Co-op man suspended for sitting on scally, gets job back!

Remember our pal who worked in a Co-op, who sat on a scally who was trying to shoplift booze? Well, sadly, he got suspended from his job, because you're not supposed to sit on people's necks.

If you can't remember the incident, here's a lovely photo of our hero.

face sitting

Good news! He's got his job back! That's right, Adrian Weekes went a bit viral the other week, after he tackled a young lad who has been trying to nick booze from his shop.

As the photo spread on the internet, Weekes found himself suspended by Midcounties Co-operative, as they investigated the incident. The spoilsports. They should have given him a massive medal and four cans of Spesh. Either way, hundreds of people signed a petition to get Adrian back into work, and even more supported a Facebook campaign, imaginatively called ‘Let’s help Adrian Weekes keep his job.’

Well, the Co-Op have confirmed that Adrian is back working at the store.

Now, who is going to tell his bosses that, during his heroism, someone at the store ordered the 15 year old shoplifter to pay for the goods... and those goods were booze... therefore someone has accepted money from an underage person, for alcohol? We've said too much already...


  • zax
  • DrJogalog
    Laugh Out Out Out Loud? Do you stutter?
  • Pie M.
    Thieving scrote. I hope Adrian farted on his head.

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