Commercial Break: Bet this monkey mayhem ad Costa lot

In a recent ad, Ikea released a few cats into one of their stores and filmed the shenanigans. It was mostly dull. If you’re planning to release anything into somewhere, film it and hope people will look at it, it HAS to be monkeys (or chimps, apes, gorillas etc etc – they’re all part of the monkey family). Nothing less is acceptable.

Costa Coffee have succeeded where Ikea miserably failed and got a load of the little bastards to attempt to make some really lovely coffee. Do they pull it off? Maybe! (not really).

Meanwhile, if you're anywhere near Monkey World in Dorset, you can get in for FREE on Halloween if you're in full fancy dress. See you there!


  • Morrisons F.
    This is on the telly 150x a day and has been for at least the last few days, why the fuck have you bothered putting it on here? And it's shit.
  • Ben
    it's no rapping Yeo Valley farmers, n'amseyin?
  • Paul C.
    Put last night's Simpson's sequence up! It's a statement by Banksy about outsourcing bulk animation to S Korea. It's quite dark too.
  • Nobby
    Only seven monkeys died due to severe scalding during the making of that ad. The rest are now addicted to coffee.
  • kfcws
    Is this a recruitment video?
  • Matt
    Obviously fake- I didn't see one nugget of poo thrown.
  • zleet
    My brother works for costa and the level of skill shown in this video would be an improvement. I'm saying he is really shit at his job. Gave me a 'free' late using off milk the twat.
  • Rob
    Anyone else see this as a thinly veiled swipe at McDonalds
  • Pedant
    Chimps and Gorillas are apes. They dont have tails. They arent monkeys because monkeys are tailed creatures and apes are not.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] We’ve all seen the ad where 100 cats are let loose in Ikea – nothing much happens and it’s all a bit dull. Especially when compared to the advert with the coffee-making monkeys. [...]

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