybe if you get the right guy at the call center. LOL!!! how about just BUYING a new phone or whatever when your old one breaks/dies---do the math folks.
  • ?????
    So eric how much will i have to spend on a quality product as you call it? you telling me 100% its still not goona have a problem! I see your piont a little but if nothing ever went wrong why dont the manufacturer give you a lifetime warantee! I know someone who spent 6k on a B&O tv and it started pixelating. As i've said before warantee's aren't for everyone but with electronics you can never know what will happen.
  • not s.
    wtf is with all these dsg stooges? The rest of us know exactly how shit dsg are and how shit their "coverplan" is. Take your astroturfing elsewhere, most people here aren't going to fall for your corporate spin.
  • John
    As someone above pointed out the new instant replacement policies being flogged (to death) now cover accidental damage. Take it out on a printer and every time it runs out of ink, accidentally drop it and get a new one. Saves a fortune on ink!
  • ?????
    stooge you really have anger issues dont you
  • pete
    anything electrical CAN go wrong. if its something of importance to you and you cant do without it for a long period of time, whats wrong with taking out a service contract on it? oh and yes there is margin to be made in extended services since when was it that businesses were NOT in the market of making money. if YOU had the option to sell something and make as much money as possible, so you could live comfortably, would you? are you saying that even places who offer free extended but limited warranties arent in the business of making money? the limited warranty is built into the prices in an effort to attract business away from competitors. to make MORE MONEY or are you all so stupid that you think places like John Lewis are just in it to help people have better tvs at affordable prices? if JLs free warranty was such a good thing, they wouldnt bother to offer a premium one, would they?
  • Burn-Cycle
    Sorry, long week... admittadly I work in a department of sales and most of the time not on the shop floor directly and apologize for my previous eror in instant replacement... must admit I have soooo much to remember daily that things can excape me! Eric... couldn't agree with your more.. you're absolutely right... there are a lot of companies and I'm sure DSGi are included to a degree although I do find a flaw in your logic. I do agree if ytou buy good quality products at a realistic price then you'll get what you pay for, it's simple logic that is you force the price down so far that something has to give. All I'm saying to sum up is, people dont always buy branded goods or decent brands because unfortunately some people still think if you buy that £200 netbook thats its just as good as the Sony £600 netbook but with a better name on it. If I got a pound for every customer I got that thought that way then I'd be a millionaire... and thats basically my job sometimes, to educate...and not to rip off as Eric puts it so elequantly. Stooge, I think you need a holiday... John, couldn't possibly agree ofcourse.
  • not s.
    *I* need a holiday? You are coming onto the internet and STILL trying to sell your shit. People stupid enough to go shopping in DSG may have to listen to your salespitch, but the rest of us aren't interested. Now go book yourself a holiday (I hear mexico is nice this time of year) and forget all about work.
  • Burn-Cycle
    Stooge, It's not my 'SHIT' (as you put) it to sell, I dont get commision and get no cab or bonus for selling certain items so I'm unsure why you think it's my 'shit'. I wasn't just coming on the internet to sell DSGi's praises, just to inform people thats all and I do have other things to do on the net at the same time. I work for DSGi and I know they aren't perfect although making rash comments and being as rude as you have been will do you no favours in life I'm sure. I'm also unsure that I should take your word that you speak for every single person in the UK that hasn't left a post on this blog, there are people interested and thus why this blog was created. Anyways, I heard getting tickets for Mexico was hard work at the moment... ;-)
  • Steve
    Hey Stooge, so who do you work for?
