Complaints table topped by Lloyds Bank

Lloyds+BankAll banks are pretty dreadful places, seemingly designed to put us all in a constant state of vague irritation. Now and again, they pull out the stops and make us utterly, utterly furious.

And so, picking the worst of the bunch is an exercise in degrees of shit. However, it's an exercise that has been undertaken and the most complained-about finance service are our chums at the Lloyds Banking Group. This is not the first time they've enjoyed a stay at the top-spot.

Figures published today show that Lloyds (who own Lloyds TSB, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Black Horse) raked in a total of 22,242 complaints in the first half of 2010, compared with 20,190 in the second half of last year. Dicks.

Lloyds TSB Bank attracted nearly double the amount of complaints as the next company in the table with a whopping 12,750 people compelled to officially complain. Just over 4000 of these related to banking and credit. Barclays Bank came second in the table for the second six months running.

That said, it isn't all as it seems. You see, the financial ombudsman upheld a higher number of complaints against Barclays compared to Lloyds TSB, report The Guardian. HSBC, RBS and our old pals Santander joined the aforementioned banks in having  more than 3,000 complaints each.

Across the board, the ombudsman upheld an average of 44% of complaints in favour of consumers in the first half of 2010. Does this mean we all like complaining about piss-all or that the banks are really sneaking in weaseling out of trouble?

In a statement, Lloyds said: "Our relationship with our customers is at the heart of our business and we take all feedback very seriously. Like every organisation we know there are areas where we can improve and we're working with our customers to do just that."

This is a perfect time for you, dear reader, to have a good vent about the people you bank with.


