Commercial Break: The pasty's yours but the future's Greggs'

In a move that render such ceremonial guff utterly redundant forever more, that leading chain of bakers, Greggs, has been awarded the freedom of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, their home city.

Getting the freedom of a city usually means you can carry out archaic customs like legally shooting foxes within the city boundaries between the hours of 10am and 4pm, but Greggs will probably snub that and continue to build their pie and pasty empire instead.

They’re even in some of the UK’s airports now, and as Hitler probably surmised, once you’ve got the airports, you’ve got the nation well and truly by the balls. Probably.

One thing Greggs should do is drop the ad campaign starring the risible Paddy McGuinness. We found this spoof commercial on YouTube and we reckon it works much better. Probably true as well.


  • RSG
    quality..although linked highly to the chav masses youc ant argue its the people favourite place to grab a bite to eat im here at royal windsor and we have the cornwall pasty shop..£3 for a pasty..the council refuses to allow greggs in here because it would not fit in with the market
  • Mewling P.
    Fuck pasties.
  • Bullet
    STEAK BAKE.............................
  • goon
    i would but it would burn my cock
  • Tiny S.
    Not if they were cold pasties.
  • Mewling P.
    Yeah - cold ones are okay. We could make a film and call it "American Pastie"
  • Shaun
    Steak Bake should be renamed Gristle Bake...YUK.

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