  • Love c.
    i've been reading this for a couple of days now. to all the trolls who seek fit to defend DSG and co. I suggest you go over to websites like consumer action and look at the forum dedicated to complaints about currys and pc world. To help you out I have copied some short extracts about the poor service people receive from extra waraanties: "Hi, I bought a 40 inches Samsung LCD TV of currys store 6 months ago from there branch in hove and paid extra for the what ever happens three years warrenty beliving that if any thing would happen to my set I will get it replaced or exchanged in two to three days at most not more (that's why I bought the extra warrenty for plus the tv is still under a year old so I am prootected both ways) any way since the first day I got the tv the picture keept flicking but wasn't much . during august till early november I have been away from home and when I came back the flicking has incresed untill a week ago the screen went all black/dead and the tv on standby .I called currys customer repair center which told me it's going to take at least a week for an enginer to come and check it , I also contact smsung (the brand) and they said the same . any way that TV is the main set I have at my property and I am a disabled person so spending most if not all my time in front of it. any way I waited for the enginer call who changed the main board but found the tv still dead and has to order more parts and arrange for another appointment . I went to the store where I got the tv from and asked if I will be able to get a replacment or if I could get a loan set untill my tv is repaird (although as a common sense I belive if it went that soon while it's still a 6 month old and still under both warrenties I should get a replacment immediatly . isin't that why I have a warrenty??? )the guy (I belive from the mangment) at the store as soon as he heard about the problem got rude and refused to lent me another set and said unless 28 days has passed we will not look in to it plus all the sets we lent to people in the past had came back in bad state so we will not lent any ones out I mentioned that I will contact cosumer direct and he smilled and said some customers tried that but it's of no use . so it is not just that but also he is judjing me of other people faults!!! I don't belive that is a right way in dealing with customers plus that wasn't my first purchase of currys as I did buy lots of stuff before of them but I jess I was lucky as I didn't need there repairs before, but I think from now going on I have to think twice before going for my future purchases. So the fault was from the manufature but I have to pay for it in waitting/ calling and accepting a second grade product refurbished which wasn't fit for the purpose and didn't even lasted 8 months + treated bad if I asked for it politly to be replaced or payment refunded (what a service Currys). I like your help/ advise on this guys." SOURCE: Post by user2244. Link: Another one: Currys extended warrenty on pc problems Hi All first time i have posted here so apologies if i dont do this correctly I purchased an EMachine from Currys in 2004 with an extended warrenty for 5 years the pc was an EMachine - approx 1 1/2 - 2 years into the warrenty the pc broke and it was according to the Tech guys it had to have the motherboard replaced(since have discovered that this was a problem with the emachine as the psu went and took out the motherboard with it) - they replaced the motherboard and gave me a set of recovery discs - this is a long story but in the end it turns out that the recovery discs do not have the sound device on them ie. when i have to do a full recovery on the machine i do not have sound on my computer - i found this out after i had another problem and had to do full recovery - i contacted the Tech guys - who had me download many different sound devices none of which worked - in the end it took 3 x technicians to come out they ended up replacing a drive - no actually they had my son initially install the drive which at that time i thought they meant put a disc in and install something - he was to actually take the computer apart and put in the drive - anyway that did not restore the sound and eventually on the third technician he realised the problem and used a disc to install the sound device (he took this disc with him when he left apparently they are not allowed to leave them with the customer and it is my responsiblity to go to the manufacturer and get new recovery discs with the sound on them) - again 4 months later i had a problem and had to do full recovery and hey ho no sound - when i contacted the tech guys i got several different people who each told me to download completley different packages for sound devices none of which worked i spent 2 1/2 hours doing this over the phone - it ended with them saying they would contact me back with the chief engineer - they rang back and had me hold on the line for 10 minutes - it went dead - no other contact - the next morning rang them again - this time guy said that they were not responsible for the software - i said yes you are you should have given me the correct recovery discs when you carried out the repair initially - he actually started to yell down the phone at me and i told him i was going to go to Trading Standards - went to currys the next morning and they told me that The Tech Guys were not responsible for the Software - but they said for me to bring the computer to them and they would try and sort it 1. Why should i have to carry this computer to them i have no car to get it there and i paid for the extended warrenty to cover me for these things 2. This is sharp practice on the part of the warrenty stating that they are not responsible for the software - if they change a part on my machine that is driven by the actuall software installed at time of purchase should i not have been given the same software to operate the second motherboard that they changed the original one to - i am at a lose as to where i legally stand here - please note that this is still under warrenty - The Tech Guys are saying as it is a software problem they are not responsible and the 4th tech guy said that as they already fixed the sound once then they fixed the computer ? how can that be if a need to do a full recovery i will never have sound as there is none on the recovery discs Sorry about the length of this but i am not very good with computers and am not all that sure of what they are telling me - i think that they have fobbed me off from the minute that they replaced the initial fault ie. motherboard. Written by Laura03. SOURCE: I could easily find more in on that site. I wonder if the DSGi staff can clarify how much they get for selling WEH, norton office and all the other bits. It would be interesting.
