Comet rolls out new touchy-feely logo and no-one cares

new comet logoComet is rolling out a multi-million pound campaign from Wednesday 15th September based around the cuddly-wuddly strapline of ‘Come and play’.

Of course, should you go into one of their stores and starts pissing about with all the gadgets when you have no intention of buying them, they may well ask you to bugger off and play somewhere else.

This revamp also sees a new ‘softer’ logo, which looks a bit like Spaghetti shapes. Meanwhile, the staff at the stores will currently be weeping into their dinner hours as they will have been informed that from this week, they'll be required to wear pink, green and blue pastel-coloured uniforms which is supposed to give them a more relaxed and younger appearance.

"Our friendly in-store experts have all the knowledge to help customers make the right choices and help them understand the amazing benefits technology can bring to their lives," said Bill Moir, head of marketing at Comet to MW. Presumably, before this campaign, the staff were jaded and angry all the time... right?

Comet commercial director Bob Darke says the rebrand is part of a strategy to shift the focus of the brand onto the emotional engagement with the products, rather than the functionality of the retailer. This means that in-store language will change from informative phrases like 'cookers' to saccharine fuzzy words like “Bake, Boil and Grill”.

Lets hope that the insanely irritating Edith Bowman isn't the voice of their TV commercials too.


  • simon
    the staff may have new uniforms but their product knowledge/sales ability has been rubbish from my experience. they are also expensive ... would always go to john Lewis first rather than Comet
  • issac h.
    And would you like to purchase our 5 year extended warranty with that gay logo?
  • Dean
    Why not invest the multi-millions on lowering their prices, they might get a few through the door then
  • rod d.
    comet? more like vomit. hahahahhaha shut up
  • hju
    why not invest the milions in some fucking lights ...deathwatch in 3....2..;.
  • Steve n.
    Comet is rhyming slang for dogshat. Ok it doesn't rhyme - but the sentiment is there. The lack of rhyme will not phase the Comet droids.
  • 10:30:61
    what a waste of money, a lick of paint to cover up the shit underneath desperate times ahead revamp = danger these days
  • shinkyshonky
    Comet is repositioning around lifestyle to drive emotional engagement with the brand ....what a load of shite blue sky thinking....comet...plummet
  • shinkyshonky
    check this shit out here...2nd
  • shinkyshonky
  • grumpy
    Comet = Come t o hell. Evil pile of crud. I'm sure all their goods are seconds recalled from more reputable stores. Nothing would make me interact with them ever again.
  • grumpy
    Darke says: ... in 3018076.article ... He adds that the integrated marketing plan aims to change perceptions of the brand and raise customer expectations ha f'ing ha - my expectations are to be treated like shit, sold shoddy goods that are stolen whilst being repaired, then given shoddy goods as a replacement and told no compensation for my time and misery as I wasn't actually any worse off than before I was shafted by them.
  • q-bert
    As a comet employee, and a minimum wage one at that, I can only sit back and admire our fearless leaders for this multi million pound re-brand from one shit uniform colour to 3 shit uniform colours. OOOOH we don't need ties anymore, that's great . . . . But the colours are all a bit flowery still! How about the people who decided this was a way to compete with DSGI and Best Buy pay the people who take all the money for them in the first place, a little bit more money, making us happier, making us work better, and god forbid, making Comet better in the process. But that would be too easy a solution surely? No, It's ok Mr Harvey and Mr Darke, you keep your large salaries, you deserve them much more than us, the people you rely on to earn them for you. Oh, and our new lanyard name tags are fucking shite and look like they cost 2p, way to improve our image guys.
  • Alexis
    Noticed this in the Arndale in Manchester today. First thing that struck me was that the stars are in two different orientations Irritating.
  • Jack T.
    @Alexis - that's marketing isn't it? Or is it they got the work-experience kid to design it over the school holidays? I have not bought anything ftom Comet for over 10 years after they screwed me on a warranty claim. Shame as I drive past a Comet store every day. Bastards. Not that I carry a grudge. Bastards.
  • JAJO
    I walked into a Comet store once to find a man walking round shouting to not buy anything as you will get ripped off! A few weeks later I entered the same store to find all the staff including the store manager were standing around a collegue seeing how many press ups he could do!
  • MrFerret
    The comet near me (Stafford) has one of the weirdest smells when you enter it, a sort or musty, dank smell. A bit like a rope store on board a ship when a wet dog has got it.. It is profoundly offputting. It doesn't help that they never have anything in stock too.. Hopefully they will replace the carpets to match the new uniforms and banash the weird stench..
  • Ten B.
    [...] Comet rolls out new touchy-feely logo and no-one cares [...]
  • Come&Play
