Co-op customers puke after eating cleaning fluid from doughnuts

Co-op Some Co-op customers found themselves chucking up all kinds of puke after eating jam and custard doughnuts. These weren't any ordinary doughnuts though - they had cleaning fluid in them.

We can only hope they didn't get charged twice by Co-op for them.

Environmental health officers say that baking trays at the Oswestry branch had been soaked in a disinfectant called aseptol for too long, which meant that the doughnuts soaked up all that badness. One family noted that they'd all been throwing up and having a lovely bout of diarrhoea, while another person said that they could feel the roof of their mouth burning after eating one of the treats in question.

Lita Williams said: "I took one bite out of the doughnut and said to my husband it tasted funny, it tasted of antiseptic of some kind. I could taste it on the roof of my mouth and I had a burning sensation."

"I took them back to the shop and the assistant manager tasted one and even she said she could taste disinfectant, so they were all taken off the shelves."

She then took the doughnuts to the environmental health department at Shropshire Council, where they discovered the cleaning fluid.

Co-op said: "We are committed to offering consistently high quality products and service and, we are sorry that this product fell short of those expectations. The matter has been thoroughly investigated and an isolated issue regarding the correct cleaning process for our oven trays was identified."

"This has now been addressed."

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