  • DidgeryDoo
    Right 1st of all the second part on the previous post .. Did you not think to make your recovrery discs when you first got the machine? every1 else does so why shouldnt you .. Then the store offer to fix it and u cant be botherd carrying it to the store cos u dont have a car? How did u get it home when you bought it? The first guy on here .. you are PATHETIC! why would you expect a replacement in 2-3 days? whateverhappens doesnt state that anywhere in their policy! so thats just you bein stupid. Why should a store lend you a TV set just cos you spend your life infront of it? it doesnt say in the policy that you would be loaned a set, did it get sorted in 28 days? cos thats what it does say! why didnt you call up when it was flickering! you could of made matters worse by continuing to use a faulty product. Punk! I realise the two customers who posted these experiances will not read my reply .. but i had it say it cos im so angry! You all expect the fucking world from a policy. The Policy is to sort out the poblem in 28 days basically .. Not to fun around you making you happy as larry cos you didnt want to make recovery discs and didnt read the policy to see you are not covered for software, or disabled people who can go away for a week but are still too disabled to sort out a problem themselfs and NEED to watch their TV all day. FUCK OFF TO COMET WE DONT WANT YOU!!
  • Steve
    Possibly not the best way to get your opinion across didgerydoo, but pretty much what I was thinking, the 1st complaint seems like someone who just had their nose put out of joint because they didn't get their own way, and also under Curry's extended warranties I thought it was 21 days? Either way, under the standard warranty or extended, you have to give the manufacturer or the company an acceptable amount of time time in order to carry out said repair unless stated in your agreement. Across the board this is generally between 28-32 days, however there is no specific time set in stone. The second complaint in my opinion does seem fair, if they had been in my store I would have been doing my best to get the item written off, just as I did for a gent the otherday. To give you an example of how much crap I have to take, a woman came in with her sons the other day claiming that her sons 4-DAY OLD iPod touch's screen had simply cracked when he touched the screen, however the back of the unit was so badly worn I would say it was AT LEAST six months old, but she was swearing blind it was 4 days old. I checked the serial number with Apple and they informed me it had been registered on 31st march, making it nearly a month old either way. When I told the customer I got a torrent of abuse and was told her husband is VERY unhappy and will be coming to have a word with me. I couldn't give a toss if her husband came down, but instead she contacted customer care and said that I had called her a liar several times in store in front of her husband (he wasn't even there) and that I refused to do anything to help her. I was ordered to give her a full refund and pulled into a meeting with my manager, all because some pikey chav scum broke their ipod? The majority of complaints, if not all of them we receive in our store are customers who can't have their unreasonable demands met. I and I hope most of my colleagues within DSGi will do our uttermost to help our customers, but I am not a mug and won't be spoken to like one. Oh, and one last thing, yes there is incentives on selling certain products, what is the problem with that? We aren't like bankers who get money for nothing. So yes, call me a DSGi stooge, but if I feel these rants are unjust, I will say something, we do have flaws and weak links as does any other company, but don't forget all the other companies with those same faults please.