    Out of the millions of customers Comet receive every year, there are a few angry customer..... On the whole, Comet are the best electrical retailer around, for price, ethos and stock. There store in Kettering is fantastic, the staff, the stock levels and the service has been fantastic on numerous occasions! As for the Comet employee (q-bert), i think your working for the wrong organisation if you dont see the bigger picture in what Comet is doing here, dont blame them for your lack of desire to work
  • Lancaster B.
    I once asked the blonde stuck up old cow that works in the Lancaster branch if I could see how a display on a circles phone looks before I buy. It only needed a battery, and I would gave bought it (£130) and paid for the battery! Her reply: "we don't do that". Come and play? Fuck off comet.
  • Lancaster B.
    For "circles" phone, read CORDLESS PHONE. Stupid iPhone spellcheck.;-)
  • Lancaster B.
    Come&play, take your head out of your arse and see comet for what it truly is. Garbage from the floor up. Horrid staff, seedy stores and shoddy goods. Never again. Go to Currys.
  • northpdm
    mindless, evil and thoughtless people on here.. well done hope you feel better, my advice is get a life and for the spineless arse that clearly works for comet GO AND WORK AT MCDONALDS as you are the reason all these people have a reason to complain!! grrr
  • Dr. n.
    I agree sir, mindless goes hand in hand with thoughtless, insofar as having no mind would equate to the inability to harbor thought. Furthermore, I noticed that you elected to join the collective "on here", and realise now that you throw your lot into joining us evil mindless thoughtless crowd of bastards. Chin chin my old sprout!
  • Dr. n.
    Ps. Why call him spineless? And why on earth would he want to come and work with you? ;-)
  • Dr. n.
    And yes, I do feel better. Grrr!
  • Burnout
    The new logo shows they desperately try to cling to selling electronics in store in today's internet days.... I mean, when was the last time anyone actually happily paid more for electricals in a shop. We just use them to check them out before buying online, or in Richer Sounds, right?
  • Speall
    Comet r a joke. Customer service??? Please??? Take your money and hide behind manufacturers warranties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AppleLoverDave
    Okay, so people dont like comet, and people dont like currys, but have you noticed how much people like comet over currys. Comet for example, sells a Ipod touch with a free speaker, Currys? just sell the Ipod, you have to buy the speaker. All my life, i have shopped at comet, and not even entered a Currys store. Comet Cwmbran, have some of the Friendlyist staff in the world and i like shopping there as i feel welcomed, and wanted. I am helped by People who know what they are selling me, and they are great at there jobs, so people who hate comet, just grow up and get a life. And also there new uniform looks great, i have a laugh with some of the workers about it, it does make comet a better place. so next time you think OMG my tele's stopped working, try out Comet Cwmbran, they will help you. And one last thing, Dont ask people who were the black polo shirts for help, they are warehouse, and merchindiers dont make them run around for you, ask a sales person, there the ones in the coloured shirts.
  • Sleeky
    As I have worked for both Currys and Comet they both have a tuff job dealing with customers that seemingly know there rights etc want the staff to ponder to there every whim. Try going anywhere and receive the level of service in anytype of retailer as you do with Comet and the like and guess what its hard. The rebranding agument is lame and if a company doesnt evolve it dies ( Woolworths case in point) Customers always want better service but in reality it is only as good as some staff. How many people at your work place put in 100% all of the time....get my point. Some staff that work at these places just dont want to helpful, but I have trained good staff and worked with good staff and I asure you they really do want to help. We should all work in retail for a short time and you would have no room to complain when you realise what you have to deal with day after day. In summary "Go and Play a cool idea not sure customers really want to play as much as a good price but as electricals are lower in price than they ever have been I supose something has to change and service is definately the way to go. So give the staff the chance to help without the attitude and the constant rudeness. Without Electrical retailers you wouldnt get to look, feel and PLAY with any of these goods before you buy. So take a long good look at your behaviour before you critisise other.7
  • Jennifer
    I am a Guide leader, and we also have new uniform shirts. The style, with the pink band on the inside of the collar, looks suspiciously similar... I wonder who inspired who!
  • Terry
    I have a cousin who was unfortunate enough to buy a laptop from Comet a few years ago. He was also duped/misled/conned/lied to in to purchasing one of their extended guarantees with it. The guarantee is covered by Domestic and General not Comet. The laptop was taken into repair over TWO MONTHS ago. After many many phone calls and excuses my cousin was at the end of his tether and asked me to chase them up as I have worked in retail for many years at all levels. I first called Domestic and General who told me all repairs are being done by Comet, so I called Comet's repair center who told me the laptop would have been sent back to the manufacturer for repair as they could not fix it. The guys on the phone were very helpful and told me the laptop was on it's way back from Scotland toLondon last week after being repaired and that the store would