Come on then - who was the Best Company in Britain in 2009?

best company Just before you all bugger off for the weekend, a quick reminder that as well as the glamorous Nexus One competition, we’ve got some other ongoing reader interaction that is just as sexy. Well, almost. Well, probably nowhere near.

Anyway, we’re after your nominations for our humble little Best Company In Britain 2009 vote-a-thon, which launches soon. It’s a sweet-smelling counterpart to our fierce, snarling Worst Company In Britain 2009 contest that almost led to civil war around these parts.

So, in the little comments box below, tell us the company who gave you the deepest satisfaction over the past twelve months and a bit and why. Then, early next week, we’ll kick another (shorter, probably) bout of voting. Anyone for Royal Mail? Paypal? eBay? No…?


  • ScottC
    Eh? We've already done this?!
  • Shopdis F.
    ING Direct. 100% professionalism!
  • Anthony S.
    MP Expensive system great company! :P
  • Anthony S.
  • Ted S.
  • Fella-Tio
    @ Scott I think it means there will be a vote-off like the Worst company etc
  • bob
    Crampton and Moore
  • Mike B.
    Amazon for me superb customer service and a great company to shop with
  • Amanda H.
    -1 for Amazon I bought a moon light (no wolves on it though), only a fiver-bargain! It broke after 4 weeks, so I sent it back asking for a replacement. They put the price up of the light to £10 and gave me a refund of £5 instead of a replacement. So to buy another I'd be £5 out of pocket. Buggers.
  • Rolly
    For me it has to be First Direct, the only bank that actually give a sh1t about customers.
  • steff
  • Mrbroccoli
    Amazon, great customer service.
  • Paul S.
    ScottC - it's just another call for entries, because posts slip off the front page after a day or two.
  • Nobby
    Poundland, KFC, Big Al's kebab van
  • LB33
    Royal Mail
  • Hmm...
    Amazon. Nailed on.
  • cookie
    Amazon. Never once had to call their customer services. It's how a site of this nature should work- consistently competetive pricing, quick delivery with efficient tracking, easy to use website, I could go on! Oh and they're giving me Bad Company 2 for £23! :D I'm happy to continue doing most of my online shopping there in 2010.
  • SK
    Have to go with Amazon too. Scary thing is that they are perhaps too good.
  • Rich
    Defiantly Amazon uk Great customer services even for marketplace purchases. @ Amanda Hugginnkiss this is best company not worst so keep your problems to yourself until next year.
  • Frogman
    Easy for me; John Lewis/Waitrose (John Lewis Partnership). I have always had excellent service at any of their stores. Just wish that there was a Waitrose nearer to me.
  • ScottC
    Got ya Paul - cheers.
  • Liz
    Apple, their products are expensive but the aftersales service and quality of the goods is pretty impressive!
  • Amanda H.
    Ok, Rich, I must have imagined it all. sorry. Best company: Apple
  • kev
    can we please just bypass all this nominations & voting and just give it to Amazon? M&S for me also
  • Dawn
    Amazon, definitely. Next also get a mention. And I thought Zavvi were pretty good too.
  • Apple H.
    How can anyone say Apple is the best company! Every Contract Phone on the Market BUT the Iphone has a warranty for the length of the contract! Iphone has a 12 month warranty, so if it develops a natural occuring fault within the contract, the phone will NOT be replaced! Amazon is RIDICULOUSLY good, and I mean so stupidly good, I never call them up to find out where my goods are, they simply come! I wouldn't even mind paying EXTRA for that kind of service but its cheaper than shops so HOW DOES THAT WORK???? 0 Grief, Cheaper Products!!! Can EVERY business please be like Amazon!!!
  • Chris
  • Mark
    yepp. amazon ftw!
  • Joe
    PC World, helped a non-techie choose a great printer (HP F4580) for only £76 and alerted me to the fact that it didnt come with a USB cable and not much supplied ink which I bought from them for only £40 more.
  • Amanda H.
    Look, its simple. The semen stains on BW's keyboard is a direct result from writing about Apple. Therefore they must be the best company.
  • House, M.
  • richard
    Definitely Amazon but Play.Com worth a mention too . Never had a problem with "The Enlarged Manhood Company" either.
  • zacspeed
    Orange. Switched from 3, so a tin can with a bit of fucking string on it would have been an improvement. No complaints so far.
  • fuckcraftmatic
    Not craftmatic they fucking suck. +1 for Amazon uk
  • mrkglstn
  • muddy
    Amazon without a doubt, never lets me down, quick replies to any CS inquiries, free postage and very competitive prices :)
  • charitynjw
    How can I not vote for BitterWallet after them giving me a nice new Nexus. They are truly wonderful (& I don't care what everybody else says about them!!)
  • Andrew
    I've phoned Sky on several occasions and their customer service is (usually) excellent. O2 have great CS also Egg are usually pretty good too!
  • Kevin
    Co-operative Group - ethical and from a banking perspective, a lot more honest, and easier to deal with than the main stream banks.
  • james
    to even my surprise, currys i went in there the other day looking for a laptop and i was served by one of there warehouse guys because of the lack of staff, this guy was a uni student studying IT and had no sense of desperation to sell me all there crappy add ons and just gave me the honest truth if what i taught would be good for me and i have to say he was right, couldn't of asked for better service.
  • Jase
    Lush. The environment / ethical trading are always in mind with Lush. Half the stuff they do isn't even on the radar with other cosmetics companies...removal of Palm Oil from their products to discourage deforestation for Palm Oil Plantations, do not use polystyrene chips for packaging (popcorn or starch chips), very little packaging (both on delivery / retail), none of the ingredients are tested on animals, packaging longevity / recycling etc etc. All their products are hand-made using actual ingredients, not chemicals. Their retail staff are quite literally the happiest people in the world. They are happy and smiling, all the time (but not that creepy fake way). They are willing to help, but not intrusive and incredibly patient. Lush let them try all the products, so they have a true opinion on every product. Lush treat the staff really well too. I suppose it shows in how happy they always are!
  • James
    Lush rescued my new kitten from the tree in the garden and then dealt with my gran's anxieties. But on the flipside I almost gag when walking past one of their shops.
  • Nat
    Hotdiamonds for me, they sent a replacement for a faulty gift I'd bought courier so I'd have it in time, without me having to send the faulty item back first. Really top notch CS.

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