  • dsgi c.
    around 2-5 pounds paid on weh monthly agreements aslong as they keep it for at least 3 months. but the commission is only paid if your store hits over a certain target. £2 for a norton and an office, again if you hit over a target. thats it no more commission at a percetage of sales. basic cabs for selling particular items. we're as poor as everyone else out there.
  • Love c.
    @digerydoo. It seems you yourself is confused about the service agreement. You say "did it get sorted in 28 days? cos thats what it does say!" I thought the policy was 21 days? In fact the literature I have seen indicates specifically 21 days. Moreover, the complainant was referring to the promise that is made by staff at time of sale. I believe the 1221 rule goes something like: Only 1 phonecall ever required ( yeah right!) Within 2 days an engineer will be with you (errm what engineers - do we need reminding about the downsizing that happened at the Tech Guys?) and then if not repaired within 21 days the customer gets a replacement. (although this does take another 7-14 days for the product to be written off and vouchers printed and sent out) Oh the irony that DSGi staff like digery dooughnut don't know f all about what they're selling. Love it.
  • digerydoo
    oh so i mistyped and put 28 rather than 21 .. put me in the stocks! Fact of the matter is customers dont know what they are talking about and when they quote consumer acts, chances are their quote is from theirs cosuins neibiors sisters sons nephews best friends autie who works for trading standards! Whatever happens has never failed me! and all the people who come in with a 8 month old tv saying it wasnt fit for use on purchase.. ermm well it worked for 8 months .. "why didnt u test it before u sold it" .. well it was tested by the manufactorer and it worked .. and now 8 months later it doesnt.l damn how didnt we see it coming!
  • ?????
    love curry what a stupid name. 1221 is 1 Not the UMBER TO RING, 2 DAYS FOR A ENGINEER VISIT OU COURIER AND 21 REPLACEMENT IF IT HASN'T BEEN REPAIRED! You said you love it that we get it wrong well were not the only ones. You all slate it but none of you that do know fuck all either! comical really! didgery doo spot on that customers seem to have the sales of goods act on the back of there hand!
  • ?????
    Bloody computers! 1 NUMBER TO RING, ....
  • Love c.
    @ digerydoo: You say that you mistyped 28 instead of 21. Can you please explain to me how you managed that? The two numbers (1 and 8) are so far away from one another that I am having trouble believing your response. If anything that mistake was indicative of the general lack of knowledge demonstarted by many DSGi staff. You go on to say that customers don't know what they are talking about - agreed SOME customers don't know about their rights - this doesn't mean all. More importantly this doesn't mean trying to scare customers into taking your policies becuase consumers don't know their rights. What you need to remember is that customers can buy warranties/service plans from manufactrers directly, 3rd parties as well as include them in their home insurance. Moreover your comments below have no pertinence whatsoever to the topic on discussion. If you disagree please explain how. "and all the people who come in with a 8 month old tv saying it wasnt fit for use on purchase.. ermm well it worked for 8 months .. “why didnt u test it before u sold it” .. well it was tested by the manufactorer and it worked .. and now 8 months later it doesnt.l damn how didnt we see it coming!" As for Mrs ??????. It's quite evident from your response that you are one of the managers within DSG (the Dilbert managerial principle being strictly adhered to by the big wigs at Hemel eh?). "1221 is 1 Not the UMBER TO RING" - where exactly did I say that the number to ring was 1221? "You all slate it but none of you that do know fuck all either! comical really!" - I have no idea what you are saying in this line. What exactly do people not know about? " didgery doo spot on that customers seem to have the sales of goods act on the back of there hand!" - well at least you are acknowledging that the sale of goods act exists - an exception to many DSGi staff in my experience. To be fair I think what you really mean is that you hate customers that posses any product or legal knowledge. You want the vulnerable customers so you can chat BS and sell them loads of nonsense. Can any member of DSGi staff actually explain the benefits of buying your service over other alternatives?