call my cousin as soon as it arrived. Still waiting and after just making three different calls today I was told the laptop was only finally repaired two days ago as they were waiting for parts. Now who's telling the truth? When I asked about D+G's 10 day turn around period they said that it's a different company who have no right to say how long Comet will take to repair the goods. When I reminded them that they sold the policy to my cousin they said D+G were a completley different company that they work closely with but are not responsible for. Basically I would urge anyone NEVER EVER SHOP AT COMET. They are as above posters have said liars, cheats, and they know it. Why has every phone line that they operate got at least one option for complaining about service? Why can you not directly phone a store? In all my years (17) in retail I have never worked or heard of a company that does not let you phone a store directly, they know the store staff would be on the phone all day dealing with irate customers. BOYCOTT COMET THEY WILL CON YOU. NOTHING BUT LEGAL GANGSTERS PUSHING DODGY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. I only stumbled upon this forum after typing "WHY ARE COMET SO SHIT?! in to Google!
  • glowy69
    Comet warranties are owned by D&G are you mad? They are owned by comet. As for the lying/misled/conned comment Im sure he wasnt. And the didgy products, you do know THEY COME FROM SUPPLIERS. Bloody hell, you're all a bunch of loons. Saying some hurtful stuff about basically human beings. Id love them to say what they think about you lot, alas they are not allowed. Out of their work environment is another thing. Im sure it would go along the lines that some of you are misinformed/rude/nasty people who dont deserve any sense of customer service until you learn how to talk to people in general.
  • Anna
    I bought several items in Comet and everything is fine until something is broken. You think: "Ok there is the warranty and the customer problem!" Yes problem! The Customer service is just ridiculous and their warranty is basically a joke! @Speall you are right, better the manufacturers warranties.
  • Retailer
    I have worked for many retailers over 25 years, I honestly have to say comet has been the best providing customer even get service when I as the person you have just very rudely verbally abused, would prefer to punch you in the face and have you sectioned. We are human beings as you like to think you are, we take your abuse which at times is very hurtful, then move onto our next customer. IT'S CALLED RESPECT! I did not manufacture your appliance, I am not an engineer (hence the reason for inspection) it is you the consumer you have changed you have become demanding 25 years ago you were nice to deal with
  • Happy
    I purchased a laptop 18 months ago with comets warranty my daughter dropped it consequence the screen smashed.I took it into my local store with doubt having read this forum. It is amazing the nice lady booked it in she was very helpful and yesterday it returned after only 1 week not the product but a letter inviting me to select a new laptop to the value of my old one.Great customer service
  • comet's p.
    I have the new comet services on all my products and am so glad i got it on my camera. Between the family, my friends and myself my £80 digital camera has been broken 4 times in 2 years. Each time it has been away for repair it I have received fantastic customer service from the team at comet near Ikea in Nottingham. The staff have gone out of their way to be helpful and are definitely striving to achieve a more, tailored to the individual, experience for their customers. No robots, jus smiles and real people trying to do a job well.
  • Ex c.
    Comet..... Dear oh dear useless, no training, poor staff. Would shop anywhere else
  • Grinlae l.
    After being hung up on this morning with a gentle request to speak to a floor Manager, I am not a happy chappy I have read lots of the replies above, I sympathise with the staff, but they are indifferent to customers queries and its no wonder that comet is on the skids. My first of the problems was back in '88 and was put off but persevered and purchased a few more items over the years and nearly all had problems. i have since learned my lesson and will never buy from comet again, PERIOD!"!!!!! for the following reasons 1. staff have little or no knowledge of the product they are selling 2. Stock levels are questionable 3. they have refused to sell me a product that was advertised at the wrong price, however due to the incompetence of the delivery guy, I got the one i wanted for less than the original cost. 4. Call centre staff - They are not able to put me through to a manager when i want to complain about the staff. Unfortunately Comet looks like it will go to the wall, which ultimately will be a sad day for the consumer as there will be less choice and competition which will ultimately lead to higher prices for all. but hey ho!
  • Alon
