Commercial Break: Paddy Power moves on from transgender humans to chavs

Paddy Power caused some outrage the other day with their Cheltenham Festival transgender advert the other day. So much flipping outrage that the advert has been banned by Channel 4 and Sky. Ah well.

But it’s all okay, because they’ve hastily put together a replacement ad, one which targets chavs, a niche social group that we can all unite together in light hatred. Nice bit of arse in it as well…


  • Michael G.
    They won't air that on ITV, it'd offend their viewers, well, by offend I mean confuse, it uses words and things.
  • Stan L.
    That's a bum not an arse. Jo Brand has an arse.
  • Mike H.
    Millions of dick-head BMW/Audi iphone owning cvnts, driving passed out at the wheel. No change there, then.

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