Co-op's promise to British farmers

19 September 2016
Co-op's promise to British farmers

The Co-op have announced that they're going to be selling more British meat to consumers.

The supermarket have said that they are going to ensure that all their own-brand fresh bacon and lamb will be 100% from May next year.

Now, Co-op already use British wares for their own fresh beef, chicken, pork and turkey products, and in their ready-meals, sandwiches, and pies, they're filled with British meat too.

This is all to relating to Co-op's change in meat sourcing, as they roll out their three-year plan to invest £1.5 billion (minimum) in sourcing UK meat and vegetables.

The Co-op's retail chief executive, Steve Murrells, said: “We are a major supporter of British farming. This move is a first for a major food retailer and will see us invest millions more into sourcing home produced goods."

National Pig Association (yes, that's a real thing) chief executive, Zoe Davies, supported the Co-op's move, saying: "It's important retailers do more than rollout the bunting in their aisles to support UK farming and switching to home-produced bacon is the strongest move a retailer can make."

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