Commercial Break: Off to Iceland for frozen gibberish

Juan Cabral is the advertising ‘visionary’ who came up with the Sony ‘Balls’ ad and the Cadbury ‘Gorilla’ thing. Ladies and gentlemen, he is an artist. He eats ideas and shits genius. He is Argentine. He is to be feared and adored.

And he’s just made this – it’s an online-only Sony ad, shot in the Icelandic town of Seydisfjordur where Cabral filled the tiny hamlet with hundreds of speakers before blasting out tracks by the likes of Mum, Bob Dylan and the Guillemots. The poor bastards who had to live among it all look utterly petrified, as though a nuclear war is about to come over the hill and suck all their heads off.

It is a truckload of monstrous bollocks from start to finish and we defy you to stick with it throughout its near-three minute length. Not even a drumming gorilla could save it. We’re predicting that Cabral will make his debut feature film in the next couple of years and it will be incomprehensible rubbish. Well done everyone at Sony.


  • Beard E.
    My quote of the day so far "he eats ideas and shits genius"
  • Craig *.
    What an utter load of tripe. How is that even vaguely considered advertising???
  • Amanda H.
    I was waiting for something to happen. Jeremey Clarkson ploughing a tank through their village would have been acceptable.
  • iPhone
    I quite like it. Very "out there".
  • Tom P.
    The fool could quite easily have triggered an avalanche, and buried those poor, innocent sheep.
  • pauski
    fail, fail, fail.

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