  • Burn-Cycle
    ...takes a big breath... haven't I mentioned this already? Love Curry? I think your being a little harsh... if you believe all sales people with DSGi are that bad then why are people still buying? To say that all we sell is BS and nonsense is confusing... are you saying DSGi are selling warranties to vulneral people who cant read the sales of good act? I think that is more of a slate of the general public than DSGi selling practices so not sure who your aiming you torrent at. Maybe there should be a clone of you at every store and as sales advisors sell you could tell them that they dont need any accessories or PAYG etc and be there to explain why you said that when they return with there faulty product or PC with virus due to no Norton or kids homework not getting done because I'm you'd suggest office for £100 with Norton and install is just a rip off for instance? Whats more likely... DSGi Policy is to con people out of £5-10 per month with a PAYG service that unhappy customers can cancel at any time or to offer a servic that covers and provides many additional services for peace of mind ... as said before, DSGi is a company like any other... they make profit from selling things.... shock horror. Does no one remember the days of having to buy protection up front for 3-5 years at £400-600 a go...? I prefer it the PAYG way... and admit I dont alway take cover out on everything I buy, thats an informed decision just like the ones my customers get everytime I mention it. Benefits over other alternatives... feel free to list those alternatives and I will explain with no issue at all, maybe you should just read previous posts or maybe you should understand that people have free will and if they want to read up on trading laws and defective goods they can.. every one knows someone who hates extended warrantees to ask or for a couple of quid a month we can provide peace of mind, its still the customer choice at the end of it all.....
  • ben
    i am going to reiterate my comments from the original article. ****Yet another person with a gd currys extended warranty story here. Bought my tv just over a year ago (40″ samsung) for £630. 14 months later a white line appears at the bottom left of the screen only when on hdmi. Engineer comes in 2 days. Takes 10 mins looking at it. Writes it off picks it up 2 days later and then vouchers arrive the following day. equivalent tv cost was £850 at the time and they happily gave me vouchers for this amount. (an extra £220) bought a different tv though and now have a fantastic 46″ Panasonic plasma with all the trimmings. And all sorted in 7 days. faultless service if u ask me.**** if i hadnt got the whatever happens i would have been up shit creek. Oh yes, i could have gone down the trading standards route and argued my case that the products were faulty from day one, but realistically who in this world has the time to get this sort of process completed. I for one dont. Now stooge if u think that s bad service u need to get a grip! ps the other thing u have to remember is ppl are naturally more likely to make comments online when they have had a bad experience rather when they have had a gd one. A service i would personally recommend A+++
  • didgerydoo
    Well Love Curry or whatever your name is .. people on here are so busy confusing whateverhappens for the manufactoring cover. Basically whatever happens is 1 call 2days till engineer 21 days till problem is solved. But customers without the cover come in saying .. oohh im still inside my 28 days so you HAVE to swap it .. no mate, do we fuck! the consumer act shows that as a retailer we have time to sort the problem out, that means we can repair it, get it sent off, swap it for the exact same, leave you waitin 6 weeks till we write it off and give u a refund. If you dont like wahteverhappens dont buy it .. we dont want people like you buying it anyway, cos you dont bother to read the terms and conditions you just come in and demand you get what you want and right now! Give it a rest and leave the sales staff alone, they dont get anything for selling weh to you, just abit of a break from their manager!
  • pete
    so lets get this straight You all want warranties You all want them to last a decent length of time (personally i think 5 years on a tv is ridiculous) You all want great customer service, from well informed customer sales advisors (who are not on commission or CABS) You want to be able to have your broken or faulty product swopped on the spot even if its more economical for it to be repaired you'd like this to be done in the quickest time possible so you're not without your product want it all for free? Oh and you also want stores to sell at or match Internet prices, AND haggle discount too. You also don't like the idea of businesses that are selling these items to you making a profit or the sales advisors making a commission on your sale. its no wonder this country is f**ked.
