Compare The Meerkat Aleksandr to go on sale in Harrods


People are fans of the most stupid things on Facebook. Some people have become fans of 'breathing' and the like. While I can't dispute breathing's usefulness, I can't say I'm an active supporter of it.

Infinitely less useful however is Aleksandr Orlov. He's the meerkat from the Compare The Meerkat/Market commercials that are currently irritating my teeth to dust. He's somehow managed to attract more than half a million Aleksandr fans on Facebook and has nearly 30,000 followers on Twitter.

So maybe I should be as surprised as I am, that the price comparison website is producing a limited run of  5,000 dolls depicting the animated creature.

The dolls will go on sale at London’s Harrods store, and should retail at around £20, just in time for idiots making impulse buys over Christmas.

Aleksandr 'said': "Make welcomes for new handsome Aleksandr action toy in box!"

Should you get irritated with your purchase and try throttling it, it will get its own back by repeating the catchphrase "simples" over and over again. Chances are, you'll end your life before you kill it. However, it's not all bad. Some of the profits from the dolls will go to a good cause, namely, to London Zoo for conservation work.

It has also been reported that Aleksandr will get to host his own chatshow... which is surely a joke too far... right?

Next week: BT release inflatable sex-doll of Kris Marshall



  • Joff
    I'll buy a load and flog them on ebay. Simples.
  • goon
    cunts who get sucked into gimmicks like shit like this and waste money on it. bit like the iphone.
  • Bo
    lol! @ goon
  • Peter B.
    That simples shite was nicked from me in Carry On Abroad.I'll see you in court ya scrawny little rat cunt.
  • The B.
    I've bought one and use it a wank rag.
  • Junkyard
    Oh my god, you guys are against breathing now? Seems you'll do a post on anything if it sparks a bit of controversy.
  • penninechris
    soon to be seen tied to the front of your local dust bin collection lorry like so many of those flat eric puppets from the jeans ad. bunch of arse!
  • Sing B.
    Lets hope Go Compare don't try to rip this one off as well, otherwise we'll be seeing the fucking shit opera singer dolls in stores too.
  • In f.
    I don't know. All this fuss over a mere cat!
  • Jesica J.
    Well why not adopt the real thing at ZSl London Zoo
  • michael
    anyone who dont like meerkats and i phones can go and lick out ur mum....u cunts if u want u can have my address and express ur views to me face to face, DICKS
  • Insiders V.
    After Aleksandr, we now have the lame attempt from Confused: Watch the it pays to be confused advert
  • Leland F.
    I concur along with whatever every body has talked about, the significant thing is to look at the idea coming from a diverse point of view (as I can many of the moment). Other than that, you've got obtained a very excellent blog right here, maintain up the great
  • Terrence L.
    I am not sure about this one, after buying the fleshlight wonderwave that I seen on the website I have a very hard time believing any other sex toy for men can beat it - and that is after experimenting with other good masturbators like the Tenga Egg. But I have to say none of these sex toys can compare to a fleshlight - No question about it,, it beats the hell out of many other fake pussies!

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