    I bought a Washer Dryer from Comet 5 Years and silly me I also bought a 5 year warranty at 50% of the original price. After 4 years and 10 months the machine was so loud that it was like I was living in an airport. I called Comet customer service they sent an engineer after 2 weeks he said no problem we will change the drum, 3 weeks later when the engineer was supposed to come and install the drum he called and said sorry but we decided not to repair the washing machine, our insurance will call you to and they will arrange for a voucher for a new Washer Dryer, I said OK. A few days later a letter from them does arrive I go to my local Comet shop that evening and they tell me that I can buy any machine up to the original price I bought the machine. Now 5 years have passed and inflation is high and now a similar machine costs £150 more, they say that's all they are offering me. So that makes the Warranty useless (the original machine cost £300 and the warranty £150). I go home speak to customer service but they don't care. I go back to the shop and decide to order a new machine they than tell me that that specific machine they cannot order in the shop, so I order it on the phone when I get home, in the shop they gave me a voucher for £300. The new machine was a Bosch, they told me on the phone that someone will call me the next day to arrange for delivery. Next day no one calls me, so I decide to wait and give them one more day. They didn't call that day either, so that afternoon I decided to call them. On the phone they told me that this Bosch machine will not be available for at least 2 weeks maybe more and that they had a plan to call me and tell me about it...when did they plan to call me in 2 weeks ?. So I than decide to switch to a different product which was either £369 or £319 (The Bosch was £479) I was told that I will get reimbursed for the difference on my Credit Card in a few days. I got the new washer dryer and it's working ok. I just checked my Credit Card statement and they have reimbursed only £29. I just called them and they said that the price was £449 and not what I was told by there member of staff and there is nothing they can do about it. The bottom line Comet is Shit, I would never buy anything from any of their shops, I read the other day that they are under immense financial difficulty , I am not surprised . Please do not make the mistake I made don't buy there and if you did their warranty is utterly useless.
  • we e.
    made the mistake of nipping into comet to buy an ipad today but they didn't have and still a shit service hopefully they'll go to the big retailer in the sky sooner rather than later. my money has been spent else where. (kendal store)
  • Dorsetdan
    Sincerely to all the above wishing Comet go bust and that all their staff become unemployed. Thanks very much. I sincerely wish unemployment, bankruptcy and homelessness on all of you too. As a member of staff for the company, believe me when I say each and every one of us who works for Comet feel absolutely the same about our service at times too. But for now happy new year. To all of you who have no heart and wish such awful things on people who earn an honey living working for a megalomaniacal employer. May many of you enjoy potential hardship in 2012
  • Dorsetdan
    Honest not honey.
  • Chisen
    I have been a customer in both Comet and Curry's, and would honestly say that the service is pretty much the same. As for staff not knowing anything it depends entirely on who you get - a couple of Boxing Day's ago I decided to buy a new large flatscreen TV first I went to Curry's, but wasn't too impressed with the range or the prices, I went along the road to Comet and found one that I quite liked. I asked a salesperson about the TV, they admitted that they were a Christmas temp, and that they would fetch someone who could advise me better, a minute later I did indeed have someone who was a "TV Expert" they were able to advise me really well, as well as make comparisons with other brands. In the end they were able to sell me the TV I had my eye on, but as I said I wanted to look at a better offer, the salesperson offered me the display TV, which they would be changing after that day anyway, and had only been used for a month for £345 less. Admittedly they had lost the remote, but gave me a replacement (Same brand remote), and include a warranty - the TV being ex display I was worried that they would not be able to offer this. Two days later it was delivered to my house, and the guys set it up and attached all my other existing equipment. I have also purchased two laptops from Curry's whom had the same helpful service, though the warranty is more expensive. If anyone is going to start having a go at the staff, then surely they have never worked in retail. You will always get staff who can't be bothered in ANY business, unfortunantely you get it more in retail as you don't need to have higher level education to take on a salesperson role. So you will get served by a 16 year old in their first job, who doesn't know the merits of a Bosch washing machine over a Neff washing machine. To be honest there is only so much training you can do for staff in retail especially when typically in this type of sector there is high turn over, and sometimes you'll get a higher prportion of student doing it as a part time role. People need to stop tarring every store and everyone working for a large corporation with the same brush.
  • Lancaster B.
    Ah well. I wish blondie had have shown me that phone working. I would have felt something. Bye Comet. You could have been great. But you failed. Sad. Does this close this comments page?
  • glowy69
    I have since realised that I am a complete head-the-ball and wish to hand myself in to the relevant authorities. Ta-ra!
  • Admin
    We are no longer accepting comments on this topic, Due to Comet being a stupid knob of a company. I'm not involved in the running of this forum but let's Call it a day. SHOP @ CURRYS.
  • Meeeeeeee
    Its not really shut down, look! You can still post. Can you show me this phone working? NO! Oh crap...

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