  • To p.
    Well Said Pete DSGI share price getting better....the city believe DSGI will make it past the current climate. More customer giving positive reviews than ever, not on here but professional forums! Best buy having second thoughts about UK DSG speeding up expansion program. I think all the bitter people on here and every where else are not going to be happy as DSG will be biggest again, here to stay. Comet's 3% margin, most of it from SKY TV (which is paid as a commission to the staff to sell HARD) will start to suffer big time. DSG have got a better team in HQ to get the buying right in quantities and time of purchase. No matter what people put on here slating DSG I couldn't care less, I know my kids and my kids kids will be shopping there. I agree DSG have had customer issues, guess what, being in retail for the last 30 years, there will always be lots of customers who don't get great service generally because they are incorrect, I do agree there are some that are correct and have a bad time but as with any business, we employ humans, humans have bad days and make mistakes, but im sure some comments on this will be that this cant happen, get real....
  • Ten B.
    [...] Are post-purchase service plans really worth the promises they’re printed on? Go here if you’re ... [...]
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    mis-selling issue: It's official!!! Management level and above are told to tell sales colleges to add it on "one month free" upto "3 months free" as they know that most people wont cancel, and because its free many people will agree to having it because its "free" well nothing is free in this world and not with DSGi. I know sales people have to offer "free" Manager tell salespeople clearly offer it free if you have to because people forget to cancel or check their direct debits! DSGi is like a dodgy doubleglassing company, mis-selling is what they do as a norm! Its given the ok from the top down and even promoted! I know many Managers/deputy Managers in DSGi, many have now left, but this was always a scam we were all told to promote amoung sales staff!
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    "instant" replacement is on cameras less than £150 and I noticed Ipods being send away rather than being replaced! Infact Ipods were never instant replacements even when they were less than £150! It must have been in the small print I guess, but we were still told to call them instant replacement items when we mis-sold the warrenties on them! Fact is the sales guys dont have a choice now if they want to continue working for DSGi, they have to mis-sell or they lose their jobs! I know many felt bad about it, but it's a bad company and good jobs are hard to find so they settle for a shit one!
  • Liverpool96
    Actually Ipod are under instant relacement if they are under £200 otherwise Apple want it sent to them for diagnostic and repair! I know this cos i work there and i swap at least one a day so there we go ...
  • Steve
    @wise-people-avoid-DSGi Clearly you know everything, I must be wrong and to save face, I shall call all the customers we have served with "instant replacement" policies and inform them that they have in-fact got to come back and buy the corresponding camera for their policy. Man, there is going to be lots of unhappy customers, thanks for bringing it to all the employees of DGSi, just quickly though, when was it you worked for them?
  • Vince W.
    Lots of interesting useful comments, keep 'em coming! And again if you guys have any personal experiences that you think would make a good story, drop us an email. @Liverpool96 - I'm doing a piece on iphone/ipod replacements soon- if you have any personal stories or inside info from Apple on this, I'd love to have a chat. Please drop me a msg at [email protected]
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    Maybe it depends a little on your manager and your store... maybe yours is run in a different way than most I have known or heard of? Bringing things back in general: Often when items not bought with PC performance are brought back, even the following day and had been displayed, so had been out of its box. Items off display are sold AS NEW mostly at ticket price (we were told not to discount them), but when a customer bring them back we say they have been opened, customer says they are new off dispaly, our customer services person says "you cant have a refund as box has been opened, so item can not be sold again as new"... They were often allowed to swop it or get a voucher to spend in store for an equal amount, BUT NO REFUND! This often meant we had unhappy customers saying they would contact head office and never buy from us again.... In business reputation is everything & DSGi is so bad it can only get better I guess!!!! So I guess DSGi has a plan after all...
  • Exercise B.
    [...] But does the Consumer Rights Directive supersede the European Union Product Warranty Directive of 1999? Has it gone into effect? Does it only to apply to distance (Internet) and doorstep selling? What does this mean for extended service contracts? [...]
