Costa in bother after disabled baby is banished from Aberdeen shop

Costa Was Costa one of the official sponsors of the recent Paralympics? No? Ah, that might explain why a member its staff in their Aberdeen emporium recently ordered a mother to leave after she fed her disabled baby through a tube. Or it might not.

Claire Walker and her husband Kenneth were told to leave the Costa by staff in the city’s Bon Accord Centre after another customer complained that, according to Claire, baby Brayden was “putting her and her friend off their coffee as they could hear the wind in his tube.” They were also told never to return to the shop – to be fair, we don’t suppose they ever will now.

Naturally, the nice people at Costa HQ have issued an apology, with a spokeshuman saying: “We are able to confirm that we have now spoken to Mrs Walker, the lady involved, and sincerely apologised for the incident involving her family.

“We will deal with the staff member involved in line with our human resource procedures. We will reinforce our policies around disability to all Costa team members at the earliest opportunity. We will increase our focus on teaching staff how to deal better with sensitive situations whatever they may be.”

It is unknown how any other disabled children have been banished from a Costa since the statement was issued, if any.



  • Joe
    The customers who complained need to take a bloody long look at themselves.
  • boring b.
    Were they feeding the baby coffee?
  • nettie
    OK, that is pretty low! As the Mum of a disabled daughter i can say that you always get stared at when you are out and about with your child. Mums learn live with it but NEVER get used to it. Banishing them from the shop will have caused emotional pain not forgotten for a long time. My thoughts are with the parents! Costa? All that comes to mind is SHAME ON YOU! (gets up and throws her thermal costa cup in the bin)
  • TG
    The customers who complained and the staff member who asked them to leave, should be fucking shot. The parents must have been heartbroken and extremely angry.
  • TG
    Nettie, take it with you to the store and throw it through the fucking window.
  • james D.
    this is terrible but this is obviously not Costa's fault as a company. Do you really think they have a policy to remove disabled children from their establishments.
  • Angry S.
    Like most other similar companies, Costa employ staff at low wages, give them the bare minimum 'training', and pay little attention to them unless they fuck-up really badly. To an extent therefore, it IS Costa's fault. They pay peanuts, and they get (untrained) monkeys. Still not an excuse for such idiotic and heartless behaviour though. Twats.
  • You
    @Angry of Scotland They get paid "peanuts" because they work in a coffee shop. Theyre not brain surgeons and dont deserve to be paid as such. That said, the Costa employee is a moron, but what kind of training do you think they could have provided this moron to avoid this situation? Certainly in any of the jobs ive held ive never been trained how to deal with disabled babies.
  • nettie
    Same kind of Middle Class Morons that ended up giving rise to Help For Heroes when Mums of a Swimclass in Guildford demanded the injured veterans to leave because they were scaring their children. Kids are actually really laid back (its the School-rum-mummies in their chelsea tractors that are narrow minded). My daughter is now 23 and sadly has learned that "Nouwt are as queer as folk". Love you dearly Collette! Go burn a hole in the world! :)
  • Nikey H.
    Costa - isn't that one of the places where all you see are European employees , and recently it was claimed that they do not recruit British people ?
  • Si C.
    Proper proper scum, poor parents :(
  • Zleet
    Bullshit Obviously more to this story as no self respecting person is going to throw out a mother and baby because the child is disabled. My younger brother works at a Costa and says he would have been sacked on the spot for doing what is claimed in this story.
  • oliverreed
    Frankie Boyle works in Costa now?
  • MRadclyffe
    To Boring Boy It's highly unlikely that the parents were feeding the child coffee. More likely they were feeding the child some sort of protein shake or medicinal dose. The complaint was about the noise the tube was making, not what was being feed. Just saying :)
  • Sicknote
    I can't speak for Scotland and what laws they have but here in England there are laws in place to protect disabled people from discrimination. Had this been England and I'd witnessed this, I would have advised the people being ejected from the establishment to simple call the police.
  • Dick
    It was probably a liquid food containing vegetables, and that is why they complained. Child abuse, feeding them green stuff.
  • Kevin
    Maybe someone pointed out to the staff that they were eating something that they'd not bought from the counter?
  • Russ
    They should have banned the complainant from the store
  • Frankie B.
    I imagine they were feeding it a jizz shake.
  • Ron J.
    I was banned from a Costa once, just for stirring my girlfriend's cappucino... ...though i was using my cock.
  • samuri
    looks like common sense took a break that day
  • J
    disabled kids need overpriced coffee too.
  • Chewbacca
    hahahahahahahahaha! Good one, Costa!
  • Rich H.
    The couple with the baby entered Costa to Feed the baby but did not make any purchase, just occupied a table to feed the baby, others complained that a table was taken by people not paying for goods from Costa, so the staff asked them to leave to free up space for paying customers. Couple get miffed and thow in the "Disability" Card. Two Sides every coin..

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