Couple get married in an IKEA, because marriage is obviously sacred

With all the fuss over gay couples getting married, you'd think heterosexual marriage was sacred or something. And so, to a couple who decided that the day of their dreams, where they joined together in holy matrimony, should be in an IKEA.

The delightfully named Chad Martin and Lynne Klanbida decided to walk down the aisle... an aisle filled with things called Böllbag and Wancof... at IKEA Tempe on Valentine's Day after winning a competition.

Of course, the reception was held in the IKEA restaurant, served on IKEA plates filled with meatballs and a wedding cake inspired by flat-pack furniture (no clue whether you had to build it yourself and swear at it for 6 hours).

The hour-long ceremony took place in front of family and friends, as well as 80 fans of the store who won invitations on Facebook. No really.

Lynne said: "We wanted to get married in IKEA for a very simple reason - we adore IKEA. It felt right to be able to show our commitment to one another by getting married somewhere we both love and to show the world that romance can be alive anywhere, even in the aisles of IKEA. Our visits to IKEA over the years have actually brought the two of us closer!"

And people thought Andrea Anthea Turner was a shill when she ate a Cadbury's Flake for money in her wedding photos.



  • jim
    i feel sick
  • Dick
    It would be even better if they then took their honeymoon in IKEA.
  • noshit
    I took a dump in IKEA once, over rated.
  • Shaqdhup D.
    I hate to be pedantic, but she was eating a Cadbury Snowflake.
  • Audrey
    And she was called Anthea, not Andrea Turner.
  • Dr Z.
    Hey! Meatballs, jelly and gravy at the reception. This I like.

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