  • kim b.
    Very worried arter reading these posts when my fridge freezer went wrong under cover plan agreement,but,i would like to say apart from the humourless technician that was sent out to repair it,even thougth it couldnt be repaired,i have just been out to purchase a new fridge freezer with my vouchers from coverplan and have ended up with a much superior and dearer freezer than i had before,so actually i am a satisfied customer....
  • ryan
    omg i just read all that and honestly those giving negative comments are so lame! i work for currys and tbh the WEH product support is by far the one of the best i know if u buy a new LED samsung for £1000 and dont take this product support to me you have a screw loose, uve spent all tht money striaght from ur bank and what if ur machine breaks and ur not covered by the manufacturer? then u have to buy a new tv.....OR for a certain amnount a month(which as other DSGi workers have said) can be cancelled at any time. if u have this and ur tv breaks due to wear and tear or accidental damage etc. we cover you and if our guys cant fix it u get vouchers! so your not spending all that money again fresh from your bank.... i have it on my laptop and it feels good to know im covered if i accidently spill my drink on it, its makes me feel at peace and not worry... thats what we offer peace at mind, we arnt on commision and so only sell things that will be of use to you...not to us, ive had so many customers come in demanding a new tv when theirs has broke and they lie saying 'o it just broke' when i finally find out they dropped it or damaghed it in some way i just say to them....'why didnt u take WEH?' because they will get no where demanding a new one whereas if they had the product support they would get sorted and be more satisfied. those of you hating on DSGi what do u gain from bad mouthing them? as a company they are still doing better and still making profit so ur comments have no affect and tbh just make u angrier thinking about negative things.....grow up and shop at places where u like the service and i will continue to give my customers quality service as im sure other DSGi collegues will, the WEH support also states that if it cant be fixed thats when we give u vouchers and is normally after 21 days of the 1st call it cant happen everytime because believe it or not there are an infinte amount of engineers at the ready so be patient either way ull hjave a new product or a fixed one so by paying either way its win win (read what ur covered for tho thats why we print those documents stating at the top what ur covered for so dont come to us shouting ur rights) thanks for reading :)
  • Mr C.
    I work for DSGi, and I completely agree with this article. In my 4+ years of working there I've come across some of the nastiest, dishonest and morally flawed individuals I have ever met, on both sides of the counter. People are complaining it's a witch hunt for DSGi? Burn the place to the ground.
  • Dan H.
    I took out the whateverhappens agreement, and I am currently in dispute with Currys. they claim to have repaired my tv but after waiting in a whole day after they have arranged a delivery which didnt turn up and was not informed of, then arranging it to be delivered to a store, they have confessed they have lost it. WEH blame the Tech Guys and Tech Guys blame WEH and nobody wants to fork out for my new unit. It was a 42" LG LCD, how on earth can you lose it?! I am sickened with the attitude of the staff, which is obviously based on their training. I originally asked for the TV to be repaired back in March... Where are we now... November?! I am looking for the CEO of Currys email address, as I have tried emailing customer support with no joy.... Don't think I could have picked a worse service!
  • mohammad c.
