Converse to sue everyone for ripping off Chuck Taylors

converse Converse's 'Chuck Taylor' trainers have been worn by pretty much everyone in rock 'n' roll and as a result, are one of the most iconic trainer designs in the world.

With that, just about everyone has ripped them off. Walk into any high street clothes vendor and chances are, they'll have their own non-branded range of 'Chucks'.

And Converse are suddenly very unhappy about it.

They're so unhappy that they're going to sue a whole load of people, including Ralph Lauren, K Mart and Wal-Mart for infringing their design. Seeing as Converse first released the shoes in 1917, they've certainly taken their time in doing something about it.

The company's chief exec Jim Calhoun said he's got no objection to fair competition, but, "we do not believe companies have a right to copy the Chuck's trademarked look." The company have sent 180 legal cease and desist notices to protect their brand.

Basically, Converse are protecting the design of the rubber toe cap and the stripes that appear on the mid-sole of the trainer. The cease and desist letters, thus far, are being ignored by other companies.

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