Commercial Break: A retro future-vision of synthetic hell...

Strike a light, the past is a terrifying place to visit and no mistake. If you don’t believe us, just look at this 1970s advert for ICI and their range of synthetic-fibre clothing. Actually, don’t strike that light because you might set fire to the clothes.

Back then, terylene and crimplene were part of a ‘comfort revolution’ and every Jason King wannabe drowned himself from head to toe in clobber made by, let’s face it, a chemical manufacturer. Like wearing a hat that someone found in Chernobyl.

The creepy narrator keeps on saying ‘crimplene for men’ like he’s trying to hypnotise us into buying some of the synthetic clothing. Its eerie and we do not like it.

Must… buy… crimplene… safari… suit…


  • Pedant
    *does a fear face*
  • RockSolid
    "trousers that move with you" - I cant remember having trousers that moved without me
  • THE A.
    [...] Commercial Break: A retro future-vision of synthetic hell … [...]

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