    I have purchased a present for my daughter who needed a laptop for school which was purchased on 30th April 2006 with a What ever happens agreement (Pc performance). My daughter is 16years old and now entering her critical year for her studies. She needs to do her home work without her laptop she cant do her home work. When I did purchased the laptop it had built in tv tuner which was a great benefit her as she does not have a tv in her bedroom. When I did purchased the toshiba laptop the sales person told me it is wise to take out an agreement which will cover accidental damage and breakdown for the peace of mind. I have been paying £9.99 a month from the day of purchase until now for the peace of mind. My daughter while working on her school work accidentally spilt hot tea on her laptop that caused her to drop it on the floor. I phoned pc performance Tech guys regarding about this incident which they booked in for a courier to pick up the laptop with the power supply. I did forget to send him the power supply so I phoned them if they need it. Tech guys told me call them back whether they needed it. I have phoned numerous times and they told me the laptop is fixed and is a matter of time sending it back to me. When the laptop was sent back to me my daughter signed the laptop from the courier where the laptop was sticky and the screen was cracked. The keys was dent inside as if someone put an object between the keys and the screen and stamped on it. The back of the case was also dented. The screen was not damaged when i sent it to them. My mum in law and daughter was distraught as they saw it in a bad state. I did recieve a letter covering that it was a neglect. I took the laptop to the store and spoke to a manager, he said he will sort out the problem, unfortunately he was on holiday and the laptop was left for more then two months neglected. When he did came back to store he did apologies to me and sent it back to Tech guys. They still refuse to fix the problem, So he told me to contact you and see you can sort out this matter. I cant afford to buy another laptop for my daughter and felt guilty as she have to borrow mine.
  • Dominika
    Hi, Could anyone help me pls? I ll try to make it as short as possible...I bought my Toshiba Laptop just over 2 yrs ago, got my whateverhappens warrabty and hav been paying it monthly ever since. About a month ago i spilled tea over my laptop, the next day I called teh tech guys to come and pick up the laptop as it stopped working. They havent been in touch for 21 days I kept on calling them just to find oout that the damage was quite severe and they had been waiting for a lot of parts. On the 21st day I called them and said that I would like to request a replacement product as my laptop hasnt been delivered within that period. I was told then that the vouchers will be send to my address soon. The next thing I know the laptop arrived on the 22nd day (dirty!!!).I turned it on and it seemed ok but after 5 mins it turned itself off, this happened few times!!!! Obviously I checked the battery and that and tend to think now that the bustards havent fixed it tbut just sewnd it to me to gain on time...... I caled the helpline today and the women said to me that the laptop has been send befor but courier faild to deliver it on time!!!!! Unbelivable cos I spoke to another person on the 21 day of rapair and she said they will send the vouchers she must have known then that it is not possible to fix it!!!!! Sorry I was trying to make it short lol Dont know what to do cos it seems like they belive that its ok for them to pick up the laptop and have another 21 days to try to repair it......... I would really appriciate any legal advice cos feel like they are just "taking a piss" Thanx
  • Tman21
    Dominika, just pop into the local branch and have one of the managers sort it for you. They'll treat the issue themselves and contact you after it's been resolved.
  • Terry
    I have used the 'What ever happens' cover for about 4 years now and they have never let me down. I am on my fourth laptop, and had numerous repairs due to my clumsiness. They never even batter an eyelid, and i get a working laptop within a month. Whether it was my original or a brand new replacement.
  • neofilis
    Dsg both in Sheffield and Hemel Hemstead are a group of ignoramuses .The Coverplans are a waste of time and Tech Guys know as much about repairs as I do about particle physics. If you want some assurance about an expemsive buy then go to a reputable insurance dealer and itemise your buy.I will in future steer clear of "Coverplans" since they are no more than a ripoff.
  • Praxctical P.
    "Whatever" cover plan paid since new Nov 2009. The repair on site has now been withdrawn but premium is still the same! Further, there have been so many repairs that it is difficult to list but at one point there were five different service engineers that called but failed to rectify the problem except wipe the external hard disk without permission. The recovery of the 20 years of data was refused unless it was taken to one of their stores! Quite an inconvenience if you live more that twenty miles from the nearest. If this is a professional outfit and represents the current professional attitude of this company then I fail to see how they stay in business. In my opinion I would advise anyone to stick locally to your nearest outfit that has a good reputation and face their responsibilities and wishes to preserve it. Dealing with faceless individuals who in my opinion and who don't seem to take their job seriously or whom appear to be undertrained and lack experience is just asking for trouble and can be very costly indeed.

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