  • Jack T.
    Probably more complaining about Halifax than Lloyds itself.
  • Mark C.
    I've banked with Nationwide for the last twelve years or so, and they've been nothing less than excellent. Admittedly though, I was with Lloyds and Barclays before that at different times, and they were both shocking in their competence, their levels of service and their attitude to the customer.
  • Internet T.
    An anagram of "National Westminster Bank" is"Miser's bent tit wank, no anal". Sums up banks. Nothing more need be said. Not even about foxes.
  • Ed
    "Probably more complaining about Halifax than Lloyds itself." Agreed, Lloyds TSB have always been pretty flawless as far as I'm concerned, saving me from fraud a few times and always being very friendly and helpful when I have an enquiry. Other people I know who bank with them generally say the same thing. On the other hand, I know a few people with Halifax and they have nothing but bad things to say.
  • bushbrother
    Lloys have been good to me for many years, until their recent letter telling me that I will soon be charged (come November) £5 per month if I venture more than £10 into my PLANNED overdraft. Screw them, if they don't remove it I will go elsewhere.
  • The B.
    I'm with Halifax and yes, they're bloody awful, to the extent that I threatened to close my account so they in turn closed my account, resulting in every DD I had bouncing, frankly I should shift my account but the damage it'll do my credit rating isn't worth it. My mortgage is with the Nationwide and has been for 6 years. I renew the fixed term every 2 years and every time they lose the paperwork, I started photocopying them after the second time so I don't have to fill the docs in again.
  • Larry L.
    Absolute numbers of complaints are meaningless. What we need are complaints per 1000 customers. Which would you rather bank with, a bank where ten million customers make 50000 complaints, or a bank where ten thousand customers ALL make complaints?
  • katy l.
    Due to mistakes made by Lloyds TSB in changing signatories to a bank account for a non-trading limited company managing five shareholders of five flats, we have had no access to our money for nine months. The case is with the Financial Ombudsman but they seem to be as helpless as we have been. Not one representative from Lloyds has contacted us about the case and we are at our wits end as to how and when the situation will be resolved. Customer service has been absolutely nil. I have repeatedly tried to contact our local branch manager by phone, letters and in person but she had managed to avoid meeting me. Meanwhile I have to watch those stupid adverts on tv which exhort customers to go and talk to their bank manager. I would advise anyone to never bank with Lloyds - I have never come across such a lack of customer care in any organisation.
  • Tony H.
    I have banked with the Halifax for many years, and I have seen a totally unacceptable decline in services and customer attitude over the last few years. It is significant that this cooincided with the Halifax becoming the Halifax bank of Scotland (the home of auditable financial incompetence). I have considered moving my accounts on many occasions, but the nuts ache of changing all the DD's etc has always put me off. I have a deposit account with a significant sume of money therein, and one of my pensions has been paid into it for some time. The risk of things going wrong (as they inevitably do) has stopped me moving the money to a better interest provider. Now, the Halifax in its spendid arrogance has informed me that they are closing this account and the money will be moved to a new account. They even had the cheek to include an application form! This means that I will have to go through all the beurocracy of notifying the pension supplier etc., and be put in the position of APPLYING for a change I did not initiate. It gives me great glee to inform them that OK, I will now APPLY for and set up a new account, but it will not be with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see their faces when I march into the bank and demand my deposit account funds paid back IN CASH. I don't have to close thet account, as they have already stated that they are doing it unilaterally. Maybe the Halifax should consider changing its lawyers! I have a number of accounts with 5 different financial institutions, and I can state categorically that the Halifax has the worst customer service facility of them all. Trying to speak to them is like dealing with the Gestapo. The telephone (so called) advisors seem only able to read from a script and seem to have neither the intellect nor the will to help.
  • Charlotte J.
    Lloyds are the biggest bunch of incompetant fools i've ever met. We started our family business nearly 4 yrs ago from scratch, we secured a commercial mortgage with them, everything seemed fine until the first month of trading the UK was declared in a recession. The business has survived and is picking up well but there have been times that were tricky, we asked our lovely customer support mangaer to suggest if furthering an interest only period would be a solution and from that day forward their intent has bee to close the business not help it survive. We have never defaulted on any payment but are constantly left traps by lloyds to make us in fault so teminating the mortgage contract. They are rats, recently they have decided that we can no longer operate in a co-op bank account (that provides free banking) even though it was set up and funcional before the lloyds mortgage. We have always been transparent in our workings and they have seen our accounts and monthly statements for the last 4 years clearly statingh we have that account - why now do we have to close it? we recieved an email that wasnt meant for us, from our customer support manger to her bos saying that their suspisions were true - what suspisions? why havent they spoke to us? Can anyone advise us how to change our mortgage from them to another lender - we are so exhausted after a 4 year slog we just want to run our business!
  • lordclifton
    i'm heartened to read katy's story above. it's an exact mirror of the situation i find myself in! i too live in a block of 5 flats and when moving in inherited a management company sinking fund account with lloyds tsb. i've been co-signing cheques as a director of the company along with a fellow flat owner/director for 4 years now without problem until recently when a building contractor tried to pay in a cheque we issued him for payment of his services (c. £2,500). the cheque was promptly rejected on the basis that neither of us is recorded as an authorised signatory. admittedly we didn't change over the authorised signatories on the account when i bought my flat, but now the issue has come to light i'm doing my damnedest to help them update their files. you'd think this would be easy in 2011 wouldn't you? 1. first off, calling lloyds tsb customer service over the phone is pointless because they won't talk to me unless i am an authorised signatory (which is the whole point of my call). 2. so i went in person to the main branch in corn street bristol to talk face to face to a real person to find an unmanned customer service desk (in a branch suspiciously empty of customers for a midweek lunchtime). 3. i decided to queue up at the paying in counter (there were only 2 of 8 counters open) so i could have the unalloyed pleasure of discussing my personal banking business with someone behind a glass wall only to be told that this is a business account and they don't have a business manager in their main central city centre bristol branch. genius. 4. the man from behind the counter (who was actually quite sweet) agreed that the glass wall was not helping so he joined me customer side to chat further but not after he'd spoken on the phone to somebody in birmingham for 15 minutes. the solution is to open a new account with them even though we want to close our existing account with lloyds tsb and move it elsewhere (hsbc). once lloyds tsb have sufficient ID from me and my fellow director they can make us authorised signatories on the new account, transfer the funds from the existing account and then issue us a cheque in the name of the company which we can pay into the new hsbc one. but apparently i have to go back to the lloyds tsb branch to open the new account (which we don't need or want). double genius. we left it that someone would call me to move things forward. in total i spent 1 hour in the branch. 5. of course 6 days later no one has called me even though i've called them again twice (each time dodging the rigamorole of "I'm sorry Sir if you're not an authorised signatory so I can't discuss the account with you"). 6. in the meantime i've had to pay the building contractor out of my own savings because there's a recession on and i don't see why a small business should be out of pocket (lloyds know this but don't seem to care). 7. now i love julie walters but those ghastly "for the journey" adverts are really starting to grate. i bet she doesn't bank with lloyds tsb. 8. my top tip is to get someone at lloyds to give you their direct line or email address which is not easy. i've now managed this and after nearly 2 weeks finally seem to be getting somewhere. the new person i'm now dealing with who is also based in bristol corn street branch has admitted that lloyds tsb internal procedures are rubbish and they don't have adequate systems to deal with management company sinking fund accounts! 9. oh and when i rang customer services to ask to be put through to the said person now dealing with my query at bristol corn street branch i was put through to a lovely lady on the customer services desk inbranch but she wasn't able to transfer me to the right person because he was upstairs! he actually had to come downstairs and speak to me from the customer desk lady's phone. so it seems lloyds tsb are also unable to transfer telephone calls. 10. lloyds tsb - it's like the 1970's only with more hassle!
  • kevin
    they have messed me around with my overdraft on my buiesness account and told me that it has all been rest up when it was not they are just a complete pain then i whent over drawn becuse of there incompotence and not they have give me a black mark on my credit rating when it was not my fault serousley thinking of telling them to stick there acc up there ass
  • What you do not realise is that Halifax will not employ permanent staff, just temps. who are moved about from job to job until they reach a level of incompetence or find something better paid. They have no inventive to offer good customer service as they will not be there next time you call, or find out they have messed up something....
  • Rob
    I am in Lloyd's right now waiting in my third que of the morning ... The man in front seems angry that they can't find his money... I can't cancell a dodgy payment of £10000 from our account made by a AWOL book keeper ... It has taken a month to fail to set up Internet banking ... The security is so mad I can't get into my own account half the time ... I have two business accounts here ... I hate this place ... Personal account is at the coop which has always been great ... What was I thinking??

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