Consumers just copy what they see on telly, says John Lewis

As we all suspected, we’re just a nation of goggle-eyed automatons, who slavishly buy things based on current events, TV programmes and trends on the internet.

bake off

That’s according to a report by retailer John Lewis, who found that our tastes are massively influenced by the hive mind. Basically, if Prince George was wearing a onesie with ‘Mamma Ain’t Raising No Fool’ written on it, we would buy it in our droves. And if Paul Hollywood told us all to buy a silicon non-stick baguette shaped dildo, we would. Independent thought? No thanks, were British!

The John Lewis report, called How We Shop, Live and Look, (which sounds like a quaint schools programme from the 70s), examined buying habits and found that films and TV shows, as well as news stories and sporting events, influenced our purchases profoundly. We copy Andy Murray’s trainers, wear Great Gatsby dresses, and rush out to buy kitchen equipment whenever Nigella’s breasts pop up on the telly.

The report also showed that we shop whenever we can on Smartphones and tablets, which influence our need to be relevant and never miss a trend.

‘People are shopping 24 hours a day and moving seemlessly from mobile to tablet to desktop throughout the day," said Paula Nickolds, buying and brand director for John Lewis. ‘What has become increasingly important is buy now, wear now. Consumers don't want to conform to retailers' traditional half-year view of the world.’

So whether we’re buying Camembert or beard oil, baking trays or leopardprint bras, the modern British shopper is a slave to the rhythm of popular culture.

Mind you, so are retailers like John Lewis, who are probably just getting a delivery of Paul Hollywood baguette dildos in time for Christmas.


  • jokester2
    Most people are pathetic sheep that always want to conform to the latest ridiculous trend. Apple devices are a brilliant example of this and so are brand-name clothes, cars like BMWs, etc, etc.
  • jokester2
    @barry fishlick I wear what the fuck I want to wear regardless of pathetic brand-names, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because it was the best phone for my needs/wants, I own a Toyota Starlet GT Turbo, Audi A3 TDi and a 3 litre kit car - all because I like/enjoy them, not because of a stupid need to copy everybody else. And I don't dress like I'm from Poland. You have won the much coveted "Most stupid random comment of the day award" - Congratulations!
  • Jerry
    Thatz so true!!! I am tryung to buy Madonnas vacuum cleaner since MONTHS already, but its sold out EVERYWHERE.
  • Aston V.
    @Jokester: why the "Galaxy Note 2,....Starlet GT Turbo,....A3 TDi"? "I've got a phone and a few cars." would've sufficed you logo whore.
  • chewbie
  • fibbingarchie
    The sheeple like doing what everyone else is doing; it brings comfort.
  • thefunboithree
    Why would anybody want to be or do anything like Andy Murray?
  • Bogbrush
    hates bmw but loves audi. derides apple but has a novelty oversized note 2. has them because he likes them. calls people who might like the alternatives pathetic sheep. great stuff.
  • Old G.
    Surely all the above should be posted on Facebook while you watch X Factor or Britain's Got Talent? This is why this country is going to the dogs. We had Labour in last time, let's all vote Tory. Do sheep suffer from peer pressure? People hear certain words and latch onto them as if they will instantly make them "cool" like "iPad" and "Strictly". Latch onto this word you muppets! "Fuckwits".
  • jokester2
    @Bogbrush Never said I love Audi - I had a Focus that cost me an absolute fortune to run, and looking at all the alternatives, the Audi A3 met all my needs (more power and much lower running costs) and drove really well. The BMW 3-series outsells the Mondeo despite the Mondeo being the better car in many regards - and many people who buy it partly do so because it's more "exclusive" and for the badge. Retarded sheep. I buy products that meet my needs, whereas many many people who buy Apple products are buying them based on the clever marketing and because they are fashionable. Look at the huge queues outside Apple stores every time they release a new product, despite the fact that they don't know anything about the new product. These people are sheep. Think before you post!

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