19 March 2013

Those cuddly hippies at the Co-operative have made a small boob on a celebration cake which has frankly made them look like right wnakers.


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  • LancerVancer
    Eastern European labour. Nuff said really. Flex wit da 'erb.
  • Lord S.
    Typical co-op shit. probably overpriced as well.
  • Darren
    I wonder how long it took the person who sent this photo to open the box move the things around and then take photo....
  • Big M.
    That cake must've cost about 15 quid from Co-op. If I was gonna fake this I'd have bought my own letter candles and put 'I love snoodling' instead.
  • Cheesey
    I'm always up for a FCUK.
  • Doug Q.
    @ Darren: of course that's what happened, but Gimmers clearly has a quota of articles to make up/regurgitate from other sources

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