Comet responds to redundancy rumours

new comet logo Yesterday, we reported on the ongoing troubles at HMV, and rumours of job losses and cashflow problems at Comet.

Bitterwallet has now heard from a Comet spokesperson, who commented on the two claims made by the source who contacted us:

Has Comet recently or are they in the process of making 400 staff redundant?

We can confirm that 411 service centre workforce entered into a consultation process last month. This was a result of our plans to centralise service operations into two national distribution sites as part of a new efficiently strategy.

We anticipate that up to half of the employees affected will be redeployed to new roles within the business as part of the reorganisation.

Have cash-flow issues prevented Comet from securing product in bulk, specifically a deal with Samsung for an Easter promotion that eventually went to Dixons?

We can categorically state that this is untrue, there has been no change whatsoever to our buying patterns.

It appears our source was half-right, at least according to Comet. The news of redundancies and 'up to half' of affected staff being redeployed seems to tally with comments made yesterday by a reader; that 250 staff will be made redundant at Comet's service centre in Scotland.

UPDATE - Comet have now responded to the reader's comments: "To clarify, we are closing several service centres (including one in Scotland) due to our plans to centralise service operations into two national distribution sites. The staff affected were spread across the service centres and not only from Scotland so the figure you have is incorrect."


  • Dan
    What do you mean "will be made redundant at Comet’s service centre in Scotland."? That has already happened. as far as i remember the date was 6th of March when people got laid off. I used to work for Comet as one of the Comet On Call technician (computer repairs) and still keep in touch with people form Comet. In addition to the service centre in scotland being closed the whole Comet On Call part of Comet (computer repairs) are terminated nationwide. I can see why it happened... poor economy, people changing to online shopping, more and more "new for old" swaps insted of repairs, falling prices of electronic equipment, and as far as the Comet On Call goes: very poor implementation. Good luck to all of my friends from Comet who lost their jobs recently.
  • unhappy e.
    comet are making most of there workshop engineers redundant and reducing the service workshops to 2 most original staff/engineers are not able to travel the distances to the new centres,thanks comet.

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