Coke make water unhealthy shocker!

50-cent-waterA whole bunch of poster ads and a leaflet parroting on about the nutritional virtues of a drink called Vitaminwater have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. Well, three posters to be precise.

Basically, these advertisements implied that the drinks could be substituted for one of your five-a-day vegetables. That'd be the lurid pink drinks on the right that are propping up 50 Cent, the world's first deaf rapper.

Coca-Cola, who make the drink (another clue there) said that the Vitaminwater brand used humour in its advertising and linked to fictional stories to ingredients in the drinks. What a riot!

The ad said things like "Keep perky when you’re feeling murky", "Popeye had it easy", as well as "more muscles than brussels". It's the latter that has caused complaints because, thanks to a convenient bit of house-style, the B wasn't capitalised because, of course, it was all a reference to  "muscles from Brussels" actor Jean Claude Van Damme rather than sprouts.

Of course, the fact that a brightly coloured drink made by Coca-Cola isn't particularly good for you is of no surprise and, let's be honest here, everyone knows that there's no short cut to consuming your five-a-day (which is why I'm perfectly happy to replace all vegetables with crisps and amphetamines and die an early, toothless death) and that these adverts were only misleading the stupid.

Still, the regulator pointed out that these drinks contained a significant proportion of a consumers RDA for sugar. It's probably the sugar that makes them taste nice.

That said, there was some good advice. One of the ads ( for the "power-c" drink) said: "If you've had to use sick days because you've actually been sick, then you're seriously missing out my friend. The trick is to stay perky and use sick days to just, erm, not go in." Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.



  • bykergrove
    whoTF is moff gimmers????
  • Boris
    moff gimmers is the troll that lives under the QE2 Bridge
  • The B.
    "It’s probably the sugar that makes them taste nice." Presumably you've never tasted them then, I've pissed better, or so my gimp says.
  • Steve
    +1 The Real Bob - tastes unbelievably watered down! i couldnt believe sugar could taste so bad!!!!!!!

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